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  1. Will Navin says:

    Your videos are incredible 

  2. Will Navin says:

    What type of video editing software do you use?

  3. Will Navin says:

    Awesome, thanks. By the way, your Vietnam video really pumped me up for my AP exam tomorrow hahaha

  4. Sadeth Cheng says:

    I was only in 2nd grade when the Global War on Terror was initiated. Now, I'm 3 years into the Marine Corps.

  5. Oh, I forgot.. Americans still believe in that story..
    You are the heroes, and everyone loves you around the world, for peacefully bringing democracy to the uncivilized.
    Surely, you wouldn't invade those countries for the oil, or opium, or the economic benefits from the wars..

    By the way, I am not critizing the video. Great cuts! I know how much work that is.

    But please, do critically rethink, what your government does these days, and how that might affect other people around the world.
    Some of the comments here lack any sense of intelligence or conciousness.
    "how many muslims died in the war on terror?
    NOT ENOUGH!!!!!"
    I mean, damn…
    No one, outside of the US, takes you seriously anymore..

  6. Larrey says:

    This video looks more like a trailer for an epic war film

  7. dude plz make a whole vidieo on the syrian civil war!

  8. also these vids are so cool! i love the our wars in to minutes one!

  9. i dont know how you dont have more than 10000 subs yet.

  10. brilliant video but America's foreign policy is a lie

  11. 4K Fanatic says:

    United states of terrorists…your not defending your country…you destroying others countries and others way of life….There were no wmd's or terrorists…your own damn govt turned you into bunch of sheep…your not service men…infact your no men at all…your a disgrace to men…Brainwashed Sheep

  12. firefoxhits says:

    Great job on the visuals but, a ton of generalizing and sensationalizing with too little truth or explanation of the corrupt wrong moves of both Bush and Obama administrations and the huge unanswered questions they have both left behind. It gives far too much credence to these two who have together greatly weakened and indebted the free world and threatened our freedoms and liberties.

  13. HAHAHA, don't you know the real truth behind the "war on terror". 9/11 was an inside job, it was done so the jewnited states could invade Afghanistan and Iraq, innocent countries that did nothing. Wake up Americans. Come back here to Europe, your government is absolutely evil.

  14. joanna dadah says:

    Solution on terrorism is one, well known. Take the corpse of a terrorist, bath in pigs blood and pigs guts ( already tried by Russians) ….. That will keep them away from us. Polish people will surely do that if Muslims ever try to attack us. Dip bullets in pigs blood – another effective way. Poland kept muslims away from centuries, we know how to deal with savage.

  15. Liam Mckeage says:

    You make great vudeos

  16. please make more vids

  17. Alberto C says:

    Stop watching so much Zionist mainstream media and do some research. Wake up.

  18. There is a simple definition for a terrorist/extremist that all humanitarians can agree on: A terrorist is someone who acts with disproportionate hostility and or ignores trial before punishment when a just court is available. When a just court is not available because a govt is acting without these two basic standards then people have the right to use minimum force necessary to establish a just court that upholds these basic standards of trial before punishment and proportional punishment. These are the basic human rights we would all reserve for ourselves and these standards prevent cycles of violence and blame. You cannot prevent cycles of violence and blame until you distinguish between those using minimal use of force to establish a just legal system and those acting without respect for these basic standards of trial before jury and not exceeding proportional punishment. Such a system would eliminate "because they are terrorists" scapegoating.

  19. Mister E says:

    "you are either with us or you are with the terrorist." Hold up, the US government are the fucking terrorists.

  20. why dont all countries say that the will give evry body a choclate for each terrorist they kill we'll wipe em out in no time

  21. To be honest we could've just drop a nuke.

  22. MarthDrawz says:

    all this because of religion.

  23. This is some really powerful stuff.
    Amazing job.

  24. Michael Phan says:

    what music did you use for the video?

  25. Johny Flores says:

    Man, we suck as a country

  26. Brian Allen says:

    I fight terrorism by playing counter strike GO

  27. TheIzrafel says:

    Nice propaganda. They should pay you.

  28. SzaONE1 says:

    it was an inside job… "false flag" and some dude got very much money from the insurance

  29. SummerHeaven says:

    Wow this video is a crock of shit with nice editing. Apart from his editing skills this asshole doesn't know ANYTHING about politics. Seriously trying to tell people that 9/11 was done by Osama Bin Laden sitting in a cave in Afghanistan? Fuck you!

  30. Looks like a trailer

  31. Osama Bin laden was in the first decade or so of this century, the true version of Gergoe Orwell's Emmanuel Goldstein

  32. Update: the death toll in Iraq is 1 million (that's 5% of the country's population), 220,000 in Afghanistan, 80,000 in Pakistan

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