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  1. When I die after being humiliated, tortured, and executed with no trial, My prayer is that non worshipers who are good Samaritans be given a fair chance at Heaven. Christianity, good Samaritans, and 30% of Israel are likely to get Heaven. My existence in spirit is in question. Yours?  'Cause the FATHER and Me as many unjust problems as possible in the meantime. Here's more rope: Permanently hospitalize Me for being a diagnosed  paranoid schizophrenic who believes He is under investigation and who is no threat to anyone. Continue the largest frame up sting ever, with absolutely no credibility whatsoever for as long as possible. Cough Me out involuntarily with no invitation. Gamble further with absolutely no rationale. Charge Me for crimes I never committed with a predetermined verdict. Read the Delaware County signed CID confession in 2014. My crimes were as follows; 10 paid hand jobs with strippers, sleeping with a hooker in A.C., and stealing a bottle of water in North Beach Miami in 2012 after mailing a spoof package into CIA/FBI headquarters. I was held at gun point and brought to Mount Sinai for medical evaluation. I was hospitalized involuntarily at Belmont in 2002 for 11 days. I was hospitalized at Mount Sinai three times in 2012 for several weeks, and was forced injected and abused. I was again hospitalized at Mercy Fitzgerald in 2015, while completing a 45 day fast. I was hospitalized at Bay View in California in 2016 where the U.S. Government attempted to take My right to vote and control My Social Security Disability Insurance, and again at Mercy Fitzgeral in 2016. The last involuntary hospitalization lasted 5 days. I was poisoined multiple times in 2012 starting at Gold Rush in Miami, FL. I was surrounded by CIA assassins on 9-11-12 being framed as a Islamic terrorist. I was poisoned multiple timers between 9 – 11- 12 and 9-17-12. When the CIA poisoined Me to take My life at Subway in South Beach on 9-17-12, two days after entering double doors at a Citi Bank in North Beach, Miami I told the truth while the FATHER saved My life, I was never a cop, spy, or mobster.  The devil will be beat on January 1st, 2019.

  2. Yeltsin was a bumbling drunk.

  3. thomas sease says:

    Regional power.

  4. A documentary by Aljazeera hmmm


  6. Its the half of the Worlds nuclear weapons that Russia does not posess, that should concern it

  7. brianbirc says:

    Well the new Russia sure looks pretty good compared to what it was. It is rebounding very fast and rejecting the NWO/ Jew WO at the same time. America has no reason not to be on good terms with the new Russia. Trump is not the establishment puppet either and bashed by the same establishment and media owned by 3 corps. Listen to Putin and see his actions and they make sense and hold the moral high ground. Our US corp run GOV seem like idiots and pure lies in comparison. Vote TRUMP 2016 let's make the world great again.

  8. I going to buy some land and become a farmer….i wish i have a state like Russia to protect me from wreckers.

  9. Ingvar Z says:

    this is not an Arabic news agency….
    this is an American news agency in Arabic…
    thats all i can say.

  10. It is funny to see that the west is so desperate to prepare many propaganda based documentaries like this. These guys think people are Dumbass to believe their propaganda. Don't trust this video.

  11. Well done Putin the whole world is with you

  12. The oil beat this giant down

  13. thank god for Hillerly Clinton … wake up the world is noit what you think it is… well MK peeps your way off in time.

  14. btw what a bunch off shills and pro trolling info actors hehehe =D after the jeltsin era .. wtf! propaganda bs peeps.

  15. vladimir putin very handsome in the world .

  16. July 20, 2016 / Ruby Star Internet / Tacloban City


  17. lol ladinos Putin himself said that the US was the strongest nation in the world, which is obvious but he's even saying it. The US has been the strongest nation in the world since the end of ww1 (1918) and will continue to be for at least 15-20 more years

  18. Lol i was hoping to watch documentary about current actions and strategy of Putin, from 2012. And those old balbbers kept talking about disgraceful Yeltsin for half hour

  19. Unfairly prejudiced crap I should say, financed with Saudi petrodollars and blessed by pentagon warmongers!

  20. The World is with you dear President.

  21. russia is beautiful back off zadnitzo pidor

  22. Putin should be in the next James Bond films to play the main role … Will be the hit of the Millennium,the cashier will crack from revenue )))
    Wrote with online translator,so if poorly written,sorry ;-)

  23. ah come on . if you find the right people , the same documentary can be made in USA and every time Russia is used , USA can be in its place

  24. Come to Russia to see what happens…they are educated, hard workers, respectful and proud of they roots.


  26. Russia is a world superpower, it is not to be messed with and I am an American who knows the strength of Russia. I am Oxford educated and studied Cold War.

  27. Pedro Vaz says:

    Al-Jazeera = Qatar = Prostitute nation of Zionists.

  28. Aljazeera, stop kissing US ass!! Little pussy

  29. 3:37 mins in and I automatically see this is bulllllllllllshit!
    Clearly made by jews to brainwash the western sheeps.

    I actually want to laugh. You know what, I will 😁😁😁😁.

  30. Putin is the devil – Gog – will attach israel with china

  31. NeonardoDi says:

    Do you talk about democracy,when in Arabia, cut the head.

  32. Yes,  but this time it will be an economic super power.

  33. Russia is a superpower

  34. What you have expecting from Putin? He was a former KGB agent! Russians are a sick nation, who need a big dady! Idiotic, stupid people!

  35. mr. putin, don't please don't fall for oboma's empty stupidity, please wait till trump corrects this.  America loves Russia and admires mr. putin.  please don't nuke the American people…we love you…

  36. What a complete load of a bullshit British narrative is the UK working this chronic Arab at Al-Jezeera with their club feet? Vladimir Putin will stay in power and grow in power beyond his re-election as President of the Russian federation in 2018 mark my words, by which time the BRICS consortium will be the new financial economic centre of power with its eastern pivot and price of crude oil will be in excess of $80 a barrel.

  37. Alex Hudson says:


  38. George Orwel says:

    If Russia is a superpower, how come substance abuse is rife, Russia is running out of children, there are no value added sectors built on technology, and individual labour productivity is so mediocre ?

  39. Hey Canada says:

    …. " If there is one realm in which it is essential to be sublime, it is in wickedness. You spit on a petty thief, but you can't deny a kind of respect for the great criminal " ….. ( Diderot ).

  40. See, yours propaganda is not working no more.

  41. lol you think russia is a superpower hahaha!!!

  42. Beware, Western propaganda against Russia and Putin!

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