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46 Responses

  1. Bishop Brian Tamaki who is totally responsible for this event is the only true messaih and can tell you all there is to know.

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  3. Azzy M says:

    Loonies have one hour and about fifty minutes of our time.

  4. BroToPro says:

    fuck the government and most of all the united nations fucking cock gobbling cunts

  5. justin johns says:

    I'm an amateur astronomer, and I've never seen anything I couldn't explain. as for the Phoenix lights, a local tv station shot a video of some flares dropped behind that mountain that looked remarkably like the pheonix lights event. what looks like hovering lights are flares dropped from high altitude planes a really really long way away. that's why it looks like the lights are "hovering". they arent…..they actually are falling. they are just so far away that you can't tell they are falling. then they one by one slowly fall low enough to where the mountain range blocks the view of them…so it looks like they wink out.

  6. justin johns says:

    the document at 22:04 does not seem real

  7. American Air force, Navy and Army never wanted to share its newest weapons with are closest allies to say they have space ships would mean we would haft to share the info are country's armed forces would never do that .

  8. John P says:

    Earth is a pizza not a football. Under no circumstances can surface water be convex in shape which is what the globe science fiction would have us believe. Utter rubbish. We've been duped. Just like 911. And there's a lot more like mainstream fraud religions. See Edward Hendrie, Christopher Bollyn, Antony Sutton, Eustace Mullins and Stanley Monteith.

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  10. mario lavoie says:

    The moon is hollow inside and filled with alien intelligence! They have earth bases! They colonized mars!

  11. Butch Einsel says:

    here's the problem, our military won't admit, they can defend the skies against these sightings

  12. New subscriber, excellent work (^_^)

  13. James Tan says:

    Suddenly the Globalists come out with this brainwashing film on UFO AND ALIENS. OBAMA is alien in USA Literally.

  14. James Tan says:

    I am persuaded that there is NO SUCH A THING as aliens. It is created to push forward the New World ideology that is now rejected by leaders of many country. The idea is "Let's be united to fight one command enemy Aliens in the moon.

  15. James Tan says:

    Flying saucers are anti-gravitational/propulsion crafts discovered by German scientists just before Germany was defeated. This technology when properly improved, possibly travel faster than light.

  16. Anoop Nair says:

    okey thats it okey, spiritual migration is exist through the material life …the system is more than 15 Sextillion years ago

  17. Anoop Nair says:

    but human operating system is exist in earth that called ufo – unrevealed physics

  18. Most people live in a world of their own manufacture; wishful thinking is in the regular agenda of prophets of the bizarre and the phantasmagoric. Most American investigators of the extraterrestrial fantasy remain cheerleaders for the International Delusion, merely offering loud encouragement from the sidelines, as if that were their role, to warn the world of an impending alien invasion. The real danger is the scientific lie: the earth is not a globe, space rockets have never existed, galaxies were invented by CGI, no one has ever seeing a landing UFO.

  19. jim england says:

    Profoundly massive?

  20. the universe was around almost 9 billion years before earth was even formed. If there is other life then then they could be millions of years ahead of us. why come here, well why do we study tribes deep in the amazon. we find medicine that our scientist have not discovered yet and study the way they live. why not come here and do the same. see what we have that they can use.

  21. ukz unique says:

    watching this documentary a year later 👍

  22. James Glass says:

    The powers that be know that this Earth is being visited and that it has always been visited…there are bases on this Earth. Probably in the deep Oceans. Objects being tracked on Sonar? Objects seen entering and leaving the Oceans. All the Gods are extraterrestrials with high technology.

  23. flippinecc says:

    Some of the flying saucer footage described as from an "unknown" source
    towards the end of the documentary, is in reality well known cinefilm
    taken by 1950s contactee George Adamski. The original films reside in
    the Adamski Foundation vault.

  24. liddelle11 says:

    A film featuring John Podesta? Yikes. No thanks.

  25. My mom has seen something "strange" in the sky twice in her life. She believes without a shadow of a doubt it was a UFO, as she said they moved too fast over hovering a moment. I have zero reason to doubt my mother. :)

  26. Very interesting documentary. I find it interesting that many of these sightings are involved with other aircraft and especially our military/govt. Something out there is very much smarter than we are and knows more about us than we realize. Like the story of the aircraft shooting the missile from the sky. It's like they don't want any "war" or something. Man this stuff is intriguing! The only thing I have ever seen was something red and sparkly falling out of the sky and burn up/disappear. After some research I think it was a meteor and usually it was iron that burns red. :)

  27. matrox says:

    Just like Bigfoot all UFOs will automatically blur the focus of all cameras that it picks up taking its picture. That explains all the blurry videos.

  28. Robert M says:

    My only problem is with the technology that the aliens would have, why waste their time with us? Maybe we are just the laughing stock of the universe. Maybe we are so self destructive, they are ready to put a giant plasma ray cap in our asses.

  29. zanima me kad su slikali naš univerzum koje godine to bilo ili je to bilo u nekom prošlom životu pa slike tek sad stigle????

  30. good video but the background 'music' is too loud and extremely annoying – and unnecessary

  31. I've seen many ufos- first one i ever saw took off at warp speed.

  32. lets hope they haven't fucked theirs up asmuch as we have down here then.

  33. Dandelayne D says:

    Too many commercials

  34. Blag800 says:

    to much advertising

  35. Tahira Ahmed says:

    The western world lives on compleat lies and are cowards when it comes to facing the truth.They think they got the world brain washed but the truth is they are brain washed.pareod..

  36. These commercials are killing me dog

  37. Tahira Ahmed says:

    There not Alians ,they extra tarestriels are beings of light angles but not of jenns.

  38. If you compile 100,000 plus sightings and unexplained phenomena, and their saying 95% are explainable. That leaves 5,000 that cannot be explained.
    Just a thought, as the human mind expands, becomes more open and more advanced and vibration and frequencies become more exceptable beings and the ufo phenomena will become a way of excepting into our lives as its just a matter of time.
    And today with the population numbers we have there are more eyes and more people are aware we're not alone.

  39. HA Melton says:

    …with all due respect R. Aczel…, it's been said that figures lie and liars figure. While you claim the probability is high that doesn't mean it's so.

  40. ovrdedge says:

    Be prepared for an advertisement to interrupt your.viewing approximately every 5 minutes. It got so aggravating that I almost stopped watching but then decided to simply refuse to use and advertisers services for the next 6 months. Ruined an otherwise interesting documentary.