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  1. Brittannia Moon1 second agoi am robbin
    joys son
    one dayill tell u about light speed space hook the hot wheel track motors on a huge scale is needed to do this but also need a nuclear powered on only way to break light speed thats might make a set back but it will work with some djust ments go mankind gods speed to u all good luck use what u can none of this is copy righted my gift to the world i love so much ill tell more after the next step has been tooken

    Brittannia Moon1 second agoi am robby howard the robby eazy and simple put a gaint hot wheel track motor a big box with a spinnig wheel solor powered put in key locations on the way to moon like a huge hot wheel track for space ships with out the tracks justhe motors wheel solor box like in key areas could put them up there once and never spend money on rocket fuel to the moon again it would be like a train stain lol like the cartoon gaxay exp 999

  2. If you are a puppet scientist, you keep doing your day to day science the standard manners with your head in the ground, narrow minded and following the establish story of humanity, not the real history but the scripted religion inspired with the evolution of the Darwinian principles. If you find something which do not follow the established, imposed spirit of the fairy tale story sponsored and promoted by the cabal, the ultimate rulers of roughly 13 families in the world, you be warned politely to start with by telling you that your finding is a miss placed artifact, that it do not fit in the established knowledge. You abide, shut-up or else. You will be exposed as a crackpot, all the major media will publish articles with slants creating doubt about your discovery, they cant say out right that your findings are not scientifically analysed because they know your findings are real and accurate, they don't want to disturb the story of are history as humanity. They will destroy whomever threaten their scam and if the gimmick is very important, they will kill without thinking twice about it. We live in a very scripted strange world, when you have believed for the last 55 years in a world in front of  your field of view and suddenly you discover the real underneath history of all the civilisations which have lived here 10,000's of years before us and who really runs the world financial market, banking industries, re insurance and most of the natural resource, petroleum included with energies transformation and distribution. If slowly and secretly a very large part of the "scientific", Ph. D's and company would take time to lessen to all those ex-military an civilian pilots, militaries controlling and securing missile silos bases in the States and in Russia. The case od the Japan Airline Boeing 747 Cargo near Ankara Alaska, a 30+ years Commanding Officer, a pilot with 20+ Y of Ex, the radar contact of the FAA civilian airport, the recording of the radio exchanges, radar contact on the military side of the equation plus recording of the radio exchanges. This was a UFO, a real UFO from outer space with at least 2 planes having visual and radar contact, 2 different operational radar equipment plus the tape of the radio conversations exchange. All those videos where you clearly see Bogey, vessels flying at super speed with direction corrections. Like the one of the early shuttle 75ish when a bolide suddenly stops after a flash coming from the bottom, turn 90o right and sped away while a streak of particle fly toward the UFO missing it being to high. So If you ever find something which will disturb the official, the establish story, think twice before publishing. Gather as many as possible to your findings secretly, establish contact by sharing the discovery and allowing others to participate in the sharing of the new knowledge. then , you publish with all the arguments you can musters to support your discovery. Peace and Love to Humanity !

  3. Isn't the lady scientist a little drunk?

  4. isurfu2ube says:

    Why the fuck would we terraform Mars if we should worry more about taking care of our planet not destroying it, and if earth becomes like Mars than we should terraform and heal the earth instead, OR JUST BAN ALL THE CO2 EMISSIONS AND STOP POLLUTING THE PLANET

  5. isurfu2ube says:

    Mars don't have a magnetic field so it won't be possible to terraform Mars since magnetic field is a shield of our planet, so no point trying in
    Was if humans figure out a way to drill to the middle of the Mars core and create a massive automated machine like Magnetic core for planets protective shielding

    the biggest deception of all times nazi germany continue the 3 reich of adolf hitler
    they never capitulated ):

  7. X-ray Devil says:

    Earth is flat. This is BS

  8. About the space drives, i had a friend that during contact with an "ET" with Hypnosis ( believe or not in Hypnosis) But he told that they drive their engines with Helium, i think Heated Helium, in a flexible rubber Chamber, i mean just fill it with Helium no other gas. And then warm it. The Chamber Will expand, and increase size, but the density of the whole chamber will be less, than normal helium, and because universe vacum is not Perfect vacum, it has a residual density, and so it could push the chamber forward… moving it.. Also the Vacum will try to balance the pressure with the rubber chamber, making negative pressure on the chamber dont know more lol.

  9. high there says:

    nonono what you do is place a magnetic field around the person holding that being together and then send the person down the field like sending a single photon or electron down the path way to the other side of the universe

  10. hardwire says:

    see this is why i say religion and science actually go hand in hand (if we could drop our ego for a second) the problem of the paradox of going back in time and you kill your grandfather is solved easy by God determines when we die no one dies till there time so you go back and shoot him well he spends a few weeks in the hospital and then continues on with his life (don't act like you have never seen stories of people living from being shot in the head)

  11. hardwire says:

    rofl now in the not so far off mark of 2015(video published in 2016)

  12. why always posting videos….with diferent names fooling people…. f u

  13. 박대영 says:

    전문가님   마산   합성동   장편한  내과   이놈  강씨  사람  죽이는  대장  약  판매   합니다   055-295-3334  입니다   꼭  연락  주세요   보건소  소장   사촌  입니다   법  안전  함    사람  죽이는   대장  약   판매   함    055-295-3334  입니다   꼭  연락  주세요

  14. LightWatch says:

    Destruction of Earth? Get the aliens out of the White House, and get rid of the destructive Pentagon aliens.

  15. LightWatch says:

    Alien life IS here, it's only the propaganda science that ignores it.

  16. If it weren't for religion… we would have been 1000 yrs advance

  17. Cat Girl says:

    💋 I love it 💋

  18. smb123211 says:

    We are on the cusp of near godlike powers for humanity because for the first time we can actually contemplate what is possible. Gone are the 1950's Big Show with Zerton telling us to "stop its atomic testing" or giant spiders, moths or dinosaurs. Instead we see the possibilities of incredibly powerful AI, robotics, nano, bioengineering, smart materials and increasingly more efficient use of energy.

    No, we won't be transporting to Mars but it won't matter because Mars will be in our living rooms.

  19. Brion Baker says:

    Racist against aliens? Goddamn!

  20. lol use pumerang logic ask how he go and he come back

  21. Fiilis1 says:

    Getting beamed up somewhere, somehow the data would have corruption or error and when u would be beamed to the target, you would have testicles hanging on your chin, that would suck lol

  22. dave smaith says:

    Humans already talking about ways to destroy mars before even getting there…..anyone surprised? "yeah lets spray it with some stuff to warm it up!" The idiocy just doesnt stop.

  23. Ivan says:

    The aliens would be scared to come I mean they would got our news ahead of defeating every previous invasion and having faster then light ships and whole Federation of planets behind us. Maybe they would visit to join, saw it was a scam and pulverize us out of sheer discontent over misleading advertising.

  24. Shree Krishna used this transportation technology in Mohavarat

  25. Check out "apparent horizon". Black holes might not actually exist, says the creator of black hole theory.

  26. People are thinking they could communicate with aliens if those fictional creatures existed, but yet we can't even communicate with species here on Earth.

  27. Beaming is just a copy and paste and deleting the old real consciousness . I would never rip my body atom by atom . Don't trust it

  28. we need to change our lives to fit the universe not the universe to fit us that will never happen maybe lol lets see how nature does it send simple and plant life to the moon and mars see how they struggle and learn more about nature 😈😈😈😈😈😈😨😨😨😉😉😉😉😆😆😆😆

  29. Oz Fresh says:

    this is not from 2016! "the so called Higgs Boson" has been found. Im pissed that I wasted 40 minutes watching something that seems so old.

  30. Eric Taylor says:

    4:10 I think this question is irreverent. The atoms that make up you body are replaced on a regular basis. Most are replaced more regularly than others, but after about 25 years there are no atoms left in your body that were their 25 years before.
    Going farther, a new born baby, before they ever take a breath, is made up almost exclusively of atoms that were once a part of its mother's body. If you are your body, then a new born baby and its mother are the same person. That is silly, CLEARLY they are different people.
    I don't think "you" is your body. Rather "you" are the collection of memories of experiences you have had. The part of you that is you isn't physical, it is nothing but information stored in a brain.
    So if those memories exist in your "original" body, a clone, or a robot you will still be you.

  31. Eric Taylor says:

    9:20 "There's no way for the information to get from one to the other?" Well clearly there is, we just don't know how it's done. Before Relativity an astronomer would have told you, "There is no way for the sun to produce the energy it does for billions of years." This was a problem because geologists had quite a lot of evidence that the Earth was well over 1 billion years old, but astronomers had no way to get the sun to produce the energy it does for more than a few hundred thousand years.

  32. what about compression ? squeezing the info then transporting or sending it. If you can compress an image and expend it on the other side. It may not take as much space.

  33. Let's face the facts! Mars does not have enough mass to maintain a oxygen atmosphere because the less mass means less gravity to hold a oxygen atmosphere,, which is why Mars does not have a oxygen atmosphere now. Then of course, Mars lacks magnetosphere to shield it from the solar wind, that blew away what atmosphere Mars may have once had. Then, ther is the gravity, less than that of earth, that would cause physical problems with humans. So, the short answer is, yes,it may be possible to terraform Mars, but it would never be like earth!

  34. cthprobert1 says:

    With the nuclear energy that is on this planet at this very time this World is doomed. There is absolutely no way to 100% contain all of this nuclear energy. If 2% of that nuclear energy enters the atmosphere of this planet at any one given time we all die. This is not debatable this is irrefutable. I believe it is imperative for man to learn to adapt to radiation even if it means changing the DNA that makes up human beings. Because if we don't become immune to radiation we will become extinct.

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