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20 Responses

  1. Great video, but instead of Russia it should be Kyivan Rus, now it's Ukraine.

  2. Paul Roese says:

    the Native Americans had the good sense to kick the Vikings out of North America. other countries finally got strong enough to kick them out too. the myth of assimilation by the vikings is questionable given their "culture" was almost insignificant in it's impact on Europe other than in wars of aggression, rape and theft. can anyone name 3 advances in mathematics made by the Vikings? how about 3 advances in medicine? does any country follow the Viking legal system the way the the Roman Law is foundational for countries in the West? anyone name 2 or 3 Great Viking sculptors or painters? is their language spoken anywhere outside of Iceland like English and Spanish are? looks like the Vikings only power was their ability to invade, attack and destroy at will. they were more like a gang of criminals who's motivation was loot and who terrorize an area for a time. the idea they had some civilizing mission to establish sustainable political units is absurd.

  3. Kevin D says:

    Vikings didn't do shit. They were considered primitive and barbaric by the romans.

  4. Tipical german supremacy biased documentary toward north europeans pfff pathetic

  5. Raki Brown says:

    Man I hate it when they make vikings speak german… Such an ugly language, nope they didn't speak german and they didn't look german or english and certainly not like American surfer dudes either :/

  6. puyrm says:

    Rife with misinformation. Fucking boooooo…

  7. this title is a ridiculous miscarriage of history (of which the germans are masters, they are using the Danish viking-era trading town of  Hedeby as a means to create one of the mental foundation-stones for their dream (in which they always wanted to play the dominant part) of a united Europe, which now comes out as a future nightmare to democracies in their neighbor countries ) & the voices of the actors speak german, the Germans never were vikings & never ruled this trading town untill after 1864, having for the second time maliciously assaulted Denmark, and won. The germans are afraid, that the folks of this area may grasp the fact , that apart from those present-day settlers, that were refugees from prussia at the end of ww2,  they are of Scandinavian origin, so they biased the place names, for example Haithabu, which is Haitabyir, or in present day's tongue Hedeby. Haitabu is in correct grammar the DATIV casus of Haithabyir, and the word Haithabu was taken from the Danish runic-stone, – found in the vicinity of Hedeby, – on which Danish king Svend Forkbeard had  carve an epitaph over one of his good men, Skarde, "who found his death in the West, when "men sat around Haithabu."" (-meaning of this is that King Svend was laying a siege on Hedeby, it had for some time been occupied by Swedes, (an interesting  thing is that, this occupation had consequences for the old south jutlandian tongue, this phenomena has not yet been fully cleared how and why). This german habit of biasing facts, is, as usual, utterly ridiculous. Thus  the Germans ornament themselves with "borrowed feathers."

  8. They were the ultimate barbarians. How can you say they are the founders of Europe-laugh the fuck outloud!!!!

  9. Vikings didn't do shit for developing Europe, except for raping and massacring Englishman. Why are they even mentioned here?

  10. the norse swords WERE very often much better than English. in Scandinavia we developed high carbon steel through bonesmithing before the Mainland Europeans and English, who had to settle With brittle medieval steel

  11. Tamara Flora says:

    wow (pulling plug)

  12. Oh boy… I live in Venice.. i consider myself as a Venetian. I have nothing to do with Italy even though Venice is in Italy..My ancestors are the Venetians.. not the romans..

  13. wtf? vikings were too primitive to do anything xD i see this is a nordicism video so pathetic.

  14. Shiiiiiit THEY LIED TO US!!! Vikings founded Europe, ofcourse they did. Fuck illyrians being most known pirates in the history, fuck greek logic, fuck roman warfare, fuck celtic ppl that dominated almost whole Europe back in the day…. Illyrians lasted like 3000+ years, greeks lasted… Dont remember greeks going down in history, maybe vikings ate them. The city of Rome lasted… GDI im getting old, memory of mine is gone.
    Oh i remember Rome is still there, must be under viking rule…
    Too damn bad vikings only lasted 500 years, give or take and they did not left much after them either. Why is that!? Maybe because vikings converted at first sign of trouble back home and destroyed their whole culture…
     Oh shit, they are fucking doing it again, destroying their culture at first sign of trouble back home!!!
    Guess what old vikings lasted 500 years give or take, guess how long Sweden has been around?
    PS. (This is not joke what im about to say) Im not sure if it was in 1700`s or 1800`s it was at the peak of swedish dominance in north Europe when they claimed that THEY were the one who taught greeks to write and read.

  15. Xaxim11 says:

    grande forza magica Europa

  16. Doomsday says:

    Poor production. Lots of facts that are wrong or left out.

  17. i would have wanted the ancient romans had conquested SCANDINAVIA and not my region  VENETO and VENICE I have nothing to do with Rome…I don't want to be connect with bloody and brutal people as the ancient romans. I  think that the ancient romans  and Vikings were the worst thing could happen in Europe..ANCIENT ROMANS AND VIKING  -FROM SOME POINTS OF VIEW –  WERE EQUAL… Bloody warrriors with no respect for human being…

  18. Doug Keen says:

    C'mon! The guy was speaking German, not Norwegian!

  19. Doug Keen says:

    Idioten! Sie wem deise bloede video machten. I can't watch anymore of this garbage! The Vikings weren't Germans!