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  1. Shouldn't a PAKU president apologize for a brutality of Korean Army of the Vietnam War? The one of the Korean Army your father led. As a leader of a country

  2. Quỳnh Lê says:

    not 1.3M
    it is 3M vietnamese died

  3. Mari Paul says:

    The vietamese people won the war against the americans and because of this the also won extreme poverty for at least 100 years. With the americans they could have been just like South Koreea, rich civilized and a regional economic powerhouse. Stupid vietnamese !

  4. Mari Paul says:

    Stupid vietnamese they fought to win extreme poverty for at least 100 years instead of accepting the americans and becoming wealthy, civilized and an economic regional powerhouse just like South Koreea.

  5. Ole Fella says:

    Chicken Bombings that slaughtered 5 millions innocent civilians in Indochina!
    Google 'Long-LiveIndochina/WorldAffairs/ChinaDailyForum'.

  6. Bruce Fultz says:

    You all sit around and argue about who won the war.

  7. Fuck you Ho Chi Minh.Communism dog.

  8. MUM! says:

    The US paid for most of the support but changed there mind and decided not to help the French at Dien Bien Phu, haha.

  9. Flaring says:

    All the idiots here arguing about communism and democracy have no idea about the roots of communism and why Vietnam became a communist country. They asked the USA for help when the French rolled their asses in, but the USA declined to help; so they asked Russia and China. Unlike the USA, at least the communist countries treated Vietnam like a brother and provided weapons.

  10. huyền thu says:

    this is Vietnamese

  11. 飞鸿胡 says:

    Communist or democracy ? 😞 independent or dependent? 😞 hard to choose in cold war era. All of them seem evil 😞.

  12. farmertoad75 says:

    I don't believe anything in this world theater of lies.

  13. zainal bidin says:

    America has been defeated again and again. America educates it's children only in victories.
    Two major defeats American education will never tell their fucking american about is probably the War of 1812 (started by America, lost by America) and more famously the Vietnam War (defended by America, ended up with used lots of napalm bomb and dead civilians, lost by America).

    Americans don't realise they're imperialist and just have different methods than the old European empires.

    American are proud in their cowards.

  14. jena gates says:

    Bulls-t the whole thing could have been avoided…The US knew it and as usual the "blind hawks" started trouble with the wrong people… The French didn't learn a thing from the Maginot Line.

  15. Tom Chittum says:

    Below are excerpts from my book about my 18 months in the 173rd Airborne Brigade including my year in Vietnam. At present it’s only available in kindle form. Physical books should be available in the Spring of 2017.
    Link here to go to Amazon and buy The White Duds the Whole Shocking Story.

    Chitsey was a model soldier and aspiring chaplain’s assistant. By computer error he was assigned to the “Bum Barracks” a disciplinary platoon of alcoholics, bar brawlers, carjackers, deserters, dragon chasers, drug dealers, fraggers, gamblers, junkies, malingerers, murderers, pill poppers, potheads, thieves and stockade bums:
    The infamous White Duds of the 173rd. Airborne Brigade in Vietnam
    Although sometimes taken aback by the frisky shenanigans of his White Dud buddies Chitsey went on to win over 100 gongs for bravery, was twice combat promoted and hideously wounded.  Before they were machine gunned to dog meat chunks or marched off to the stockade the WDs made military history … that was fortunately never recorded … until now. This is not just another blood and guts and dope orgy from Vietnam – Chitsey had many religious visions which he shares. Chitsey was reborn as Sir Pius the Reaper – a knight errant oath bound to restore moral order and purge by sword and fire a heretic-infested world suffocating on salacious depravity.
    Be advised that this tour of duty is not for Bleeding Hearts and similar wussies who are forever getting their panties in a twist.
    Copyright 2016 by Thomas W. Chittum
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    The "Sorry 'Bout That" Taking Ears Gong
    The Acey Duecy Wild Bill Hickock Gong, Second Class
    The Almost Blown to Hell by Your Own Pot-Head Booby Traps Gong.
    The Article 15 Bad Conduct Gong
    The Artillery Walk Gong
    The Ass Kisser Gong, First Class
    The AWOL Gong
    The B-52 Shaking the Ground Like Jello Gong
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    The Barfing in Combat Gong
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    The Cherry Gong
    The Combat Promoted Useless Piece of Shit Gong
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    The Faking Sick Call SLLBCC Gong
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    Starring Chitsey – the International Man of Action who Laughs in the Face of Death and his band of teenage misfits. They are all trained parachutists, including Crazy Ed’s Monkey, so they can go anywhere. Moreover, the US Army will be more than happy to get rid of them so just wire the location of your favorite super villain's headquarters and they’ll be there faster than pizza.

  16. Jaden Trac says:

    i live in vietnam

  17. Just for the record, I would like to say that American Soldiers never lost the war in Vietnam, As a matter of FACT , We the soldiers kicked their buts, Politics Lost the war , WE WON THE BATTLES !

  18. QCT GT says:

    Tôi luôn tự hào về đất nước Việt Nam của tôi

  19. sdvvs eezfs says:

    The peace in Korea , obtain by eisenhower by nukes pressure shows everyone that asymetric warfare can't be won

  20. Well well well, not a very good story for the French as they were fucked in the azz for the first time by the vietming mutherfokkers.

  21. Good Canal Respect America,My italian,My Grandad Origin American,He and Afghanistan,Respect,Respect =-O

  22. Grey Fox says:

    every war is about intenthion to expend your economical influence in the region. Whole free europe was build by raping smallest colonies in africa and asia. It is always imperial wars. Communism was a solution for everything and for everyone who just get up from their knees. And only because of these real wars and economical war after real wars – make seems that all communist are retard. and whole idea is fucked up… and that's not about the idea. it's about imperial and commi world cannot have common market to imperialist to trade…

  23. u cannot win a battle which is supported by majority of the people like vietnam war , a heroic action of people of vietnam. a big salute from the philippines

  24. Five Roses says:

    Why did American soldiers have to fight in Asia ??
    This is the so-called proxy war. After all, they learned a waste of labor with a huge price.

  25. Huy Nguyen says:

    Fuck USA and accomplices

  26. I have no sympathy for the French in that battle.  It is funny when after WWII the French were trying to "reclaim" their colonies when the entire France almost became a German colony in that war. When the leaders of a country become that stupid and arrogant, all they would face would be a total DEFEAT. as the French did.

  27. Tuan Lam says:

    i read comment, and it fucking happy =D

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