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  1. zulu4echo ** says:

    The Vatican archives hold evidence of werewolves. It has been hidden by the Pope and his Bishops for centuries.

  2. oh my god the host played in Merlin and I saw him and I said "Uther my man!"😂

  3. MionTheLion says:

    Dogman. Dogman Encounters – subscribe, you won't be sorry. Remember, legends started from something, these things are real and have been around for millennia.

  4. … Having once (just once, believe-you-me) having had an epically bad Tequila hangover, I can attest to the existence of at least one werwolf for about 7 hours …

  5. mont lica as in lycan the term for lycanthropes (wearwolves) that's cool

  6. foti looki says:

    greece islove greece is life

  7. crom says:

    Nephilims sin against animals too! They created hibrids ! Mitology is not fantasy they were real ! And the masonic goberment using cloning , are reproducing again these creatures ! And giants

  8. Savelina Alo says:

    Transform my ass this bitch act like are wolf fuck me dead

  9. Ben Hurle says:

    The moon always calls….

  10. Robert Adams says:

    Maybe they are real, why not? I’ve always wondered whether magic and witchcraft are real, and a gypsy witch proved to me that they are. So maybe werewolves are real too

  11. MrBisketTV says:

    Yeah, werewolf on the London underground, I went out and had some tequila bams' I was tipsy, and making my way home on the tube when this big hairy creature accosted me, it was a female of the species large fat twice the size of me, it let out a blood curling cry " your a bit of all right ant ya sexy nosha " to my shock it was part of a pack there was 3 more of them, just as fat and as big, I was starting to blackout with fear, but then my adrenaline kicked in and I ran off the tube, it was a lucky escape for me….!

  12. I saw a a 7 year old girl knocking on my door asking if i wanted peanut butter cookies but i realized she was tall and furry then it said it wanted three fiddy then i realized it was a werewolf then i said get yo own money god damn you!

  13. UPDATE: archeologists did find the remains of a human teenage boy as a sacrifice among the animal bones at Zeus's altar earlier this year.

  14. thats gils off of buffy the vampire slayer

  15. How did I get here at 1 in the morning?

  16. I seen a werewolf the other day his hair was perfect

  17. werewolves are badass as hell

  18. lori suddath says:

    My husband is a wolf I have to shave him once a month

  19. lori suddath says:

    My husband is a wolf I have to shave him once a month

  20. they're real…one anally raped me few month ago behind my house in Madrid.

  21. I am a hybrid. so I want to be called Pandora.

  22. Werewolf says:

    They are real, my sis seen one behind our home in the forest in Romania

  23. HOUNDDAWG says:

    Two minutes of methodological mouthtalk and then a psychiatric report?

    Moving too slow for me, so, adios. (at 2:16)

  24. Anthony Head he played a role in the tv show Buffy The Vampire Slayer right?

  25. leigh Boman says:

    this is simply the same kind of cyptid that exists today in North America. It is called "Dogman" in the US & Canada.
    Hunters & Campers have gone missing. The National Parks Service along with Government have tried to cover these creatures up by denying the exist. Just has they have done with the existence of Bigfoot.
    Information on these creatures is unlimited on the Internet. Podcasts on Dogman are available for viewing and is extensive.
    "Missing 411" book series tell of the thousands of people missing in our National Parks.
    I beleive that this creature plays a role in this and our Government knows and has done a good job covering it up.

  26. Anthony Head gave great Surname ….and coffee

  27. Ally Thigpen says:

    "Poor Professor Lupin is having a really tough night."

  28. I am a very good hunter when I am in my wolf form

  29. When a documentary speaks of Christians and makes references to the Bible, you know it's totally bull crap. Christianity is the worst thing that has happened to mankind. If it had not been for christians, the human race would be so much advanced than we are. It's so hard to believe anyone could actually believe the Bible in this day and age. But, there will probably always be idiots.

  30. pie man says:

    im a werewolf now i no

  31. A healthy wolf will never be aggressive to man?

    Maybe just in France lol.

  32. Mark Hughes says:

    Im at the bar drinking a beer with a werewolf right now 

  33. Vasto Lorde says:

    There is no evidence for this in the entire video… what a waste of time.

  34. I was excited when I saw a good Werewolf documentary but then I saw Anthony Head as the presenter and excitement went through the roof, not gonna lie :D

  35. dgrmab says:

    Are were wolfs real

  36. Do werewolves have rabies

  37. Andrew Ford says:

    Humans are not werewolves werewolves are powerful beasts such as the Big Foot ape 7-species which have now been proven with government grants given to scientists in Washington state along with video, DNA samples held in the chain of command by Dr. Melba Ketchum and a entire Staff of witnesses airing laughed away on U.S. news but not on New Zealand news…foriegners soils full of nutrients makes them more complete and logical.

  38. brazil one particular forest is coming up with many cases . not sure how true its .

  39. Werewolves know these things

  40. John Chastel was actually a werewolf himself. He was the beast of chevalda.

  41. Adrian Wolf says:

    Van Helsin – Underworld ,Vampire, Dracula,The Wolf , Wolfman , Werewolf etc , all the roots are in the motherland of Dacia ( Romania ) belive it or not this is the real truth .

  42. Alf Cengia says:

    The Bible verse quoted was pathetically taken out of context.

  43. ning min says:


  44. Whatever killed those people back in gevaudan (lozére) was indeed bloodthirsty

  45. Zlowiez _ says:

    the beast of gevadel just like teen wolf

  46. what if there were werewolves but the Documentary makers were eaten up by those werewolves so that they could not reveal them ?

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