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  1. African culture is so interesting. Like its the birth place of humans. They don't even teach that much of it in schools. Like one quarter if that.

  2. Islamic empire 👍👍👍

  3. Lara C says:

    Blacks need to stop attempting to claim Ancient Egyptians already… you are starting to sound just like White people, trying to claim things and people that Aren't yours!! sheesh! #LetsLearn2016

  4. i think video drives the racist people crazy .

  5. Thank you for this video it helped my project


    At least five thousand years ago they had a Black civilization in the Middle East called the Sumerians a very dark-skinned civilization who were contemporary with the Egyptian civilization and it existed prior to the Babylonian empire, right in the same area where you find Iraq and the Tigris-Euphrates rivers there. It was a black-skinned people who lived there, who had a high state of culture way back then.

    Whole black empires, like the Moorish, have been whitened to hide the fact that a great black empire had conquered a white empire even before America was discovered. The Moorish civilization–black Africans–conquered and ruled Spain; they kept the light burning in Southern Europe. The word "Moor" means "black.

    The Empire of Ghana was the first western African empire as early as 300, the people of Ghana had mastered the art of iron making, and was ruled by 44 kings during its reign who ruled through a strong central government and a large powerful army who backed up their commands. The soldiers carried weapons made of iron. Ghana's wealth came from Gold. Its rulers controlled the supply of gold from nearby mines. Ghanaian traders exchanged gold for ivory, salt and copper. The kings of Ghana were so rich that they armed their personal guards with gold swords. They even covered their horses with blankets made of gold cloth.although the empire had lasted until about 1200, its period of greatest power was from the 8th to the 11 centuries.

    Mali empire – King of Mali, Mansa Kankan mussa (1306-1332) was a great scholar, a great economist and a true man of the arts, he is well known for the impact he created with his flamboyant style. The gold mines of western Africa made Mali one of the most prestigious and prosperous empires in the world, its wealth became famous throughout Africa and Middle east. The empire also contained one of the worlds most prestigious universities at the time in its capital of Timbuktu. Travelers came to Mali from all over because of the many commercial activities and the law and order that gave security to everyone.The Mali Empire profoundly influenced the culture of West Africa through the spread of its language, laws and customs along the lands along the Niger River and extending over a large area that consisted of numerous vassal kingdoms and provinces. After the death of Malis greatest king Mansa Mussa, the power of Mali declined.

    Napatan Kush kingdom- The King of Nubia, Taharka was one of the most famous rulers of Kush and Kemet he is said to have commanded military campaigns in western Asia as far away as Palestine and led expeditions to Spain. During his reign King Taharka controlled the largest empire in ancient Africa, and was able initiate a building program throughout his empire which was overwhelming in scope. The numbers and majesty of his building projects were legendary with the greatest being the temple at Gebel Barkal in the Sudan. he temple was carved from living rock and decorated with image of Taharka over 100 feet high.

    Songhai empire- The king of Songhai "Askia Torre Muhammad" (1493-1529) established a governmental machine that is still revered today for its detail and efficiency. He united the entire central region of the western Sudan and at its peak, it extended eastward from the Atlantic ocean to lake Chad in central Africa. As Songhai grew into the most powerful of the empires of western Africa, Askia divided his empire into provinces, each with a professional administrator as governor and ruled each fairly and uniformly through a staff of distinguished legal experts. Songhai's wealth came from its gold trade. Many commercial towns sprang up, within these towns lived craft workers, business people, judges, doctors, and religious leaders. The Songhai empire reached its greatest strength at the end of the 15th century.

    Great Zimbabwe (great walled city)- According to tradition, the prosperity of the kingdom depended on the strength and good health of the ruler. Many of the people of Zimbabwe worked as gold miners who were so important to the trade of the region, they searched for the precious metals in streams. Others hunted elephants for their ivory tusks and as a result of their labor Zimbabwe became wealthy and powerful. The gold and ivory were sold to Swahili trading cities along Africa's east coast. The return trade brought cotton, cloth, porcelain, and other eastern goods to Zimbabwe. European traders attempted to gin control of the gold fields around Zimbabwe in the 16th century but the Europeans did not succeed. The Zimbabwe kings kept them at a distance, infact no European ever saw the great city instead the kings strictly regulated the trading activities of the Europeans to protect the best interests of Zimbabwe. Great Zimbabwe continued as a city until the 19th century but the decline of trade weakened the empire.

    Kongo kingdom- King Affonso I (1506-1540) was a visionary, a man who saw his kingdom not as a group of separate cultures, but as a unified nation equipped with advance knowledge. King Affonso was also the first ruler to resist the European slave trade.

    Asante nation – Osei Tutu (1680-1717) was the first king of the Asante nation a great west African kingdom and during his reign he was able to unite over six different nations under his leadership and tripled in size the Asante territory. The kingdom became a significant power, that with military and political prowess would allow the kingdom to endure for two centuries.

  7. Lynxiis says:

    Interesting. This video helped me to study for my history test

  8. XxAleenazxX says:


  9. Cater Zenny says:

    OM MA NI PAD ME HUM . king ghana : zenny cater .

  10. They should make movie bout these  Great Kingdoms our Childrens need this  Awesome

  11. Jacky Cortez says:

    aviator u should forget them and just go to a different school like where bri goes to?😶

  12. since im a African American is this also part of my history? i know the answers yes since my enslaved ancestor came from west africa but i would like to here others opinions.

  13. James Jones says:

    Where can I purchase these videos. Please forward information to:

  14. I love it. Thanks for sharing. I have a much better understanding of these Kings now. Of course, I've known some of this history, but too often I focus on Kemet/Kush/TaSeti.

  15. Please tell me the name of the last song.

  16. Islam was the biggest mistake in the region. Also, you'll notice all over the place Islamic Empires claim Mosques are "Universities." Mosques have never been Universities but rather indoctrination centers to transform cultures into Arabic fronts.

  17. LoL!!! Most people don't know nothing of this African history. They only know our history after we lost the war, got enslaved, got colonized, lost our natural resources, and knowledge of self. We went from this to modern day teachings living in "Mud-Huts" to survive.

  18. Jay Baru says:

    Morroco didn't just invade Songhai for solely their own expansion. I don't know why people hardly ever talk about how the Moroccans made a deal with the Europeans and were given firearms to destroy Songhai Empire. This was the first time Songhai came across firearms as they showed up to the battlefield with swords and in result they were massacred by the hundreds. Morocco only suffered a couple soldiers with minor cuts. Battle of Tondibi 1591

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  20. Stop Me says:

    So a man just gave Arabs all the gold in the name of Islam. No wonder some Malians hate him. Idiot.

  21. It's pretty amazing that I studied higher level history in England, have been to a number of British museums and never once heard of these kingdoms, nor of African trade routes to the Americas! There weren't even any books that I could find on African history other than post colonial era or on Ancient Egypt (Which were all written by British explorers)… We're just told of Columbus finding America after the Vikings and William Wilberforce ending slavery (no mention of the Haitian revolution, Indian Revolution etc…) Britain has just been cherry picking historical facts and hiding the truth to turn their citizens into racists, pretty disgusting behavior from a developed nation…

  22. So…..It's all very interesting but was there any sort of civilization before the Arabs came?

  23. otumfuo3 says:


  24. Mansa mean King soundjata was FAMA mean emperor

  25. Paul Mares says:

    lol I'm playing the campaign of "Sundiata" in Age Of Empires right now^^

  26. Drill Time says:

    Was mansa musa the reason for the downfall of the African Empire?

  27. Why are we told that our history only start in America.

  28. Michael A says:

    It's cool being a Ghanaian Akan (present day Ghanaian) because it's thought that Akans are originally from the Ghana Empire, they left because of the spread of Islam, and they now live in Côte d'Ivoire and Ghana. I feel great learning about my ancestors and I always want to learn more :)

  29. am Arab, I think if you tell Africans about this amazing empaiers it well make them feel more confident better than showing Africans in jungle(sory) , empires are the sign of power, not deserts not jungles.its better than spending your life anylizing causes black people misory in the world or blaming white man and arabs.

  30. Fascinating. Although there is no video (which I hate), the subject is so interesting that I had to listen to all of it. Keep it up!

  31. I'm Moroccan and on behalf of my ancestors, I apologize for destroying the Songhai empire.

  32. Kid Otaku says:

    Anybody from UB?

  33. knowledge is power you will never learn this in school they try to dictate history

  34. dont scroll down racist comments below!

  35. Lisa Bernier says:

    Burkina Faso and Timbuktu all built by lily white Berbers, as even the name suggests as they are not Nubian names but Amazigh names just as the name Afrika itself which is a Berber name, you lying racists hypocrites, steal much?

  36. TheMaster100 says:

    Horn of Africa history is far more impressive than west Africa history

  37. Sophia N says:

    Makes me so proud

  38. all the other races has been bad towards black people. but you can't blame them because blacks were bad to each other in Africa and outside Africa. if you didn't defend your self who we'll do? I was feeling bad towards black people suffering in this world, I was wondering why God didn't do something for them. I realised that blacks are not really so pure angels as all humans. so it depends on you not others. the biggest conspiracy on Africa is themselfs, so egnorant people, so selfish, so demanding. be nice to others, do good things for comunity and your country and belive me you will gain the world hearts and respect because you have your own beauty . don't blame others for your broplems you caused it by yourself. my family had 30 black slaves long time ago. Black people sold there own war presinors to arabs and whites. so we don't feel guilty about slavery as whites feel because we know the truth, because Africa is not far away from here. African countries made laws to stop slavery trade in the 60s!this means that Africans are part of this bad history. I'm not better person to give African advices, as arabs we are symbols for terrorism in the world, so we have awer problems too.

  39. Afro Lover says:

    great video…now please do the kingdom of Kongo (dissolved in 1914).

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