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  1. xfire7 says:

    The engine in the mig 15 was a straight copy of the rolls Royce engine , because we gave it to them. Why ? because we thought because we fought alongside them they were our allies. We bankrupted our country to give them the arms to defeat Hitler. That counted for nothing . We paid America for everything, the Russians paid for nothing. Total wankers.

  2. 33:48 how would they have time to grab the down sabre intact? That would take hours, maybe days. In the meantime why would they not call in all the airpower in korea on that site, even b-29's? Blow them all to heell.

  3. One of the most stupid things we ever did was for the post war Labour government to give Stalin that engine. And now we have Corbyn and his cohorts running HM's opposition. Don't we ever learn!!!!

  4. ant4812 says:

    7:54 Sigh. They talk about Willy Messerschmitt and the 262's swept wing and then show you footage of Dr. Alexander Lippisch.

  5. kempaku982 says:

    Funny how they alway mention the Russian pilots, yet after 1950, much of the air fighting was done by the Chinese and North Koreans..

  6. love how the sabre designation in the cgi is FU-666. lol

  7. why didnt US use that engine as wel ???

  8. Yes Russia's jets may have been better then, but they're still using that dated crap now!

  9. No "Mystery" to it. The authors of the book Soldiers of Misfortune: Washington's Secret Betrayal of American POWs in the Soviet Union got into the Russian archives and found that many American Service men from WWII, the Korean war, the between the wars periods and the Vietnam war were shipped to Russia. They were tortured for information and Nazi style medical experiment were preformed on them. The last American prisoner from Korea died in a Gulag town in the 1980's.

  10. KurtB says:

    I wonder when/if the Russians will admit to flying combat missions over Vietnam…

  11. paul zsoldos says:

    Those US and British Pilots were employed by the CIA. That is the reason why they were not found.

  12. Red Beard? That sounds pretty funny.

  13. In other words the Russians hacked the Saber!

  14. Fox hound says:

    Actually the swept wing was copied of another German plane besides the ME-262, named TA-183… It wasn't an American or Russian invention, those 2 planes were totally copied and based on the TA-183

  15. Cyberphobe says:

    Down voted for misleading title.

  16. del ross says:

    Mig-15 vs F-86 Sabre: Both had strengths and weaknesses but about the
    same level speed. Beginning of the Korean war: The Mig had a higher rate
    of climb, extremely high ceiling with good maneuverability , it could
    pick when to fight, ( a major combat advantage) the Sabres (A and E
    models) couldn't touch em, it had heavy cannon but hampered by slow rate of fire. Could not dive supersonic well, would disintegrate. The Sabre: more rugged, harder to shoot down, high rate of fire from 50 cal machine guns,.radar gun sight,
    better pilot training, but was sluggish at high altitudes. Last year of
    war saw the F model Sabre with uprated engine which now could reach the
    Mig's altitude and the 6-3 wing (look it up) which gave much better
    maneuverability up there. The Mig-15 bis also got an uprated engine, but
    still had the basic weaknesses. Bottom line: both roughly even at the
    beginning of the war, with the F model Sabre getting a definite edge by
    the end..

  17. del ross says:

    Actually, the first jet to jet combat occurred on November 1st, 1950
    when a Russian MiG shot down an F-80 "Shooting Star". Days later, a
    MiG was shot down by an F-80…The first F-86 vs. MiG combat occurred on December 17th 1950 when Col. Bruce Hinton shot down a MiG….

  18. mad hatter says:

    We should have declared war on the Soviet Union, and finished what the Germans started.

  19. Maxim Mee says:

    fuck !
    british were in the Korean War ? ? ?
    what perversion is this
    how about the french and australians.

  20. Noseefood says:

    when the men were men.

  21. John Moore says:

    Err, wrong, the Brits gave the Russians the engine when tensions were already high. They made it clear that the Russians were only to use them for commercial airliners, in order to boost their economy back up. Even this pissed off the Americans.

  22. Raoul Cruz says:

    about half of this documentary is about POW MIA's. Interesting and important but it's not what the title lead me to believe what this docu. was about.

  23. Phari Hubert says:

    I wonder why would they fight

  24. Tom Jackson says:

    How fast could a Super Saber fly?

  25. linds cam says:

    its all a load of bull shit

  26. Elen Berce says:

    what about messersmith 262 from ww2

  27. Alfa011 says:

    Great video. Thanks

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