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  1. yes it has because GHOSTS DON'T REALLY EXIST….

  2. I just find it hard to believe all these so called paranormal groups see so called ghosts and hear them all the time. Have you not heard that we move on when we die, to a better place.

  3. do the axe murder house. i forgot what the citys name is but i think it ends with an "illa" or something.

  4. Thick southern accent- "My wife ??? cries in the shed"

  5. Dean Noble says:

    Great video. Thanks for uploading.

  6. Bill Wendell says:

    I am a believer but u guys r so fake

  7. daphne puple says:

    Great video, I really hope you do more investigations.

  8. Well done, I just happened across your clips.. excellent work. I have subscribed and will be watching for more great clips.. G'day from Australia..

  9. 1289dude says:

    To me that EVP sounded like.  "I'm gonna walk behind you, cry in the shed."

  10. AARON LASKEY says:

    Its about time we got some good lookin females in this field. Lol Erica you got it goin on ;-)

  11. kenella74 says:

    im really enjoying watching what evidence your getting, keep up the good work i think your doing a fantastic job you have got me glued well done.

  12. kenella74 says:

    cant wait to watch part 2

  13. I really enjoyed this your doing a fantastic job keep it up, of all the paranormal videos iv watched recently I have to say I enjoyed this the most. 

  14. Heidi Dalton says:

    I really like paranormal videos. Although you had some very interesting material, I found this video to be a bit boring. I like to watch as the camera rolls, to me, it makes the footage a lot more exciting to watch.
    Don't get me wrong, I do like your videos, they just didn't hold my attention the way I like them to.


  15. hand holding the camera and you are fat(with respect) is a bad idea! your hart and breath and hands all over powers all sounds…please use a tri pod

  16. azraelpariah says:

    If I were a ghost I'd probably get annoyed some dude keeps telling me to make sounds. Don't tell me what to do, this is my house.

  17. What fuckin idiots! "" Do you like me?… you love me?? Awww I like you too!"" You act like a bunch of 7 year olds around a fire for the first time alone. I could only handle so much before I had to turn this shit off! WOW

  18. Ignore the trolls. In fact fuck them. You guys are doing great job. Keep it up. Cheers

  19. GentileJedi says:

    Awww, you guys are cute. 

  20. I think you should have brightened the picture of a person on stage as you just cannot see anybody in the darkness,some may see,but I think the majority will not.

  21. Max Cady says:

    I didn't insulted nobody or such, I'm a skeptic and during the last 6 moths or so I've left behind many questions which are yet to be answered. It seems to me that rather than "criticism" you take into account only stupid arguments giving the impression of having answered when you don't. I've asked how come you're ( I mean you "ghost hunters" ) using scientific instruments to measure something that's not measurable by definition. The most common errors within paranormal investigaiton are the following :
    1) Assuming that no specialized knowledge or expertise is needed to effectively investigate ghosts.
    2) Failing to consider alternative explanations for anomalous or “unexplained” phenomena.
    3) Considering subjective feelings and emotions as evidence of ghostly encounters.
    4) Using improper and unscientific investigation methods.
    5) Using unproven tools and equipment :
    [..] Many ghost hunters consider themselves scientific if they use high-tech scientific equipment such as Geiger counters, EMF detectors, ion detectors, infrared cameras, sensitive microphones, and so on. Yet for any piece of equipment to be useful, it must have some proven connection to ghosts. For example, if ghosts were known to emit electromagnetic fields, then a device that measures such fields would be useful. If ghosts were known to cause temperature drops, then a sensitive thermometer would be useful. If ghosts were known to emit ions, then a device that measures such ions would be useful.
    The problem is that there is no body of research showing that anything these devices measure has anything to do with ghosts. Until someone can reliably demonstrate that ghosts have certain measurable characteristics, devices that measure those characteristics are irrelevant.[..]
    6) Focusing on the history of a haunted location instead of the specific phenomena reported at it.
    7) Conducting a stakeout or “lockdown.”


  22. Motovader72 says:

    32:02 That was a BURP, not a cough or clearing of a throat. lol

  23. I'm not sure I believe it all, but certainly a good watch nonetheless.

  24. How does anyone get old woman or young woman or anything out of that at 20:15? All I can see is vague areas of light and shadow.

  25. Stevil935 says:

    Don't know what to think of all this, but it's pretty exciting. I lived in an apartment I swear was haunted a few years ago, and have had a fascination with the paranormal ever since. Never used to believe in it. Still don't know what to think, but some of this stuff is really interesting.

    If you guys get another ghost like the indian woman you should ask it some deep questions like "is death anything like life?" or "does everyone become a ghost when they die?" or "are you content with being a ghost?" or some shit like that. I'd be very interested to see what the responses are.

  26. dragon66139 says:

    You guys should come to the UK, there's a lot of locations around that all have activity, I used to live in a bar n some weird things happend in there at night lol 

  27. dragon66139 says:

    I think these guys are legit tbh, if you notice with other paranormal teams everything is all exciting in your face kinda thing these guys aren't they are just chilled n not a lot of things happen, they get the odd EVP here n there, some video footage and pictures, that's about it, so to me these or legit. Keep it up guys :)

  28. This is hands down the best format I have ever seen for a paranormal investigative video. You all seem to take more of a "Fortean" approach to the way in which you validate the various pieces of evidence. It really shows that you put a lot of time and thought into this project, well done. You are showing a very high level of respect by not disclosing all of the locations or putting those effected on the spot by rolling them out in front of the camera. I am genuinely looking forward to watching the second full length video.   

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