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  1. david carradine-lol- that dude went out in style- hotel room full of whores and drugs in malaysia…

  2. What?! 45.000 Serbs dead?! More likely 450.000. and that's military deaths only. Genocide against the civilians not included.

  3. I was going to watch your doco, but you didn't mention Canada's effort in the Great War. Maybe you did eventually, but i got soured.

  4. johnmonk66 says:

    ww1 did not create a Jewish homeland, this video has major mistakes in it.

  5. Jon Bennet says:

    Rich kids from America poets saying to them self's damn I have had enough wine pussy and spending my daddy's money I think I will going the war and help the French know wonder the germens all most kicked there ass when you have rich snotty noise poets trying to shot a gun they are going to drop it and run and the one's that don't are not much help without there daddy's money .

  6. It's only recently that I discovered the wonderful range of documentaries offered within YouTube; Janson Media was a bonus discovery. The production and well-researched content of your war documentaries, (especially of interest to me), adds a new dimension of intimacy to the subject. I will recommend this channel to any of my friends who have a similar interest.
    PS, the United States' 369th Inf and other African-American units were the only part of the infantry forces to go fight in the trenches beside the French…Gen "Black Jack" Pershing refused to integrate the white troops alongside the French soldiers, a decision that cost a lot of needless deaths to his inexperienced troops.

  7. Peatman says:

    Many Americans also fought in the Canadian Expeditionary Force (alluded to as soldiers of the British Empire), who suffered 60,000 dead in WW1.

  8. PLAKATONG says:

    The american Legacy ???? Hahahaha
    More like Johnny come lately. TWICE !

  9. WW1 was created by the ZIONIST BANKSTERS to loan money to the countries who would be involved for these scumbags to steal huge profits thru their usury scam bank created by them the year before …The Federal Reserve…Every thing else about this war is irrelevant, because it should have never happened… except for the MASS MURDER of millions of Tricked and Deceived soldiers, who went into battle thinking it was for their country…This is so laughable …That it is SAD…These Scumbag bankers have started every war on the planet since The Rothschilds started lending countries the money they stole from them,… usury…This is their scam and how it works…They created a central bank of issue…Bribed politicians to only let them,  The Bankers be in charge of issue…Which is automatic debt slavery…They print the currency…Then sell it back to the people whose money it was in the first place…at Usury…This is debt enslavement…To Make it worse…the interest they collect on the debt is turned into a 90% profit…For every dollar they take in they loan out 9…at Usury….These people are horrible Zionist Parasites of the first order…First…They are Supremists and racists,  thinking anyone who is not one of them is an animal , to be treated horribly, as if that is what animals are for…WRONG..Animals share the same Consciousness as humans…everything is Consciousness…These people are the epitome of EVIL…They are mostly Atheists but steal from the Judaic religion as their skydaddy named them "chosen"…Yeah    Chosen to torment the rest of humanity with lies and deception…These psychopaths have a Samson option of nuking the planet if Rothschild Israel is invaded…Whatever is written in this video was written by people who are semi conscious at best and sound asleep at worse…When ever soldiers fight each other…it is always for the benefit of the bankers …Kids are killed to fill the pockets of bankers with more gold…But the media hide this fact because the bankers OWN all media and only let the populace know more and more about less and less until you don't know shit…Forget all the macho soldier bullshit…These bankers must be hunted down and imprisoned and the fed dismantled before America can once again prosper for everyone…not the few….Btw they created communism and funded it …to kill the Czar Nicholas and his family and steal all his wealth which they did…These Rothschild Bankers then Created a deal to create Israel…The Balfour Deal…Which is still murdering Palestinian children and steal human organs to be sold by Rabbi'e in the Black market of Human organ harvesting that Rothschild Israel even leads China in…Because they have a ready supply in their Gaza concentration/extermination camp…

  10. Lol… American contributions in WWI were laughable. Silly Americans always trying to steal glory off the backs of others, pitiful.

  11. Jack Conway says:

    Uhm, what about all the other countries that actually had a significant impact on WW1? America didn't do bull.

  12. Dave Sparks says:

    The first casualty of war is Truth..

  13. Parker Lewis says:

    Ms. yolanda have mercy on me

  14. Ben N says:

    He forgot to mention the saying "dead in a ditch"

  15. Let's burry the hatchet in the Caliph's face

  16. My great grandfather fought in France in both world wars and had lied about his age to fight in Mexico

  17. Jon Doe says:

    Excellent documentary. Good job.

  18. What is so great about Wild Bill, leading his men into pointless charges against wire and machine guns?

  19. Custom Grow says:

    NOOO! My idle ol' Ted supported helping the Brits?! Traitorous swine! Your work in Panama has been obliterated by your blatant disregard for American isolationism. Theodore Roosevelt is the satan of America!

  20. lunati lulu says:

    and still the humankind still fighting.its not the devil it's us.the Devils

  21. I enjoyed this a lot, no one was left out.

  22. Alex tepe says:

    No American city had greater glory during the Great War than New York. For those of you who like the war Stephan l Harris wrote a trilogy of New York national guard regiments that served with distinction during the war. My personal favorite: the fighting 69th.

  23. Brett Fox says:

    World War I: The New York Legacy

  24. 2:55 The picture of Uncle Sam loading the artillery shell in the tank top, what's the title of it? I can't find it ANYWHERE.

  25. Ok, let's settle this once and for all?
    We didn't save Allies in WW1, we saved lives, on both sides by speeding up Allied victory.

  26. USA in world war 1 above the British empire, fuck this shit.

  27. OHexpat12 says:

    This documentary contributes to a long history of propaganda on WWI. Thanks for giving a modern version of coverups and lies to keep us docile.

  28. U.S. couldn`t just make a wwI documentary talking about everything, they had to focus on "AMERICA".

  29. tim Nystrand says:

    the story of the fighting irish is the story of the great war

  30. Tuan Vu says:

    LOL! The French gave the Croix de Guerre to everyone, even animals!

  31. abalvarez says:

    I remember watching this year's ago and thinking at 32:38 what Carradine said always made me feel a little melancholy.

  32. snakes3425 says:

    All those deaths, all that destruction, all the maiming and terror…four years of hell on Earth and for what? Because a Kaiser hated his mother, and was envious of his cousin? Because of one man's foolish choice? Because of a driver who took a wrong turn? Because an aging Emperor wanted one last shot at glory before he died? Because a Tsar couldn't make decisions? Because of Generals stuck in the 19th Century? One wonders what could have been had that summer of 1914 ended differently. If Princep had been tackled or tripped by a bystander, if the driver hadn't taken that wrong turn, if the war had been contained to simply a confrontation between Austria and Serbia, if the Arch-duke and his wife had survived the assassination. In 2016 one can only wonder what 2016 would look like had World War I never happened

  33. BrownqiiRlz says:

    Yea that's right African American troops where the most awarded and seen the most conflict in the war

  34. The US had no reason to fight. We should have stayed neutral.

  35. Dark Pankake says:

    Your welcome allied forces if it weren't for US you would all be under the power of Germany and another "great" Kaiser

  36. JL JR says:

    The French gave me the Croix de Guerre for watching this video

  37. nickthefox72 says:

    USA did fuck all in ww1

  38. Matt Wideman says:

    WW 1 was truly devastating for France and England. One reason, France and England were so hesitate to go to War with Germany a second time is because the best and brightest of a generation were buried in fields all over France and Belgium. I have never fought the French weak as a country. Anyone who knows WW 1 history knows the French at Verdun were down right suicidally brave against the Germans.

  39. watch movie 50 shades of black

  40. LurkinTom 14 says:

    you all try to disupute why the americans enetered the war, when in reality no one should have entered any war. rest in peace to every soldier that fought and died for there country.

  41. Mesalonika says:

    Do not know a &&ing s**ht… but, it looks seems llike the kaiser was .. an ..idiot? Germany, it is said, was the best without war!! anyways Wilie the hun, as Brits used to call the germs, was winning! without war. It is said, Germanywas in WW1 was ahead of France, Russia, theUSA and the Brits!! Sadly, the germs were associated with the old Franz/Ferrdiando/Joseph idiots!! fuck the Austrians .. I wish they have been just a rock groupl!!

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