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28 Responses

  1. The Germaans didnt inovate the system with the propellor, the dutch did fokker was dutch

  2. cool, this video is about what i am studying now in school

  3. SKATEBOARDS says:

    i wanna be a war pilot

  4. he should say fokker a few more times..

  5. Templar Mik says:

    9:17 it sounds like the Batman Dark Knight theam XD

  6. That Fokker shot us down

  7. Anyone that read the title and got the transformers robot in disguise (old one) theme song in their head?

  8. Germany without a doubt had produced the best engineers

  9. Lol the amount of stagery in this is hilarious there is no way it could have spotted the fokker

  10. Ken says:

    Has anyone noticed the Rocky soundtrack?

  11. Huh. The 100th anniversary of the deployment of the SE-5 is tomorrow.

  12. Who doesn't love a bit of ELO?

  13. Beast Blox5 says:

    When you did the dogfight, did you connect lasers as the guns and have sensors to release smoke when hit?

  14. "it makes it harder to the focker"

  15. You forgot a dictum: always follow a diving opponent to make sure it's not a ruse. Also don't fall for the enemies' ruses.

  16. magic Planet says:

    who came here because of Battlefield 1

  17. Th green screen tho

  18. Early aviation warfare is so fascinating.

  19. The cringe when a BBc ww1 video uses dubstep music…FFS BBC

  20. The Fucker attacks