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20 Responses

  1. Matt Thurman says:

    its pronounced LUL-VILLE dammit

  2. this video freaked me out

  3. James Combs says:

    I'm just 9 years old and I'm going to it in March 5

  4. James Combs says:

    I live in Kentucky

  5. Rachel Clark says:

    I'm going for a night tour tomorrow. Is there any thing that I can do to get a response from a spirit?

  6. How the beep do you stand going in there

  7. 1MNUTZ says:

    someone should drop acid in there for a good trip

  8. I'm going there for my birthday

  9. Lol, did he just say Looey-ville?

  10. edgarin says:

    Why Back Sabbath for the entry ? WHY? WHY?

  11. Max Maximus says:

    i hope Dan bell can go there
    i only trust his camera

  12. Josie Menser says:

    the haunted house here starts next weekend :):):):)

  13. Dark Death says:

    ghost adventure's is real and better

  14. Lindsey B says:

    I wish they would have been more polite and encouraging. Their tone of voice was not welcoming at all..

  15. Sir Turtle says:

    Bookmark: Eh, not even worth it, had 3 minutes to start it.

  16. Wsadgaming says:

    i would NOT go in that body chute at all. holy shit fuck no

  17. Sabbath intro?! Must watch 😂😂

  18. aqula says:

    This place is creepy as fuck but i still found this video hilarious.

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