US Marines in Combat Mission – Afghanistan War Series 2015 Military Documentary Films

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14 Responses

  1. Seems as though some scenarios were scripted at times.

  2. Nice. Show ends halfway through – it's the same thing twice.

  3. Steven Brown says:

    love the Marines always fathful

  4. Go nzo says:

    Thank you for allowing me to sleep under the blanket of freedom you put your life on the line for and thanking you for your service is an understatement. Thank you.

  5. Will Maa says:


  6. Reese Hummel says:

    What's with this shit… TV shows are always trying to glorify war and make it all seem like some reality series. "It's just day camp with all your buddies and you get to shoot at shit all day long!" …We don't belong in the Middle East. We're supposed to be on our way out, not indoctrinating the next generation to think that war is cool.

  7. Hot Sauce says:

    LOL 4:15 shortest guy but with a big ass gun….

  8. why is there two of the same docuentaries

  9. Alecossy says:

    This documentary is now narrated by Sgt. Foley from CoD MW2.
    (For those without a sense of humor, David did voice-over for both the vg character and this piece of media).

  10. hey assholes you have not defeated the Taliban

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