Vietnam in HD E04 An Endless War (1968-1969) 720P HD

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  1. 444suse says:

    I guess the bigger myth is the claim of 3-4 million Vietnamese killed because the war. In fact during 1965-75 just somewhere between 886 000 and 1 068 000 Vietnamese civilians or soldiers of all different armies lost their lives. Some 35% of victims were civilians ( 350 000) while some 600 000 – 650 000 were in military service. It's more realistic to suggest that some 400 000 – 450 000 NVA/NLF soldiers lost their lives, not all in combat and majority when fighting against Saigon forces.

  2. polly flower says:

    Can't believe that idiot didn't take his stripes off after being warned.

  3. Edward Stein says:

    Does anyone know the name of the heavy metal music that is playing at 02:48?

  4. I prefer Nazi`s instead of american`s , atleast they said "we gonna take over europe" .. americans say "we gonna get democracy there" , attack someones land , stole their minerals and oil ( like iraq , afghanistan ) then idiot american soldier think they are heroes , 0 respect for American army!

  5. Red Knight says:

    Who was in whose country? The Americans went half way round the world to wage war in Vietnam against a people who were no material or physical threat to the security of the United States or the American people. The Americans were foreign interventionist aggressors in the Vietnam War. The Americans stuck their long fucking nose into a civil war between Vietnamese belligerents. It was the Americans that kept escalating the war from 1965 onwards. It was the Americans that introduced chemical incendiary weapons, such as napalm and white phosphorus, on a huge scale into the war and expended literally millions of tons of high-explosive ordnance in indiscriminate strategic bombing, tactical air strikes, and artillery fire missions, all of which killed millions of Vietnamese civilians, and on top of all that then sprayed Christ knows how many billions of fucking gallons of toxic chemical defoliants which have caused hundreds of thousands of Vietnamese children to be stillborn or born with horrific birth defects. And Americans expect the rest of the fucking world to be sympathetic about a piddling 58,200 dead and 300,000 wounded Americans from the war compared to 3.4 million Vietnamese slaughtered, and Christ knows how many wounded and injured, as well as the southern half of Vietnam and much of the northern half devastated, all because the Americans went to war in Vietnam on a fucking whim and grossly underestimated the enemy they had to fight there. If you think that anyone outside the U.S. has much sympathy for the Americans killed or wounded in the Vietnam War, then you are a complete fucking idiot! The U.S. government sent the cunts there and the U.S. government and the nation it represents must shoulder the blame for what their forces did there. The U.S. deserved to fail in the Vietnam War, and it did! And the fact the United States was defeated in Vietnam still sticks in the guts of many Americans to this day, 41 years after the fall, or Liberation, of Saigon to the North Vietnamese. Many Americans have never got over the Vietnam War. Every American Vietnam vet that wipes himself out as an alcoholic or a narcotics addict or a shotgun-in-the-mouth suicide is a post-war victory for Vietnam and the Vietnamese people. That's fucking justice!

  6. Dude Arino says:

    What a powerful Doc.

  7. Dustin Ivey says:

    May god bless everyone of these men and women that served bravely in that hell on earth.. They were the best of their generation.. Heroes in every sense of the word!

  8. my dad was is Vietnam got three purple hearts us government did not do shit for him e6 mp,

  9. I'm sick of acid dropping protesters get off your ass and go fight for your own freedom u want to call them baby killers I don't support war and fuck the government yes Donald punk ass trump about to be are president go figer

  10. Planters says:

    Brainless bloodshed. This war was unnecessary, but america loves getting into other countries business. Always has. I respect those who served, but it was truly pointless.

  11. D Wetick says:

    We were on the wrong side in this one…

  12. I hate hippies they want to save the earth but all they do is smoke pot and smell bad.

  13. Watch from the 39 minute mark on to see Hillary's and the Democrats' disgraceful "base" in action. Liberals are worse than cancer….

  14. wal man says:

    History shows that if an invading force cannot hold onto captured territory, they cannot hope to win.

  15. norcali26 says:

    my moms husband went to vietnam in jan of 67 and he died in battle may67.

  16. These guy's… just kids so awesome

  17. Alan Young says:

    19:14 That Marine looks straight out of World War II.

  18. Loas Ceu says:

    its not "AMERICA" nor "americans." Its USA. pl rethink the way you address yourselves. Thank you. The World.

  19. K Money says:

    And with conflicts like this is the reason why I don't like big central banks

  20. So hard to watch… I was bitching about being our of coffee creamer this morning… man, I can't imagine what they went thru

  21. frankdrebin says:

    40:14 Absolutely unforgivable how these men were treated. Vietnam vets didn't choose what war they were sent to fight. Our democratically elected leadership made that determination. These same idiots exist today. They're Infants who exist only on the periphery of anything that requires sacrifice, loyalty, or risk, always by others. While they sit on the sidelines at some university and whine calling it "courage". Children who must be tolerated, and protected from their own willful ignorance by better men and women.

  22. Vee Vee says:

    Anybody against the Vietnam war is a utopia dreaming monkey. Stupid hippies forget all of Eastern Europe was getting enveloped in communism and all Asia was ussr next target, hippies love kennedy but forget in his inagural he said "America will help and friend , fight any foe, in the pursuit of the freedom of man" .. AMERICA , had to prove to ussr and asia we were willing to go all in, risk lives, to stop the spread of the red menace in order to deter other countries from even thinking about it. THE GOAL WAS WINNING SOUTH VIETNAM CONTROL, but the real win was symbolic, America will fight the spread of communism .. HIPPIES HATE ADMITTING RICHARD NIXON WAS THE REAL HERO, by opening relations with China , he tipped the balance of power in the world back to neutrality, hence ending the red scare and red menace.

  23. adan parra says:

    My uncle bob was shot in a neck in and got transplant with a black guy butt it was GAY

  24. Took 3 years for us to win WW2 yet we been in Vietnam for 14 years and lost hmm… That doesn't add up, Perhaps we we're never meant to win in Vietnam.

  25. god bless every one that fought, was hurt and died severing our country

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