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  1. Yes why do People when they watch a Vids like this do they have to Bring Other Beleifs into it Like it is a sin and crap like that.Just watch and enjoy. Never mind all that other Bullshit///

  2. Reza Afshar says:

    that child murdered is Jewish child sacrifice

  3. Indian sage says:

    Yes witches are real but most of them at fake ones,there bad evil witches and there are good one those are called white witches,I'm a fan of witches especially witch movies,witches are so creative and powerful,but I also believe they killed and murdered and torture innocent women thinking they were witches,but witches will always be here like every other thing in the world.but god takes care of all will never really know who's a witch,they are all over the world I mean the real ones not the fake ones.

  4. sammy rivera says:

    people who do these things is because you want to be like by other people who are so White by porcelain White do you want to be accepted so you want to do the same thing they do to be around them when they cannot take you to heaven but they will take you to hell God is against it read in the Bible Deuteronomy Chapter 18:10-12) The Devil wants you to keep doing it, But God is against that repent seek Jesus who can save you from HELL, BUT he is the way to Heaven John 14:6) REPENT and stop this crazy thing you do.

  5. zoeee says:


    I can't take this seriously because of this fact xD

  6. justin johns says:

    I like how there isn't ONE true atheist on the planet. I was raised christian. so I respect real arhiests. but there are none. because all you flying under the banner of atheism attack Christianity at every turn, but you lose what little courage you have when a school wants to teach the tenants of islam

  7. Do not let scripted shows manipulate your mind. This is a SCRIPTED SHOW.

  8. christians like to slander witches as their are christian witches they are know as wiccan christian they use there magick for banishing evil spirits and healing people so why slander witches do you not know tht we r human beings just like u do you not know tht witches was just a name given to ancient scientists that discovered herbs that could heal people and they burned them to the stake just for making medicine that could cure sicknesses or relieve pain yes their were other religions that practiced witchcraft but does that really mean they r evil no ill tell you whats evil
    now therefore kill every male among the little ones, and kill every woman that hath known man by lying with him. that is from the holy bible in the book of numbers that is what i would consider evil hail satan

  9. yunus alam says:

    our ancestors are our gods , we dont need any other

  10. Drained of all blood? Sounds like the work of zionists and rabbis.

  11. uther witches is not evil i am one

  12. Religious people who make fun of people who believe in witches: pot calling the kettle black, huh? don't you have an invisible wizard in the sky to pray to?

  13. Looks to me like the only "true horror" is the Abrahamic religions. Not paganism/witchcraft

  14. Is that Famke Jenssen in the thumbnail?😁

  15. Violet Daisy says:

    LOOL IVE BEEN THERE I was about 7

  16. meanbeats says:

    sounds more like kabalistic ritual murder not witch craft

  17. Witch is not satanism, we don't believe in satan we believe in power from the nature and the guardian of the earth, moon and nature.

  18. MercilessV says:

    Well, I'll be damn. A real life Watcher. Your Slayer….she did well.

  19. Kill all the witches and wizards. Human scum

  20. witch hunting Yes let's go hunting for The Witchy

  21. Brand Bat says:


  22. I came here just to post something about how this guy is an idiot and witches are normal people, and then I realized how many views this bs has.

  23. Just another Christianized version of witch craft. I'm sorry, but 99% of modern witches, shamans, gurus, are all just wannabes. If they were real Druids, witches, shamans, gurus, then they would posses the knowledge of the occult, tarot, Kabbalah, chakra system, seven hermetic principles, numerology, symbolism, elemental, astro-theology, theosophy, religion, mythology, ancient history, natural law, deep psychology, sacred geometry, etc… Each of of the subject that I've listed takes many years to master. To master this kind of level of knowledge takes a lifetime, and great physical, psychological, emotional discipline. It's not for everyone. People who have mastered it are extremely wise & intellectual, and are in touch with their selfhood. Witch trails was a injustice & slaughter of innocent women, men, & children. The church is the evil sinister cult, who has forced itself onto humanity, & have slaughtered all indigenous people of this world. Look up the Spanish inquisitions.

  24. they are our conterminous…modern witches love telepathy and psychic war and vacuum cleaner and women trade if they are your neighbor…they have to live different …

  25. Jorge Ortiz says:

    There are the ones that play to be witch and those that are. Go to Africa and you will see real witches. They kill animals and people to gain powers. It is real, there is just a mockery of them played by some on purpose.

  26. generator says:

    If you want to kill some witches then play witcher 3

  27. Witches exist in the minds of people involved in failed marriages, that's the only place they exist probably.

  28. british documentaries are the best!

  29. Superstitious ignorance is entertaining.

  30. hhh F says:

    Who needs help?!

    Hi guys , i want to help you to protect your self from devil " Ghost or Jinn " whether in from the dream in the sleeping or from not in the sleeping such as you are afriad to walk in the dark place or stay alone in the home because you image like hear sound or feel ghost or devil walk beside you.

    Frist, i want you to belive me that i am truth and want to help you with out any benefit from you , only you are humman and i should hepl you from bad things as i can to do.

    Second, i want you to do every thing i ask you to do it if you are really want to help your self and belive me.

    if you want to see that I am truth or not just try what i will ask you to do FOR two weeks at least.

    The instructions are:
    First, you have to be away from bad things such as drinking alot , music alot , dancing in the bar and adultery with girls.

    Second, please believe me to take off the pictures in the home such as picturess of people ,and put the pictures in the wardrobe.

    Third, you go to find the Sura Albagarah in the You Tube " Surat Al Baqarah Maher Al Muaiqly" , and make the volume of sound is madim and let it play through your sleep.

    Also, there is onther video in the you tube " How to protect myself from jinn and blackmagic Just Ask Islam" to educate your self to learn more how to protect you self very well.

    In The End, I love people whoever is, and i seawr i only want to help you as my brother and my sister. I ask God " Allah " to bless us, guide us to him, forgive our sins and enter us to heaven with all prophets and their companions and believers

  31. Anjel WithaJ says:

    Despite what everyone has stated below (referring to those whom claim this is bullshit), whether or not this is real to you don't matter. It's real to those who practice it. You have no right to sit back and judge those who practice witchcraft, Christianity, or any other practice or religion. If you want to go on not believing, that is your right. It is the right of everyone on this planet to believe what they want. Most importantly, if you hate something so much, which it's obvious that you hate people that believe in something, why bother wasting your time trying to start a fight with them? Get a life.

  32. skills1ent says:

    There are no witches on any level, in any aspect of life. Stop being retarded and grow up you morons!

  33. Abu 'Afak says:

    You people are stupid!

  34. Matt Adey says:

    Wow the screaming makes me think of hell.

  35. Religion…. shower of idiots.

  36. I'm a male witch. I like evil queens, priestesses, and vampire girls. Asian girls are hot. Blonde chics are princesses.

  37. Sincere Life says:

    not understanding the need to go to africa to resolve a case of witchcraft in england …witchcraft and magic have along history in europe and are still practice there so …

  38. Wanda Smith says:

    sacficeing animal I can't help it makes me sick and mad it's wrong and crule 😡

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