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11 Responses

  1. Ramimy1555 says:

    I've watched every single episode of "Trough the wormhole" so far. They are AWESOME

  2. Stimorolll says:

    не чё не понятно…

  3. I disagree with this…….maybe this explanation perfectly describes how light first appeared, however you don't need light for the dimension of time to exist. I think that in order for time to exist, you need space. Perhaps for our conscious human mind to identify space, we need light; but the physical universe does not need light to identify space. Space will exist whether or not there's any light. I think a better direction to take when trying to discover the origin of time, is trying to discover when the very first volume of space came to be. All in all, I believe we need space and time to co-exist. I don't believe either could stand alone as independent dimensions, as far as our conscious minds can comprehend anyway.

  4. But one question i have asked myself many times, if God created everything, then what created God? the same with the Big Bang! This must be the hardest question, and is this question actually possible to answer with 100% accuracy?

  5. Ice Rox Pie says:

    Spending my entire day watching videos from these guys. Absolutely fascinating.

  6. When I drink beers, time slows down.

  7. pei says:

    Can I see God in a black hall?

  8. Time is something created by our brain.If we are happy time passes fast and if we are sad alone time passes slowly and if we are in danger time passes very slowly.Speed of time depends on our thought processing which means time can slowed or fast by our brain which means time is an illusion.

  9. Linda Boldea says:

    How will God be able to stop small animals from multiplying in the future so that they don't colonise the whole Universe, my concern being that there would be too many animals to save from torture? Surely he will command humans not to multiply anymore for the same reason, and they won't like it.

    I believe that God is in fact a human evolved from a bacteria, surely he wasn't born human from the beginning? And then, being in a bacteria stage, how was He able to revive creatures back then? I learned that He's an evolved human when I watched Stargate SG-1.

    The hydrogen and helium in the Universe will burn out, and stars won't have any more fuel, and the Universe will anter the Big Freeze an we'll be extinct.

    How is it possible for time to be infinite in the past? Because it is. Even if there was dark and nothing, still the Universe existed. And how did it got to the present if it's infinite in the past? The infinite in the past freaks me out. The future too. It's like the endless Universe is an aberation that contradicts the laws of physics. And the infinite exists without anybody creating it. God is just an evolved human that came to life after the Big Bang. And in the Big Bang that created The Universe, how can something come out of nothing? It's mindblowing.

  10. Super says:

    He says time didn't exist prior to the recombination process that took place in the universe cause there was no light before it.
    But isn't light a 'tool' here? Using which we measure the time. Just because the 'tool' wasn't present at that time doesn't mean that the physical entity which is time didn't exist back then.
    It's my thought only.