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  1. Jerry Gowins says:

    I know one of these gentlemen personally. He taught me more about life and history than anyone. Mr.Miller told me stories of things he experienced not only in Korea but in Vietnam and in the military in general. He taught me about some of things he had to endure as a black man in the military in the 50's. He gave me a chance and hired me, I'm now an engineer in the same field. I owe him so much.

  2. nobeetroot says:

    yet another war that did not need to be fort,brought to you by the enemy's of the truth, loads of innocent people died but on the plus side it killed a heap of white people,and it made a lot of arms dealers even richer

  3. Luis V says:

    The communist got the A bomb and that allowed them to invade , knowing that the USA did not have that big advantage …..

  4. amazingdany says:

    So many good docs for free on YT!

  5. why all these videos have so loud music…? Veterans are talking and we cant hear them

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