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  1. Corey Joines says:

    why the fuck are these all on American weaponry as they barely done anything but support and their were plenty actually thousands of weapons from the brits and french to the Russians like the drip gun which saved a whole trench army from the ottoman empire and no one died from enemy fire during this retreat

  2. rducky01 says:

    19:48 That's NOT a 1903 Springfield. It's a P17 Enfield. The Enfield rifle was was actually in use by the Americans more often than the Springfield was during the war. I'm kind of disappointed that they failed to mention that… Both rifles were very similar and were chambered in 30-06.

  3. 95iBall says:

    Ak-47 assault rifle in the intro… i don't think so :D

  4. Three long years at war?, per the narrator at 3:00. Perhaps it was 3 years for some, for others it was longer !!

  5. theTankist says:

    All these 12 year old's commenting 'bf1' haha. How sad is this generation?

  6. SW1ZZ LOLA says:

    a the begging of the video it shows a soldier entering the trench with a fully automatic weapon. somehow this seems impossible as other machine guns at the time where used on a tripod and required a team to use it. can someone please clarify?

  7. But the entry of the Americans turned the tide against the germans.

  8. When you realize the show i all about american bullshit

  9. I don't know why it pissed me off when he acted like after 3 years in the war the United States was the first North American country to join the war effort… So annoying how people seem to forget WW1 was the first war Canada branched off into its own and fought without British command. Oh, and yea we were in the war years before the Americans just like WW2, but let's just ignore it and pretend the Americans are the all mighty heroes.

    God, I love our neighbours to the south but holy fuck do I get tired of their antics sometimes.

  10. Gawaine Ross says:

    Isn't a lever action repeating rifle faster than a bolt action? Why were bolt action rifles preferred?

  11. Curt James says:

    The Sho Sho had an open magazine and would allow dirt into the action and cause jamming. The French actually used them on a limited basis because of this. They were more than willing to supply them to the Americans. World War 1 vets said it made a better whiskey still than a machine gun.

  12. o says:

    A brit with a southeastern usa accent? lol

  13. Oli Faelaen says:

    29;00 ?
    "Their duty to kill the infidel " ?

    It was their "duty" to resist a hostile foreign occupation .
    Supposedly m, the Japs "stole" it .
    And then the Americans "stole" is back , and put them down in the exact same way ……
    Not just there , but in ALL of SE Asia.

    The Pacific war was fought over WHO should subdue those nations . NOT to "liberate" them

  14. pony centaur says:

    13:50 actuallly the chauchat was very reliable in french forces hands. The problem was ammunition type that the americans were using. It was of a different grain than the French ammunition and caused it to jam every shot. Not to mention the training the american forces used, was not the way to handle the chaucat.
    The french loved the Chauchat so much that it was heavily produced and used up til the Nam conflict, But had afew changes along the way.

  15. NickRatnieks says:

    The Lee Enfield's bolt action enabled the rifleman to keep his eye on the target as he moved the bolt. The other bolt action rifles- and this film shows it- had an action where the rifleman could not keep his eye on the target as the bolt was worked. This meant that the SMLE Lee Enfield could be fired fast and accurately- which is what a rifle- as opposed to a machine gun is all about.

  16. zeus7623 says:

    Fired both an '03 and Mauser. The Mauser is simply more efficient. Easier to load and faster number of rounds down range. I'm no expert, but it seemed to have a ergonomic easiness as well.

  17. Very informative but poor acting 😂

  18. the narrater sounds like optimus prime

  19. The title is misleading.

  20. James Cox says:

    I love the 1903 Springfield 30.06. the accuracy, durability, how it feels in ur hands and firing it. that rifle put the fear of god in Germans and Vietnamese. a true American marksman rifle.

  21. Left you a like i have some pretty intense battlefield ww1 ps4 footage if you want to stop by. Happy holidays

  22. I'm too busy laughing at the actors to listen and learn :c

  23. moro, are not all muslim and america didnt inherit the philippines, america occupied the philippines, your a professor of nothing

  24. BBK727 says:

    Gosh I hope they make a Battlefield Civil War

  25. cooltommyx says:

    Where is my Automatico trench!?

  26. The funny thing is the places on bf1 are or were real places and so are the guns

  27. azraelbatosi says:

    They had to use sound effects because the machine guns wouldn't cycle….wonder which idiot thought that was a good idea. Maybe just lazy af. In any case, kinda funny to watch, but bloody distracting.

  28. At 2:04 those are Viet cong troops

  29. Austin Brach says:

    Did anyone else notice that in some of the scenes where they showed machine guns that the actors just shook the gun and moved it around instead of firing anything?

  30. Another Crow says:

    Came here for Trench Shotgun.

    I'm happy now.

  31. el h says:

    the Germans "protested" the shotgun?! WTF

  32. The Chauchat could fire how many rounds a minute?!? I was under the impression that it had an average of half a round per minute.

  33. was that a black guy on the WW1 battlefield? I know they were used behind the lines but I thought they were segregated from being able to participate in battle.

  34. I actually came here…….if u think it's BF1, then ur wrong, I came here to learn more about Weapons and world war one

  35. About 99% of the comments say that have Bean to war not me but my dad is in boot camp training

  36. Don't know about the G model Mauser, but the 98K is one hell of a good weapon, as is the 03 Springfield and the Enfield in 303 British.

  37. Why do they sound american since america practically did nothing in ww1

  38. What about Thompsons?

  39. I Ren says:

    The Chauchat was a colossal pile of shit. It jammed like no tomorrow owing to the open magazine and would often blow up in the gunner's face.

  40. The amazing balls of the Germans protesting us using shotguns. Poison gas? That's okay. Bombing civilians? No problem but not shotguns!
    Who doesn't love this guy from Kentucky? "I killed them Germans just like shooting wild turkeys back home." You gotta love a guy like that.

  41. Chauchat, pronounced "showsha", surely?

  42. Mr.BaldPity says:

    This narrator is a wanna be Morgan Freeman

  43. Anal Beads says:

    The shosho was the biggest temperamental piece of shit for its category at the time dumbass French people left the magazine sides exposed so when it got dirty(((it's a fucking war it's most likely going to get dirty at the very least…HELLOOO?!?!))) it would jam a lot not to mention its shitty design made it jam a lot too. Funny how they don't mention any of that. And if there is people here because of battlefield one well whatever they're still retarded.

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