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  1. World War 3 Between INDIA and PAKISTAN

  2. ghazwa e hind prophecy many say its a joke but if not a joke then it has predicted humiliation and extermintion of mushriks hindus

  3. India sponsor terrorist in Pakistan

  4. Ali Jan says:

    Pakistan is terrorist statse against Afghanistan and balochistan and in Indian Kashmir

  5. Mysb Bhoi says:

    US sponsored Pak for counter terror … But pak used for terror … now they are enjoying sucide

  6. Pakistan is terrorist state

  7. doubtful to be a world war since most other countries wouldn't give a shit

  8. Abdul Mannan says:

    yup indian soldier dont care for their lives??? thats why during recent conflict 45000 soldiers took leave hearing about conflict LOL :)

  9. ahsanleo says:

    india vs pakistan , iran vs KSA , China Vs SCS countries …. World economy at historical low thats invoke WW3

  10. Fucking Indians try that shit now would whipe ur ass off the world

  11. Kim Jong il says:

    india might win they have a ton of people

  12. Balaji Ds says:

    Pakistan is a result of huge inbreeding betwen bothers and sisters. Thats why they can never live in peace. Balochis are being tormented in pakistanis. They should be free from these inbred sunni idiot.

  13. Balaji Ds says:

    Why even compare India with Pakistan. You don't compare; a Lion With PIG(Pakistan).

  14. fahim ullah says:

    love you pakistan……………endia listen we have nuclear power stronger than you

  15. Ashizh Singh says:

    Es documentary me to Pakistan ki maa chod di h.. Ha ha ha

  16. tabi GUJJAR says:

    india had no toilets even why you compairing such a nation with pakistan
    India is a cow piss dribker they still worship those whom they made by their own hand they drink cow piss
    how can india a toiletless nation can be conpaired with pakistan who have world no 1 army Allhamdulillah

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