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  1. 14rnr says:

    Given the hatred for all things German in the UK during that awful time, I don't know why no one  tried to get rid of the royal family as they're of German decent, maybe they did but it was suppressed?If anyone reading this can tell me more on the subject I would be grateful…… trolls need not apply.

  2. Al Bondigas says:

    Once again the upper class completely missing the point. War was necessary maybe Amateur General's sending working class to charge against machine guns that is the tragedy of the "Great War".

  3. Rich P says:

    19:02 : I don't understand; why did Germany need to invade Belgium at all? Germany borders France itself in the south.

  4. Conan Fox says:

    Germany vs Russia. A nuisance.

  5. Not once mentions the Americans? What a joke!!

  6. sventibaldo says:

    Is this pro-brexit propaganda?

  7. The bankers love a war. It makes them the most money.

  8. exo1965 says:

    Just a little bitterness here. Germany did not start WW1.

  9. Gregoryt700 says:

    What is so biased about this? There is no utterly 'neutral' history. But German influence — stronger word is actually necessary — on Austrians vis a vis the Balkans & especially Serbia is an established fact. Movement thu neutral Belgium, with concomitant atrocities (he does acknowledge SOME of these stories were fabricated) is also an established fact. Prima facie, That's pretty damning.

  10. Jerikco One says:

    typical BBC documentory.. .

  11. Britain was motivated, clearly, by the threat they perceived the German Navy to be to their Empire. The right to exploit was the Dominion of the British Empire, and any competition was not to be allowed.
    Britain stays out, another Prussian-Franco war and it ends quickly.
    The German victory being a disaster assumes that the military government of the war would become the peacetime arbiter. The Versailles abortion was not justified by what the post-war Germany might have been and the imagined harshness of Germany's behavior.

    But what-ifs are lovely excuses.

  12. This is so incredibly biased. Let's paint Germany as the war hungry and violent country because the Allies won the war.

  13. So biased I can't watch for 10 minutes

  14. What a load of BOLLOCKS

  15. TimW42 says:

    Excellent documentary. I can see why it annoys the usual suspects as well as the "mud, blood and poetry" crowd.

  16. Paul Butler says:

    'the germans could have prevented it', thats referring to like 6 people out of like 40. Youre not wrong youre just an asshole.

  17. studying for my history subject :)

  18. el Flaco 66 says:

    A friend of a friend is of the Wilhelm bloodline, old money. That said, one rich clueless prick.

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