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  1. Remember the ANZAC's

  2. jennidreki says:

    could you please subtitle the old men can't really inderstand a single word they're saying but allot respect for those guys…

  3. Was there any need to present this in colour?

  4. Absolutely appalling. RIP to the women and men that had to serve fighting for their disgusting leaders on both sides.

  5. AirSwift says:

    Here are the emojis to describe WW1: 😶😐😞😟😔😕🙁☹️😣😧😢😥😓😭😵🤐😷🤒🤕💀👿🙏🏻✍👀👷💂💥🌫🎖🔫⚔⛏☠🛡⚙⛓⚰✉️📜💔☣🆚⚠️⛑👁📝

  6. Josh Klein says:

    Just listened to the Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: Blueprint for Armageddon. Its an amazing 6 part series podcast about 24 hours of media. A MUST listen if this interests you! Such a sad sad era, but fascinating. I don't know how ww1 doesnt get more attention.

  7. KGODSMACKC says:

    R.I.P Harry Patch… You were the last fightin' tommy of the great war

  8. steve White says:

    Can anybody give 3 reasons why all these brave boys on all sides were killed or maimed. Was it just bastards similar to Tony Blair and Texas Bush
    filled with greed and power that played their War games and lied and lied.Life sentences for those like above.

  9. So little is mentioned of what Russia was doing at the time.

  10. duck boy says:

    Pour sloilder in www/ww2

  11. duck boy says:

    Pour sloilder in www/ww2

  12. duck boy says:

    Pour sloilder in www/ww2

  13. King Ape says:

    32:34 did he say "the beginning of are ass"

  14. after watching this look at battlefield 1

  15. I don't understand why using gas was seen as being an immoral way to kill soldiers in WW1. As if killing, in itself, isn't immoral. I understand that it's a painful way to die, but such is war.

    Strategically, gas is an effective weapon to dislodge an enemy from his position. Also, it inundates the enemy's logistical infrastructure dealing with blinded, sick men. Highly effective.

    Morally, you're killing soldiers. They volunteered to die. If it is acceptable to shoot a man, stab a man, strangle a man, drown a man, burn a man to death, then why is it unacceptable to gas a man to death? Either any method of killing is acceptable, or none is. If gas is more effective than indirect fire weapons and infantry charges, its use will shorten the length of the war and save lives.

    It seems to me that gas is not only an effective weapon, but also a desirable one. An argument could certainly be made that the use of gas is actually more ethical than prolonging a conventional war.

  16. 2:32 someone get shot during they going over top

  17. Eddie Curl says:

    when I doubt my courage I watch these war videos and I am inspired to get up dust off and try again knowing that my troubles pale in comparison

  18. Jord SR says:

    My great grandad died in ww1 

  19. Excellent documentary, thanks for the upload.

  20. Fatalsprigs says:

    Subtitles would be nice

  21. Your Mom says:

    I'm thinking about making a horror game about WWI. No demons or jumpscares, just the horrors of poison gas, shells, dead soldiers, all kinds of psychologically decimating shit.

  22. Pun2404 says:

    Battlefield 1: Let's DO THIS!

  23. yeye llarena says:

    While watching this video i felt so bad to the victims of WWI . Lord God i don't want this to be happened again.

  24. rasta man says:

    damn get that flem out your throat boii

  25. Tommy Maher says:

    My older brother said ww3 would be all nuclear😔

  26. Bf1 brought me here

  27. rodzor says:

    true bad asses the lot of them.

  28. war seems exiting to some but when they actually go there it is the time where nothing matter it is the time where you step back and think they say ww1 was the end of all wars well it changed nothing yet it changed the world forever

  29. Will891410 says:

    War will never solve anything.

  30. Necyn says:

    BF1 brought me here!

  31. This bf1 gameplay looks sick.

  32. jill craig says:

    you know people are always visualising the Germans in WW1 and WW2 as cruel monsters but they're just like everyone else they just follow orders and they have families they want to get back to aswell.

  33. It will happen again in the Middle East (god showed me what's coming — a great earthquake + tsunami will trigger the final "shoot out at the old 'milk & honey' CORRAL").
    D A M N , is all I can say (read the Lamentations od Jeremiah 4:17-18 and you will understand, also Isaiah 27:6-9 & Psalm 79).
    PS: If you see anyone Jewish standing in the streetcorner, please point him out for m, so I can warn him about what's coming. (They don't take any warning, Hosea 11:3-5*, Micah 7)

  34. bill seemore says:

    I find it very sad how overlooked work war 1 is. One of the very worst wars ever fought. Bad asses the soldiers were that knew they would most likely would die but went over the trenches to fight. I don't think that our youth today will ever be as manly as these men were.

  35. Daniel says:

    entire towns destroyed forever. RIP to the brave fallen

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