Unexplained Mysteries: Psychic Crime Solvers (Paranormal Documentary)

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9 Responses

  1. Nadia Dej says:

    not every one can do this i do believe

  2. The only unexplained mystery is how, people smart enough to use a computer, believe this nonsense

  3. I am a medium clairvoyant I was on SOS TV ASAHI JAPAN 2003-2007 and helped solve murders. I am available for any shows to work with on any unsolved cases

  4. TheUntubed says:

    Greta, call sheriff Joe in Az, looking for a vicious serial killer, he has a picture. Nine so far.

  5. I watched 40 minutes of this annoying, repeating slow going visual BS. That's enough for me.

  6. DCFunBud says:

    James Van Praagh is a total fake. Just a shameless sham.

  7. Sandra Carli says:

    The special effects are really annoying.

  8. to lose such your child and still think the Lord man thats powerful.may god bless that little girls soul.

  9. can anybody try to find the long island serial killers.

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