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21 Responses

  1. Quack Smack says:

    Sadly you completely neglected to put even one Canadian flag or mention of an immense contribution of our lives to that war.

  2. this is over 6 minutes!!!!!!! triggered

  3. Ryan V says:

    It's strange to think that all the major problems in today's world were all started by the chauffeur driving down the wrong street.

  4. Basicaly the Germans in World War One kicked the living shit out of every country surrounding them, not 1 country invaded Germany to stop them, then all of a sudden ww1 ended. Hitler was pissed off because he believed the Germans were winning World War One and that the world leaders / the people that win in the end either way are the people that stoped the war, the Jews.

  5. Woltron X says:

    want battlefield 1 to be more realistic?

    1.) buy battlefield 1

    2.) play a match online

    3.) if you get killed thats it,

    4.) since you can only live one time, sell the game


  6. Who in the right mind thought to name this war, the war to end all wars. As long as countries disagee about something, war will always happen.

  7. When you say British soldiers, I see Indians.

  8. you helped me learn thank u

  9. Hasn't anyone thought what would happen if Germany didn't pay there debt

  10. I have test on Friday and this really helped me. Thank you soo much!!!!!

  11. thanks for the video, helped me with my history test 🙂 and i like your voice btw

  12. World war 1 in 6 minutes, but the video is 7 minutes xD… Anyway love the video!!

  13. my grandfather, with whom i share my name, fought in the freezing mountains on the northern greek borders.

    the extreme cold burned his lungs. He survived mostly intact, but he could never breathe normally again. When he died of asphyxiation, practically, 60 years later, his lungs were the size of grapefruits.

    I can't say I'm a man worthy of his sacrifice, but i ain't fighting no war, for anyone.

  14. The weird thing is that it's world war 1 in six minets but the video is 7 minets

  15. you just totally ignored finland tho >=(

  16. Beyaz Ay says:

    i dont see Ataturk.

  17. EdiKoo says:

    why ru ignoring Finland?

  18. im here because my teacher showed the class this video

  19. Wish I had family that was part of world war 1 and 2 :/ so my family and generation could learn something or pass on the medals 🥇 I want to join the army now world war 3 soon might be deadly and the last one….

  20. Ana Khan says:

    do keep up the brilliant work sir. things couldn't have gotten any clearer in my head than now.. u r the best teacher there can be.. god bless you!