Vietnam in HD Ep.02 : Search & Destroy | Full Documentary 2015 of History Channel

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24 Responses

  1. onitada says:

    American propaganda movie. So glad they tried to save Vietnam from themselves. How many Vietnamese died for every American trying to stop Communism.

  2. xgg249 says:

    Jesus could this narration be any slower.

  3. dowaditti do says:

    I love our military
    I did not serve…my lottery number did not come up in 1971 I have a feeling I will see combat against this corrupt government
    Go to HELL Congress…and GOD BLESS Donald Trump!!!!!!

  4. Absolute dogshit quality video. Why did you bother posting this, you pitiful cunt loser moron mother fucker?

  5. cripplehawk says:

    "The Great Society was my beautiful lady and Vietnam was that ugly bitch."
    President Lyndon Johnson

  6. Gary Hicks says:

    Trump get the shit over with, Get the shit out of the white house. 1960 to date no end, just dead American men and women, No peace or end to there wars., Trump better change. The Clinton, Bush clan love your dead kids. Trump

  7. BP SHARMA says:

    continuing with the same mistake in different theaters of war over decades have increased profit for oil and armament manufactures and their cronies in govt, rest others are expendables.

  8. First Last says:

    seems like Arthur Manson doesn't understand that Vietnam was a few decades back

  9. * Read the short booklet or watch the video on YouTube: War Is a Racket
    It is the title of two works, a speech and a 1935 short book, by USMC General Smedley D. Butler, (a retired United States Marine Corps Major General and two-time Medal of Honor recipient).

  10. If that conflict started today 10/17/2016 it would be a completely different story. We have learned a lot over the years. America is a very young country, the youngest on the planet. We are doing pretty well actually. We still have some things to learn, some growing pains, but have fighting down to a science. If I am walking down the street and see someone attack another human that is vulnerable I react and stop it. That is what the U.S. military's response is. Don't fuck with anyone and you won't get fucked with it is plain and simple. Mind your fucking manners.

  11. ummglick says:

    the mainstream media and governments still lying to YOU

  12. Play at 1.25. This video is freaking me out a lil bit, because the narrator's voice is very similar to mine.

  13. James Robert says:

    It's what happens when you let a bunch of eggheaded Ivy Leaguers run a war. They figured it like an equation, fire so many bullets, with x amount of bodies compared to casualties and it would equal victory. Should have let the military do it's thing-without hindering them with political red tape. Not sure if taking territory would have mattered because most of the population supported Ho Chi Minh.
    My Dad lucked out-he was drafted in '66 right out of high school and trained for artillery. Last minute, USAE had a shortage of engineers so he was sent to Germany instead with the 8th Division/12th Engineers. Brought my mom back with him.

  14. Larry Monske says:

    in 1972 Nixon was the last President to have a balanced budget after 10 years of war. Every President and congress since then has raped the treasury of the united states for 20 trillion dollars. That is a train of cars 55 cars long. Someone authorized this and bankers made money moving it and everyone that touched this money stole some. Why do they get away with that the whole of congress should be fired and jailed for their part in the rape.

  15. фильм о военных преступлениях сша, продолжайте в том же духе и получите что заслужили!

  16. Theo Tran says:

    North or South Vietnam?: comment

  17. So sick of everyone talking crap about Vietnam vets. The guys who fought this war weren't fighting for a cretian cause, they were answering the call of duty in a time were burning draft cards was cool. Have some respect for the boys who gave their life's fighting to keep there fellow soldiers alive. Tho, you may not agree with what the conflict was about, be thankful that we had men brave enough to fight for one another.

  18. ''went to war to fight people that were putting other human being in hovens'' LOOOL YOU IDIOT!

  19. why do we kill each other for what

  20. samrockw22 says:

    the guns sound a bit like a war ensemble… like comment if you get it

  21. JC Denton says:

    I hate all the anti-American sentiment in the comments. I am against inteventionalism as well, and I'm not even American, but if you think America is "evil" then you have obviously been brainwashed by far left garbage. Just admit you have a disdain for America, at least you look more honest. Without America and it's allies (Canada, EU, UK, etc) the world would be nothing but one big government hell hole.

  22. kawika dav says:

    This was a very tough war, the U.S lost this war.

  23. "Two-step snake"? Doesn't exist. Nor does 100% humidity most of the time…

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