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  1. Is it a hoax? Is this british english? This video is not from BBC. It´s a documentary of American Experience.

  2. Because of Ho Chin Minh, the America could not achieve the goal in Indochina lao.P.R.D, Vietnam and Cambodia.

  3. Do Muoi says:

    The viet minh and anti-French claimed that Vietnamese need to rise up against colonism that imposed so high taxes at a total 3 5 which is unbearable. Look at what we happily pay now these days everywhere in the world, particularly in the US. LOL.

  4. Do Muoi says:

    No wonder the vc won. They were so active. These freaking Vietnamese oversea these days are well fed fat and have been waiting for other ppl to do the hard work of liberating VN from vc 's ahnds so they they can rip the ultimate benefits.

  5. kurokumapu says:

    The world must know the right history.Wars will occur again until the true cause show repentance.JP fought only for defence against US and China and Russia,had been the greatest liberator of asia before the defeat.There was a war of justice
    JP seized Manchuria,which was no-mans land, to protect KOR and Manchuria from Russian communism.In 2nd Sino-JP war,China shot and surrounded first and killed 10 thousands of JP stationing soldiers,and JP fought back to Nanking.They never stopped fighting and utilized JP for their civil war.They shot and escaped,murdering their people.They always exaggerate everything and actually 'massacres' were almost none by JP.Only JP governed areas were peaceful.That is the asia.JP had to continue to prevent communism in China ,had no request for territories,not even request for compensation before the Shanghai incident.People never tell truth outside of JP.JP was almost only independent nation of colored people,almost only asian area being independent.Almost all the world was enslaved by the West and the other areas including China were threatened by the West.
    Unit 731 has only some testimonies of brainwashed JP soldiers.No evidence was found in papers opened in US in 21st century.Nanking has only some testimonies from westerners about estimated some thousands of executions of guerrillas and some incidents cases,almost by hearsay.In the small city,short duration,they suggest only 'no Nanking'.It was made up to draw US into the war,and to hide US's huge warcrimes.JP had the lowest rape ratio.fought against only militaries,cleanest fighter of WW2.Watch: AMERICAN WITNESSED THE NANJING “MASSACRE”  US president needed to provoke JP for the aim of getting into the european war.He tortured JP into the Pacific war with no-end talkless embargo,for their hegemony over the Pacific,for the war against GER.We fought deadly defence with our 3million death,encouraged,liberated whole Asia from western slavery,in applause.US did ultimately dirty fight and murdered a milion JP civils. watch'Endangered Japan (Book 3): '
    'Japan Liberated Asia from Euro-American Colonizers'
    'A Japanese Holocaust Rescuer'  
    JP only wish was a draw and survival.Why no topic of Hull Note on Wikipedia?This can be the benchmark of US's fairness.  
    KOR are total liers.They had voting rights,Diet members.From KOR and Taiwan many people voluntiered to JP army and only 1/50 were used.Death rate was only 1/3 than JP.Many generals and diet members were from KOR.That was the mildest govern of the world.'Sex slaves' were made up later on '90s.JP extereme lefty invented it and later acknowledged it as fakes.We cannot teach fakes in history.KOR gov. is brainwashing the people,but old peoples are pro-JP.US only blame others,never repent their crimes.
    TW and Manchuria are pro-JP now,even under CCP brainwash.KOR is only mad,as usual.Chinese CCP is brainwashing their people,to maintain their evil govern.They need enemies to divert peopoles anger.JP 'colonies' developped much.Taiwan and KOR are now highly industrial countries,Manchuria had been for long a industrial center of China and helped them much.Over a milion/yr Chinese rushed into Manchuria for their prosperities.Manchuria blocked Russian communism and after WW2 Korea was separated from JP protection and thrown into Korean war.Instead of JP,MacArthur could protect not all KOR,even having nukes.US wanted to fight in Vietnam to prevent communism against China and Russia,which JP had been doing,and killed millions of people.
    On Baatan,MacArthur left too many of his dying soldiers with their trucks being burned,in Maralias.JP tried to help them but failed.Sorry it was not a picnic.JP soldiers died 2 milion almost with huger anywhere asia.Only POWs couldn't have good conditions.US killed almost all surrendering JP soldiers.Having some effort to keep POWs and mistreat them is better than kill them all.They burned a million civilians alive,shot school children from the planes.US ill-treated JP POWs in Phillipines,killed exactlly 20 thousands of them AFTER the war.They were never in the hardships JP experienced,and did it only for revenge.We never do such meaningless act.US was the biggest killer to PH in 20th century,but they promised independence and JP would be seemed as obstacle.Other Asian countries are not so anti-JP,many leaders are thankful for JP contribution for indipendence.
    'Allies' re-invaded asia only for slavery,and killed millions of people.Many former JP soldiers fought with the asians for their independence and died.China wasfallen into comunism after JP defeat.US killed millions of natives,600,000 Filipinos,Many Hawaiians.JP did nothing wrong and every country has natural rights to mourn the soldiers who defended the countries.War is not a crime.GER is only apologizing for the horible war crimes in the war,not for the war itself.Additionally they seem to have had no urgent reason for the war.They conducted the war declaring world conquest.JP was the cleanest army of the WW2 and the war aim was only to defend our country.JP only fought back against China and the Allies against unlawful aggressions and JP act was praised by almost all asian countries.'Class A criminals' were executed in kangaroo courts only for 'conducting the war'.That cannot be a crime.If so,almost all national leaders should have been hanged.No US presidents has been hanged because they always won.Even after horible warcrimes of nukes and airraids on many asian countries and JP.

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