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  1. Thanks Rasmus !!

  2. a bunch of lies
    the British were involved in the Crimea war of the 1850's hardly 99 years. This filth is unadulterated propaganda.
    You're a bunch of filthy garbage lying imperialistic globalist

  3. These countries used to be nice before they let the Muslims come in and cuckhold them.

  4. European Houses fighting for power. ALL should unite to fight the White Walkers (muslims).

  5. And what was the point of it all??? Germans and Americans are best friends. The USA and Japan are allies even after WW2. FUCK IT ALL. NO country or little dick arsehole in 'charge' is worth your life. Only sheep line up to be slaughtered.

  6. The World War 1 Conspiracy- Spreading Debt and Death | The Rise and Fall of the Bankster Part 2.

  7. rstein926 says:

    If I lived back then I would never join up to fight. It is not just the fact death was almost impossible to avoid but also the fact you are expected to kill the enemy. For me it does it matter if they were Germans or not I just would not kill anyone as I see it as murder. I know everyone was protecting their country but killing is not the answer! If I killed even just one German I would kill myself as it would haunt me for the rest of my life. No offence but those who wanted to fight were barabians!

  8. Ralf Rath says:

    Who has paid the price?

  9. Big pimpin says:

    illuminati confirmed

  10. What was it all for? Everything that happened in the past all the wars that have been fought, all the blood that has been spilled has happened for one ultimate purpose. To get us to where we are now. Search Truth Contest and read the top entry called The Present.

  11. Royal families were murdered and replaced by revolutionary terror? The autocratic dynasty of the Czar was god damn blood thirsty itself when the people demanded more representation… there wasn't anything noble about the royal family… they were living a posh autocratic lifestyle of leisure while the rest of Russia was in industrial or agricultural misery.

  12. Thanks for uploading this. It's hard to find a good WWI documentary on Netflix

  13. "Government is not reason, it is not eloquence — it is force. Like fire
    it is a dangerous servant and a fearful master; never for a moment
    should it be left to irresponsible action."

    Apocryphal or not, this quote resonates, nonetheless. We're all part of a human chain that throughout history has largely supported or disavowed leaders based on feelings rather than on reality. It continues to be an unfortunate fact of life. Reading the diary of Samuel Pepys, it is jarringly clear that the foolishness of a long-buried king varied little from the behavior of our current crop of politicians, who continue to play the role of capricious and incompetent gods in every corner of the world, and who seek to hold or enlarge their influence in any manner, regardless of disastrous consequences to their own citizens.

    That opinion currently brands me a radical in my country, whose rulers and sycophantic followers can no longer be bothered to suffer honest discourse for fear that it might lessen the weight of their self-interested demagoguery, in the case of the former, and, in the case of the latter, might impinge on their right to a perfect ignorance. I'm no anarchist, by any means, but as fascinating as a bonfire might be, I'm content with a small fire that merely keeps me warm. If that's wrong, then the Devil may take my soul – politicians can kiss my ass when they join me in Hell.

  14. For anyone interested to learn about WW1 in great detail, I truly recommend the channel "The great War"
    It's weekly episodes tell about events exactly 100 years ago and are presented by Indiana Neidell and his team.
    He analyses from various angles and presents a well rounded and captivating view. It's just a pleasure to watch him and learn, provided that you can concentrate more than mere 20 seconds, :D

  15. In the pictures during the intro of the video, it made me so sad seeing those Serbians being massacred

  16. My soul bleeds for these men

  17. Vinícius A says:

    Apocalypse World War I is a better documentary

  18. BlitzinLB27 says:

    The War to end ALL Wars, ehh?!

  19. Jack Elias says:

    Brilliant film about horrible time and about one of the biggest humanity mistakes.

  20. GameOfBros says:

    Battlefield 1…

  21. TheAV2X says:

    It makes me sad that literally everyone associated with World War 1 is dead..

  22. Lizard6376 says:

    i hadent heard of this war untill battlefield 1

  23. great series. Best I've seen on WW1. Kenneth Branagh has a great voice for narration

  24. Stephn Lyons says:

    it seems like the French are just not good at defending there country ww1 first month lost 200k men,ww2 Germany walked right threw France , Vietnam the tuck tailed and ran. even after 9/11 they cowardly refused to help and now have had dozens of terrorist bombings. stick to wine and art leave the war to the men. just my opinion. good example apocalypse now when they meet the French the guy explains how the French have let him down and there embarrassed. war is nothing to hope for or expect to happen but it's apart of our life now and that's the reality . so make sure you are ready never run. during boot camp ( USMC ) our general orders the most important 5th g.o , do not leave your post unless properly relieved by a superior , you will be courts martialed for cowardness, and possibly shot or hung at best be dishonorably discharged . that's the USMC I would imagine the rest of the world goes by the same. maybe not the French tho. there wine is good , there attitude sucks ass. especially towards Americans which bothers me since both the great wars we all came there died in the hundreds of thousands to liberate you or protect you 2x and you refuse to help fight in Iraq in 02 I was in Fallujah in 05 btw. now you just let those scumbags trample right threw Europe like they own it. and there made up mostly of young healthy kids or adults who should be defending there own country not running. but hey you guys have something in common.

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