Universe Exploration : Unanswered Questions of Solar System Full Documentary Movies (2016)

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13 Responses

  1. momyluvsu2 says:

    Maybe every single planet is warm from the inside and we just don't know it or can't explain it. Maybe every single planet has living beings on/inside it but we just can't look good enough.

  2. awesome stuff thank you for posting… please upload regularly.

  3. Aditya Akbar says:

    dude (owner this account), can you find documentary about animal life in other planet.

  4. Praamsaga says:

    Life is everywhere in the universe. Both on physical planets that contain gravity and in space where there is neither gravity nor a surface.

  5. Nerino Cucel says:

    if there are thát much different lifeforms/ extremophiles on earth, there must be some kind of life to find 'elsewhere'…, too many opportunities true adaptability…; won't be in my life to "phone home"… , but who knows?

  6. I downloaded this ………..

  7. fuck,fuck,fuck!!!!!

  8. Mr C Mr C says:

    of course there is life out there..we have got to realise that we are so small in the perspective of things it's very hard to find any with a chemical rocket..type setup..We need new forms of travel or we are going to be isolated for a very long time.

  9. dgbs dhsd says:

    I can't fucking stand the way he says some of his words!

  10. shelby mount says:

    We were put here by an advanced civilized race, the same as us… Was it a stray comet that took out the dinosaurs or one intentionally set of course by someone else..

  11. the earth is very unique and I think as much as it seems likely there's life out there the reality is we are alone 😢😢😢

  12. there are no aliens out there so take care of this planet because it's the only one in the universe with life, no one is coming to help us!

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