UFO Sightings Ultimate Secret Majestic 12 Alien Documentary 2016 Full HD

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15 Responses

  1. SS B says:

    You disgusting piece of shit!! Why lie? This is not from 2016!!!!! I hate when youtubes do this with documentarys. I will report you.

  2. Phrozin says:

    same shit different day

  3. wiggy0956 says:

    Old news …so not interesting

  4. Bill Smith says:

    Your all whiny little Bitches

  5. America make UFO
    if UFO is real why it is not come to Asian countries

  6. Rob Browne says:

    In fact Asia probably has more sightings yearly than Europe…

  7. From the military perspective, the U,S. Govt. At the time, ruled by fear: The cold war, Vietnam, Russia, Red China, Korea, hippies, drugs, beatniks, Charles Nelson Riley, the Manson family etc. The atmosphere of intense hatred which existed at that time or thereabouts, the temporal proximity of this, and other, alleged incidents to the insensitive war like cloddish, paranoid world temperament of the day.Which facilitated the maintenance of super secrecy over alleged incidents like these to keep any and all potential super weapons out the hands of the enemy.. Who, when armed with the advanced killing technology (which the aliens were surely in possession of) would bomb us back to the stone age. Where we would (we were told) watch in helpless terror as the hordes of filthy commies(who hated us out of envy for our much higher standard of living) Raped our daughters and Mothers, our Marion Cunninghams, our Laura Ingalls Wilders. And ate our pets, our Rin tin tin, Lassie. That fat lummox of a cat, the ever-so-finicky "Morris" would be a tasty dish any God hating commie pinko would never turn their androgynous nose up at! Flaunting in our face this grotesque display of cannibalism, with OUR stuff! Which they took from us! wearing Our plaid polyester double knits! watching "Love American style" on OUR Magnavox Color T.V. sets! driving around in our AMC Pacers and wearing Our goofy hats made from beer cans! While we looked on, in the straw hats, black pajamas and sandals made from old tires munching in despair on bits of wood chip and dirty old turnip tops…which we exchanged for our SWanson T.V. dinners. All of our "nice things", now in the possession of Uncle Joseph and his cronies. Because we lacked the vigilance to be always on the look out for our enemy, who lived in hate anger and neglect. Ready, poised to take our stuff. Due to the fact that we had become soft and no longer had the killer instinct, which made us tough! and gave us the power to roll around in the dirt! To EAT BUGS! AMERICA! Watch Out! There's Terrorists Around Now!

  8. Chad Hurley says:

    The thumbs up are from an amazingly large audience that has never heard, never researched anything about ufo's, The thumbs down are people like me that don't disagree with the content of the video, but are just pissed off that "USA best FLM Documentary 2016" is trying to deceive stupid people that this is news for 2016. The word HD, High Definition wasn't even a concept when this film was made. So since I wanted to see something new and got something old I will also give this video a thumbs down.

  9. Thor Hakkuh says:

    FULL HD! 1080p!

  10. MrMason283 says:

    UFO's are as fake as anything. If one person proves it, they will be a millionaire. Get a grip humans. It would take us 40000 yrs to get to the next star at current tech. It's not like we are that interesting for another world to visit. We are kinda of boring. Or at least u are

  11. MrMason283 says:

    They can figure out how to travel thru space…but crash here. Give me a break peeps.

  12. old documentary labled 2016

  13. Folks God almighty created extraterrestrials = Holy Angels, Sons of God & innumerable heavenly hosts. some of which may not look human. The bible's Old and New Testament has many stories of the interactions of Good and Bad Angels/heavenly hosts with Mankind. many people ON EARTH TODAY ARE BRAIN WASHED TO BELIEVE THAT THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION IS A FACT WHICH IS NOT TRUE IT'S A THEORY FOLKS because of this and the news media,paper, TV,Radio, movies ect making the Bible's truths about extraterrestrial intelligent life God created in heaven where he lives a JOKE. People are blind to the fact that some of the UFO's are under the control of Evil fallen Angels/Heavenly hosts and our using human black opps groups to do their evil UNGODLY acts. IN FACT for thousands of years Evil sinful Fallen Angels /heavenly hosts some who may not look human have been manipulating mankind against God and Humanities best interests. Folks God is Angry with what plans and past and current actions Evil Men and Women working with fallen Angels/fallen heavenly hosts such as Lucifer & Reptilians if they exist have done and are doing. God will descend from heaven and intervene in human affairs and stop their actions and send the Lord Jesus Christ back to Earth and Rule it so Mankind never never gets as corrupted as it is Today. Pray to the Lord Jesus Christ to save you & repent of sinning and forgive those who hurt or sinned against you or God wont forgive your sins.