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  1. egypt wasn't black sorry..stop trying to take credit of out history they weren't black or white! just because it's in africa doesn't mean they were black! there are other arabian countries that are in africa that noone consider black

  2. Lit Bands says:

    Egyptians are part of the black culture

  3. ma nigga was piosend they try to play me by saying it was a bug bite, naa man not today

  4. if i found that much gold boyyyyyyyyyyyyy

  5. what a load of bullshit…

  6. Moo moo moo says:


  7. indieisin says:

    This documentary needs to be fact checked. Ay was his vizier, not the head of the military. Horemheb was the head of the military and named as successor by King Tut if anything was to happen to him.. but that didn't happen, Ay ended up succeeding him. Tut's wife, after his death, wrote to another king (Syrian maybe?) and asked for him to send a son to marry her so that she wasn't forced to marry one of her "servants". The king ended up fulfilling her request, but the prince died on the way there — most likely murdered. Ay was in his seventies but forced Tut's young widow to marry him so that he would have a claim to the throne, since he was not of royal blood. Sounds like a disgusting, scheming old man to me. Also, Ay was the vizier of Tut's father before Tut was king.

    Ay ended up having a great tomb built for himself to be buried .. he died a few years after he assumed power…the theory is he used his own tomb, a small one, for Tut's burial. While it was a crappy thing to do, it made Tut famous beyond any other pharaoh because of it's location. Ay's tomb, on the other hand, was plundered many times and barely had anything of value left when it was opened. Karma?

    There is a really awesome documentary examining Tut's death, it may have not been murder at all.. that bone fragment in his head can be explained because of the way the ancient egyptians mummified their dead. Tut's body is actually pretty badly damaged, and his organs were not found in jars… the heart is one of the most important things to ancient egyptians after death and Tut's was missing. The best theory so far is that it was a chariot accident. They found an elaborate mural of king tut that was made after his death depicting him as a warrior in battle on his chariot. The damage to his body fits best with this theory.

    (The Doc I mentioned above, I found it:

    check it out, its ten times better than this one)

  8. Like al bidio si viene por Mr.Rios?:v xD Yosi vengo por el si saben Kien zoi no vean mi kanal e.e

  9. Joy Miller says:

    king tut was blacker den an ace of spade Hebrew. his harr was nappier den my roach infested kitchen and his DNA shows up in Czar Nicholas Romanov and Czarina Anastasia or whatever.

  10. Shin8bi says:

    lol, stop stealing our history you sad parasites!!

  11. not all Egyptians were as white as Elizabeth Taylor not even Cleopatra she was Greek. The ancient Egyptians were beautiful like Anwar Sedat was. MIDDLE EASTERN

  12. Ami Jackman says:

    greed took them to their graves, they were looking for gold and never dreamt of returning it back,

  13. Jorrdi Jabob says:

    No offense to afro centrists but I wouldn't exactly want to own someone whos family practiced incest. Egyptian royal families practiced that shit for centuries. Black and White pharoahs and their ancestors and descendants practiced it.

    I can respect and admire Egyptian scientific, medical and engineering miracles but I would rather not own the other shit.
    However seeing as how you want to *own all of it*, you need to acknowledge, possibly own; every single naughty and abhorrent brutal detail.

  14. The wealthiest black man/man that ever lived!

  15. compared to other documentaries about ancient Egypt, this one is super duper boring!!!!

  16. Felix Ray says:

    Okay, so this about the NAKED SCIENCE of a MYSTIC CURSE?

  17. Wayne Manzo says:

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    Also at the beginning of the movie an older couple mention that there was a man
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    And, the lead Actress, her name is, Mia Farrow? And, in the Madonna Movie
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  18. gog3d says:

    what a story, what a find!

  19. MMAP says:

    Although I Sea The Nature Of All Hue-Men. I Know However That, I Am Not, Completely Hue-Man's Nature.

  20. Well if you are not in for archaeology, you may find this boring, because archaeology has always been boring.

  21. Your no different, your all the same, boy, girl, nigger, Jew, cracker, wet back, spick, your ll the same! How? You all have a Toot in common!

  22. What's interesting is that King Tut wrote the song "Walk Like an
    Egyptian". The manuscript was written two years before his death and he
    had his court musicians perform it. It was locked in his tomb with him.
    Howard Carter found the charts. His grand nephew, Barry Carter,
    forwarded it to Phil Specter, who sent it to the Bangles manager. They
    recorded it as a modern pop tune. So in effect, it the first chart
    topping hit in history.

  23. Have you ever wondered whether or not that your current life wasn't your first time on Earth, well I have and I wrote about it. In my book, My Life Before Memoir of a Lost Royal I share with the world in great detail about my experience with life after death and most importantly a life that I once lived.

    Currently, I'm known as Terrell L. Frazier a local author but way back in Ancient Egypt I used to go by the Nickname Hung Foot(aka Amenhotep) the younger half-sibling of the famous boy King, King Tut. We both shared the same father who was the heretic Akhenaten but my mother was a mysterious bride named Kiya (who is actually my current mom in this life). My life in Egypt wasn't a walk in the park as I endured so many things in regards of my family especially after the disgrace of my mother. This experience has widen my eyes more on the spiritual world and who I really am. Through it all I've learned that I'm still a descendant of Tut and his family thus knowing this has boosts my self-esteem and be even more prouder than I already am. I'm so glad that to have experienced this but this isn't the first time I've experienced this, that too is another story for another time.

  24. Sand Jagger says:

    he died R.I.P doggie 😢

  25. Hitman Gamer says:

    how did d Egyptians get radioactive material

  26. Billy Tide says:

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  27. Austria 1966 says:

    aliens built all of  Egypt's     wonders

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  29. XXX GAMES says:

    egyptians loved the flat corner earth

  30. How'd you get so funky?
    Did you do the monkey?

    Born in Arizona, moved to Babylonia


  31. Mark Lintner says:

    Explanation for the deaths back in the day, when they first dug up the tomb. The tomb had some type of poison gas in it and had Mosquitos infected with some type of virus. That explains most of the deaths. A few though are beyond logic and one suicide. A curse for real? Well, I got a question for you curse people. If the mummy itself is cursed, then I should of died a long time ago. I saw King Tuts mummy at the MOSI in Chicago, IL back in 1983. Why am I still alive? In fact, I've cheated death over 20 times. Car accidents, seizures and a ruptured appendix which nearly killed me. I survived all of it. So, if there was a true "curse" it must only be in the tomb area and not King Tut himself. I have my doubts about a curse, but can't rule out the impossible being true.

  32. I watched this in school