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  1. teecuzbruh says:

    history is not treating the whole Vietnam debacle kindly, what with great society commie bs taking root at home while so called fighting communism on foreign lands that posed no threat to the continental us.

  2. 15:30 why are people whooing on patrol ? it sounds it there are at a swimming pool rather than a rice paddy. Try watch it, Its weird editing I guess

  3. bandwagon22 says:

    The study made by Charles Hirschman, Samuel Preston and Vu Manh Loi based on demographics of Vietnamese people suggest that just 960 000 (+/- ~100 000) Vietnamese people actually deceased because the war in 1965-75. Some 600 000 – 650 000 were military persons of different armed forces. The American claim that they killed some one million enemy soldiers is nonsense. NVA/NLF lost little bit over 400 000 soldiers, not all in combat and majority against Saigon forces, not against US forces.

  4. bandwagon22 says:

    Americans had maximum 540 000 soldiers in Vietnam (1969). Just about 70 000 were combatants and of them just 40 000 were in field at risk and seeking contact with the enemy. Some 85-90% of American soldiers were more or less just rear area pigs.

  5. Tank Bomb says:

    easy for you to sat when you didn't witness it Americans were against the Vietnam war so the vets who came back got treated badly

  6. seriall1337 says:

    Is that michael c hall narrating? Pretty cool :)

  7. Both gulf of Tonkin attacks were fake excuses to enter the Vietnam war. It was not a war between democracy and communism before the US intervened, as the South wanted to impose a fascist dictatorship. Also, South Vietnam killed thousands of Buddhists because they were such strict Catholics (at least the government were)

  8. Yue Lu says:

    what did we learn from this war?

  9. jim says:

    As long as the fat cats made a lot of money, then the good people who went over there believing they were doing something worthwhile did not die in vain. Everything for the elite! We are their stooges, their puppets, their cannon fodder. But if we just woke up and resisted, said we weren't going to go kill other people for no reason beside corporate greed and elitist profits, then they couldn't do this corrupt, immoral and illegal stuff, because they wouldn't have the ignorant minions to do their dirty work for them.

  10. why Hmong i'm Hmong the united stats need help Hmong and 100'000 peaple i'm lous died only the Hmong died and solder died

  11. Atomic Bom says:

    usa army useless

  12. which is the song on 29 second

  13. ATC 1 says:

    aaaand they lost…..

  14. I'm from Russia, and our anti-aircraft systems S 75 shot down your aircraft 12000

  15. sad us veterans are so poorly treated in canada they are treated like gold

  16. Truc Truong says:

    I know about the Vietnam war and I know like Really know

  17. chiba says:

    if Charlie doesnt have support weapon from Sovyet. Vietnam Would be taken in minute.

  18. this is every single
    flashback i had

  19. PROF DE PROF says:

    where did the sound go on 39:55

  20. I realize that I'm Vietnamese and most of these people here are a,erican.
    You know America where the people who started the war.

  21. Vance Conner says:

    this shit is bias

  22. Zafnun Faiz says:

    loser..defeat by farmer with ak47

  23. the troops were brave and honorable they did a great job over there I blame the stupid politicians and stupid generals if I was in charge of this War I guarantee you I would have crushed North Vietnam in 3 year's with minimal casualties in our side and I don't need 10 years but that's what happens when you put stupid leadership so God bless the troops you guys are heroes fantastic job brothers and for the Record the Viet Cong were straight up pussies they used to think like little girls hiding in little holes shooting and running away is really frustrating to me because I know I can crush them

  24. Ander Ander says:

    comunist are the best fighters in the world, they give everything they got, and when they are done, they give even more….

  25. Snarby says:

    Holy shit, dude!

  26. Honkey Kong says:

    Is there any part 2?

  27. My papa was in this war

  28. HighAZHell says:

    This war is rooted in French investments in South Vietnam, particularly Michelin Rubber Co. Labor camps became known as slave camps, protests became revolts and eventually war.

  29. fake war fake media real Jews!

  30. Rob 7 says:

    fuking crazy wish america never got involved in this war. but hey we don't like communist i guess.

  31. Jesus Christ. it's so hard to watch this knowing that these men had to endure all the terrible thing they saw, and hoping this ain't worth fighting any more wars. I get the idea of fighting for a cause, but can't we have level heads and talk this shit out before we bust a cap in someone's ass?

  32. Jon Doe says:

    fake, never happened.

  33. Keith Moon says:

    We now know that USS Maddox was never attacked. It was a load of political BS

  34. Charlie Bunn says:

    The Americans should have never been there they gotta stick there nose into everything

  35. Charlie Bunn says:

    The Americans got lots of muscle but no brain that's why they lost that war

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