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  1. Is your mouth full of bananas when you speak? Terrible pronunciation…

  2. Bow Lampar says:

    So they can start a war game with each other over Korea Peninsula when they feel bore.

  3. STAN GAYS says:

    I really trying so hard to understand what he was saying.

  4. Tulip Prince says:

    General mac arthur <3he helped many countries like korea philippines etc

  5. ryyan Elzahi says:

    so it is actually the america who started the terrorism thing 😂


  7. George744 says:

    I'm the yellow flag of Vietnam :3

  8. At 1:33, we can see one of the united states' million fuck-ups

  9. SS sagemode says:

    USA funded terrorism mindblown

  10. Kory Toombs says:

    Tech the Chinese civil war hasn't ended. Both governments agree that there's one China. So the ROC and PROC claim all of each other's territory. The ROC was recognized by the UN, but lost their seat to the PROC in 1971.

  11. Gabriel Lee says:

    What is he mumbling?

  12. Ategra says:

    And that, kids, is why the US and Russia can go fuck themselves! Selfish cunt governments who ruin inncoent civilian lives.

  13. maybe trump and Putin can finely make peace and decide to reunify Korea together. Just imagine if the two world powers finely worked together without only trying to better themselves

  14. USA and USSR should have just gone to war because if BVS taught us anything it's that USA and USSR would have become the bestest of friends for both having a state called Georgia

  15. quinto 408 says:

    I've always known that the united states is the real terrorist they always fund proxy wars..thats how they do their strategies..but I dont if anybody notice how the u.s.a thinks they the only Americans??? America is the whole western hemisphere that's why they have "Latin America" aka south america..i hate it wen people called the u.s.a flag the American flag..america doesn't have a flag it's just the western hemisphere…do your research!

  16. War is a big business no other than……

  17. Yunus Emre says:

    The way he says China 🇨🇳 doe

  18. Just realised something
    jacksepticeye said someone subscribed to him in North Korea?

    WHAT THE FUCK?!?!?

  19. sunny ambo says:

    what the heck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!it's hard for me to understand what this guy says.His accent is the worst!

  20. You liar.South Korea invaded North Korea.

  21. The Cold War 2 North Korea adition

  22. I don't really like communism but yeah Joseph Stalin does deserve some credit for not destroying the world

  23. 박서준 says:

    36 years, or 41 years, if from 1905.

  24. Sunny Lu says:

    USSR did not have nuclear weapons during the korean war

  25. Bundy 2191 says:

    stupid murica is behind all these

  26. I wish north korea is not annoying for me because S korea almost win the war for destroying the powerful supplies of north korea

  27. Flaring says:

    The government of the US were selfish assholes during the Vietnam War; declined to help when Vietnam asked for help during the French invasion; then attacked Vietnam when Russia helped them out because they hated communism.

  28. Wasn't Korea initially viewed as East and West within the country? Those who supported Japan and those who supported China, relatively? And then a bunch of dudes stepped in and drew a line, which mucked up the whole situation?

  29. Who the hell want to go to North Korea? Oh i forgot Dumbasses want to go to north korea

  30. VeNuS2910 says:

    i came here because i'd really like to know… but i have to admit, i'm having difficulty understanding your pronunciation and there are parts in the recording where your word is almost inaudible. maybe a different recording system will fix this problem.

  31. Blue Berry says:

    clod war split them
    just saved you 9:14 minutes

  32. n korea and south korea is us and ussr puppets

  33. Ladies and gentalmen The USSR is now communist because the word socialist in USSR means nothing.

  34. WOW The ussr was founded on the day of my birthday i have the same birthday as the soviet union. ……..

  35. is north Korea is bigger than south Korea?

  36. minsu park says:

    Because China and Chinese. Do not believe china and chinese.

  37. The Theorist says:

    you have less detail than what i get taught in my Korean school

  38. Peridox says:

    I hope that I will live to see the day where these two countries reunite

  39. Should've let Japan keep it

  40. uH nodnarB says:

    I disagree with the statement that they both speak Korean, because North Korean and South Korean have differentiated so much that they are not even close to the same language.

  41. my mom is suspicious about your info, please cite your sources

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