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19 Responses

  1. băi mințiți f f mult nu îmi place de voi.

  2. magno ramos says:

    magno brasil brazil

  3. ppl want to believe that the goverment is hiding ufos and shit. there is no aliens.

  4. ppl want to believe that the goverment is hiding ufos and shit. there is no aliens.

  5. Certianly is a good show. But its not new and its not HD. Its old and full of grain on top of grain. For the latest news and views go to Mr UFOs Secret Files on YouTube.

  6. Mark Huller says:

    Always everything always blurred by deception fresh agenda the important thing is to lie lie deceive the assholes and bla bla bla bla bla. I don't understand how the hell they make money with all this shit all this people and some ones arte son convinced of their own lies their own bull shit . I get to the point to do not believe anything they say except the astronomers or science people I do not believe not even the fuckin Jesus shit or the fucking pedophile assassin and criminal Mahommah double shit with all their lies and garbage I don't believe no even the fucking liars politicians bastards I don't believe nothing and no one I just hate the bastards not matter race or credo I willingly will kill all of them equally because they are all full of shit just a fucking damn liar virus …

  7. Vanskii says:

    I want to see this movie? What is it called ?

  8. Kazae Kapri says:

    I hate 3rd phase of the toilet fuk them dont watch this piece of shit

  9. These are fallen angel and demon technology NOT aliens. They were here since the beginning 6000 years ago, when God created the flat earth. Just like the Bible tells us

  10. Jonis Strods says:

    What's so funny about peace love and understanding?

  11. david clarke says:

    480P not FULL HD
    canada does not have hidden alien bunkers, aliens walk the street just like everyone else !!
    we accept everyone here in canada

  12. CROSS ROADS says:

    Great video, God is consciousness – Great Truths even with the manipulation of some people involved. Yes, I did get the message!

  13. there was a ufo crash in st John's Newfoundland Canada.not a word was spoken.not on the news nothing. hush hush.

  14. The part where billy Meyers says God is just a word. Let me tell you those dark evil entities known to most as demons or evil spirits, do not like the word of God when possessing houses or people. So to say there's no god I think is a misinterpretation more so there's a Devine entity in the universe that created everything we know but we do need to be oppressed by this Devine entity but become one with it through consciousness. That's the part humans find hard to understand in my opinion.

  15. there maust be internayional corporation to investigate alien technology

  16. Ton Anthonie says:

    Why , if these beings are so far advanced technologically, do they crash ??
    And why are all videos an other footage, photos , always out of focus?

  17. Darrell Kirk says:


  18. Pete Walker says:

    Billy mieyer was proved to be a hoaxer. these models were found in his garage. he was clever but a very elaborate hoaxer