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  1. The US can never win a conventional war with China…history tell us that the US lost all wars except the one with Japan during WW2, thus enslaving the Japanese for nearly half a century.

    The US lost badly to a bunch of ill equipped FARMERS during the Vietnam war.

    The US lost badly to a bunch of Kim chi producer in the Korean war.

    The US lost badly to some ape like Talibans with their silly looking hats in Afghanistan.

    The US lost badly to some cavemen in Somalia.

    The US have a poor record of winning any wars….except when they can drop a nuclear bomb and declare themselves the winner….:)

  2. dyran domun says:

    china is greedy country and steal the us military hardware..all of china war machine are low class

  3. Many butthurt Americans. Toxic humans such as "Henry Wong" in chat here feel that people will flock to the U.S if war broke. Well guess what, most people around the globe now view the U.S not as the land of opportunity anymore. The government is corrupt as fuck. The poverty and hunger rate is higher than ever. Nobody wants to go to that shit land. Get that in your ignorant head. Nobody wants to go over, it's too corrupt and the discrimination of any other race is everywhere. Americans are so giddy that they won their land from Britain.

  4. Front 242 says:

    war is good for the economy, so it would seem …

  5. who lives who is die and never will know what is a real life.. fight until I die.

  6. edwin torres says:

    Does this country know that they might be sleepy cells in our back yard after all this country done for China

  7. Y steve says:

    So true about the comment: If USA keeps its technologies etc. leak from its mainland to China, USA cannot maintain its position as world's no.1 superpower. From this regards I think China is silently preparing to take over the throne of the world's biggest superpower. It does not sound like a silly joke anymore as long as China's economic growth continues and therefore continues to supply sufficient funds to its defense and technology etc.

  8. can we just dance battle it out

  9. G. C. Rogers says:

    Americas involvement with China goes back to 1784 when consuls were sent. And in 1844 a diplomat of China to America wrote: " [ The United states] is the most uncivilized and remote of all nations…[it] is and isolated place outside the pale, solitary and ignorant. Not only are the people entirely unversed in the forms of edicts and laws, but if the meaning be rather deep, they would probably not even be able to comprehend. It would seem that we must make our words somewhat simple." In 1844 America was still using black slave labor as well as human rights violations of Indian peoples, blacks and women.

  10. G. C. Rogers says:

    Wow all this talk against China, but America owes 1.16 trillion dollars to them. Is that considered biting the hand the feeds you?

  11. William Chao says:

    We don't like war, but let's put some Carriers, Cruisers, submarines, nuclear warheads and Missiles at Chinese nose, just in case. We come in peace.

  12. USA vs China = The doomsday of Chink !

  13. o fuck no. not China D: . it will be the end of everything.

  14. Cory Steed says:

    Every empire that has existed has fallen. The USA will be no different. Like Rome of old, our greed and decadence will lead to our demise. You can only bully someone so long before they hit you back.

  15. Daniel Young says:


  16. China is the home of ALIENS…..

  17. Solexx X says:

    China is no threat to world peace. They have a large military so that they can never again be invaded. Only the USA is a threat to world peace. How many wars is China engaged in? When was the last time that China was in a war? Get real. This is US propaganda from the military industrial complex.

  18. It's very hard to see these WW3 video in China, why are you trust these kind of stupid viedo just because a island ???do you konw how much money taiwan gave your politicians and think tank????how about global environment warming , Trump ,Syria,N korea nuclear weapon and squirrel's acorn

  19. Pena Family says:

    China is a very mean country

  20. SacredVenom says:

    It's America and Russia FYI

  21. declan jones says:

    Russia is fighting back against NATO encirclment. The western backed proxy terrorist groups are attempting to topple Iran.

  22. noah manley says:

    is it just me or is this turning out like fallout 1,2,3, and 4

  23. you suck china we will stay as United States Of America so don't even think about it

  24. i dont think the Chinese or their government would risk going nuclear in a world war they have a stable country very hard working people, the Chinese. to much to gain to go to war, if it is not provoked.and the us is no different.

  25. Basically Taiwan is chinas cuba.


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