Unexplained Mysteries: Scariest Places on Earth (Full Ghost/Paranormal HD Documentary)

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14 Responses

  1. tulmax82 says:

    So funny to hear the woman at 30:00 going emotional all by herself… it's a self induced emotional thing, "I see the priest swinging" and the cries… lovely! 😂

  2. by this reckoning the most haunted places on earth should be the Nazi death camps ! but no evidence has come to light to substantiate this !

  3. jlslr says:

    I have an odd combination of diarrhea and constipation, I don't know if I should take immodium or exlax. One thing is certain – no more burritos from street vendors.

  4. HunterPurdy says:

    It's 3am…and I've had pretty bad shit happen to me and why the fuck am I watching this at 3am in the dark while I'm home alone for the night…

  5. "the father raping the daughter, is insane crazy!

  6. Jorg Reiling says:

    What make us the video tell us? Right. There must be many more mental institution build for the guys believe in what they are talking.

  7. Terry Carr says:

    U would wager all your psychic ability would you, ha peter James you don't have none you think because of that grey hair husky voice makes you a psychic u like most are annoying fools

  8. WhiteEyed87 says:

    I am so glad I never expierenced such things, I expierenced things but not that dark and evil

  9. shaggytkr says:

    I didnt know Einstein was a stoner.

  10. Murrangurk2 says:

    I had my doubts about ghost, the paranormal and such.  But then i saw their editing and the soundtrack and now I ma convinced!

  11. burly636 says:

    What makes any living person think that they can help the dead? That is one heck of an assumption.

  12. carolynan says:

    Its not a real castle like the ones we have in England

  13. Long road says:

    @swenvonh Instagram

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