Vietnam in HD E01 The Beginning (1964-1965)

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  1. kawika dav says:

    That one guy got some bullets from a rotting soldier's dead body with flies all over it.

  2. achmeineye says:

    I keep expecting the narrator to start talking about Harry's Code.

  3. I watched the tale end of Vietnam( 71 through 73 ), on TV, with my a father, a WW2, vet.

  4. My friend send this too me to make fun of me, that's a crime right?

  5. What a waste of human life, on a war created by a single lie.

  6. Decent Folks says:

    what's that song called it's like No place to run

  7. Ian Vannier says:

    My Great Uncle has some terrible memories that he can still not forget to this day.

  8. Yagya Rai says:

    Vietnam was a waste of American lives as well as the lives of innocent civilians. Did it mean anything in the end? Nope, just a humiliation of the US in the cauldron of Chinese might. Afghanistan probably ended in the same manner and now the Middle Eastern mess seems to be getting even messier………………

  9. I'm a proud American and I think we were in the wrong for this war… You can be patriotic and still admit your country makes mistakes people. HUGE mistakes in fact. I'm proud to be American because we have POTENTIAL to transcend these mistakes. We have the power to do amazing things in this world. We will NEVER do that if we don't admit where we are wrong and where we can improve.

  10. tam ho says:

    The biggest mistake of the American government and their secret puppet masters, the mega corporations who financially supported and controlled them behind the scene is killing South Vietnam president Diem and overthrowing his government. That is their fatal and unforgivable fault.

  11. strange to hear that actor tell that me, there are scenes of a graphic nature…

  12. United states of america fights to bring peace and order to the world…but it seems that every time america try to do something good there is always someone  telling a lie to make everyone to believe that americans are responsible for all the bad things that is happening

  13. Universe says:

    Is all of the footage in here authentic, or is there some reenactment?

  14. Audi Man says:

    Is that Dexter?

  15. Outlaw Pulls says:

    I hate how people called soldiers back in the 60's and 70's "Baby killers' but those soldiers were trained to kill the enemy. Those soldiers didn't who was the enemy and they don't know if a teen is hiding a gun behind them or even a whole military group. Even today it's the same thing except a soldier dosen't if the kid is a suicide bomber or not.

  16. YUNG PH3NO says:

    What's the name of the music at 18:13 it really sounds familiar but I can't find it anywhere

  17. Mark Beaudry says:

    President Eisenhower warned the American people about the Military Industrial Complex and the Vietnam War epitomized that warning.

  18. Derek Short says:

    I was in Nam. Jesus christ was it a time

  19. –=at d FINAL North Vietnamese VICTORY Pak off U.S looozerrr–=

  20. diman75 says:

    Attention uninformed Americans!!! Communism and democracy are not mutually exclusive, regardless of what your beloved government might have led you to believe.

  21. diman75 says:

    Ultimate American arrogance – referring to North Vietnamese fighters as aggressors.

  22. A serial killer actor narrating on a serial killer nation.

  23. What's the music used in this video? The Two Steps From Hell stuff.

  24. Keyser Soze says:

    And yet the same generation from this time, led us into an almost exact same clusterfuck situation in Iraq decades later. "Those who fail to accept history are doomed to repeat it", you better believe it. War should always be the very last resort, you should have a gameplan and endgame in place, provide the material/manpower needed to make it happen quickly, and KNOW THY ENEMY. If you can't guarantee any of these off the bat, then put your fucking guns back in the locker

  25. Keyser Soze says:

    The second you underestimate your enemy, you've already lost

  26. capnhands says:

    Our progress was measured in the amount of enemy personal killed instead of territory taken. Hill 937 or "Hamburger Hill" was an example, after 10 days of heavy fighting and casualties we took the hill but we later left it abandoned and the VC soon took back the hill without firing a shot.

  27. War should be a matter of absolute last resort NE

  28. av63pnt0 says:

    The into to this documentary is well done

  29. 28.30.. That looks in his eyes.. Makes me sick. Incredible documentary

  30. Nothin said about the backround, nor about the 10-year Indochina war that ended with the French defeat at Dien Bien Phu.

  31. marlist says:

    As a tot, remember more troops keep going! Mom would say..Why are we in this?! Then the Draft, MIA, POWs. On the news ea night.

  32. Long live the brave Vietnamese!

  33. Bold Bandit says:

    God Bless all who have served. 3rd Battalion 69 armour Ft. Stweart Ga. 97-00. Speed and Power! Hooah!

  34. capitalists are so misguided on communism, communism is providing and sharing what people need with no poor people no average no rich, in actual fact no country has ever gone close to communism, countries like the ussr or china are actually more like socialist dictatorships, please stop hating on communism, its not even bad, socialism is the thing we must destroy, P.S. never hate on anything you dont know about, there has never been a proper communist country, all just socialist dictatorships, leninism, stalinism, democratic socialist, i hope you got informed, hopefully a proper communist country will arise, and there wont be a need for money everyone will have what they want, i am australian and follow democratic parties,i am not a russian socialist

  35. Fuck USA. I'm glad the guy died just days after the birth of his son

  36. Heliux15 says:

    I thought "Vietnam A Television History" did a better job with the history than this series. Its worth checking out, definitely more comprehensive. This hardly is the start of the war. Makes the states look reactionary as oppose to escalating and instigating the war. (please read the history before leaving a snarky comment; pre-Tonkin/post pentagon papers) Hasn't mentioned French colonialism, or Diem at all. The footage seems pretty clear, makes me wonder if any of it was staged as a reenactment for this production, (common with this type of film) or from different battles just shots fitting in with the narrative. the sound over the top is definitely cut in a studio with foley. The 3D battle breakdowns are interesting, but it would be more clear to see the standard for unit tactics broken down as oppose to the production team's graphics. Overall, gets the point across well enough; war is hell.

  37. American enter a war that miscalculation..they not even to figure out that how to survive in the middle of the jungle.. they should hired a tarzans soldier.

  38. Aaron Clark says:

    I had uncle who went to Vietnam did his mission and stuff, what he needed do over there and they told him he come home for good then they told him he got go back do another mission, that when he got hit and kill he was only 18 year old and there guy who live in Ohio, he says at night battle still goes on in his head and then seeing my uncle face putting him on helicopter then when he wake up every morning he see my uncle blood on his hands.

  39. Michael Hall (6 Feet Under) narrating. How appropriate.

  40. a war that we got nothing from a war were all we got was death kids. we could be proud but know that was a stupid war. just like iraq and Afghanistan. sores kids could've been doctors scientist.

  41. Jerry Daniel says:

    Was surprised they reference the Gulf of Tomken incident which is what gave the US reason to go there in the first place, in 2005 documents declassified proved that this NEVER happened and it was a false flag

  42. Loas Ceu says:

    its not "AMERICA" nor "americans." Its USA. pl rethink the way you address yourselves. Thank you. The World.

  43. This video is 43 minutes of bullshit!


  45. Ashy Husky says:

    What was the penalty for not going to basic if Drafted?

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