UFO DOCUMENTARY 2016 – Dropa Stone Discs with 12,000 Year Old Alien Glyphs Alien Documentary 2015

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38 Responses

  1. Is this the hoaxster nephew? You kow, whats his name? "Erik Von Deet de de"?

  2. boerboel313 says:

    Let's talk in a dramatic whisper. Lol. Stupid german.

  3. Thousands of years from now, they'll find old Elvis records, and try to figure out who this king was.

  4. this should be called the PROVEN FAKE droppa stones

  5. Knowledge is power, and that's why those in power will never reveal this source of power willingly! There actually is a way to play the disks. It requires the use of a generator type instrument.

  6. Humans have already gone to Sirius star as well as other planets, and there actually is a satellite now circling a number of our planets with some still holding remnants of past occupants!

  7. They are looking for the downed craft and/or some survivors decedents. China still has the disks and other evidence and want to make a deal with the aliens.

  8. One last point to be careful as the aliens carry their own diseases and they can be virulent to the touch!

  9. When we learn how to travel faster then light……..we will end up bending space time and finding ourselfs before we bacame Humans back on earth in the past ….maybe we would manipulate the primative humans DNA to make them in our image :)

  10. Tainou Hoeve says:

    What if these discs are what influenced the Chinese to create Jade Bi Discs? After all, being 12, 000 years , its quite clear which came first.

  11. Jose Torres says:

    how can an alien language be diciphered but not the voynich manuscript, not rohonc codex and a couple more whose names escape me.

  12. sara Wynd says:

    what rude comments……strange by itself…….

  13. after 6 minutes everything is out of context. useless

  14. simple jack says:

    wouldn't advanced race put info on to hard drive or similar instead of scratching into stones.

  15. besides the dics..what about the skeletons

  16. Troy Lange says:

    The thing with the Chinese language is that it is still based on characters. To this day they are very similar.

  17. fabunox says:

    Super advanced civilization will most certainly use stone discs and pictographs to record some information, so a new deferent civilization millions years later can find them and develop weapons… ???   Are You UFO-logists idiots or are you searching a way to make money, or you are simply dumb ?   Begin learning Mathematics and maybe after a million of years will eventually learn simple math so You can understand simple addition only…LOL   https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_spiral This video Is insult  even for low IQ people.

  18. That's a hell of a story. literally. Only 2 discs on a poor photograph connected to someone's seemingly high imaginative story. Let's assume that we were taught by superior beings. That they brought us knowledge and civilization together with the evil monetary system. What is more obvious? (Occam's razor) That we were visited by aliens who brought us our first knowledge? Or that we are reliving a cyclical plan constructed by evil, elite Earthlings who keep erasing and rebuilding society as they see fit? Destroy one, revive a new one with the few sutvivors left. Use fantastic and 'magical' technology for the primitive newbie Human to indoctrinate his mind again…? And again…? And… again?

    Think about it. Why aliens? Our Earth is lead by a handful of elite f*ckers. They control everything. Have all the resources in hands. Control all the governments. Wage war to confuse, disorder, divide. They created religions to split up Humanity even more. We are a working force for their 'elite machine' and when we, the people start becoming conscious – which is happening more and more these days – they will, again, overthrow everything to start again. From scratch. Reset for new brainwash.

    So why aliens I ask again?

  19. Nomad Wizard says:

    The Chinese copied the idea of the Dropa stones.

  20. Nomad Wizard says:

    LMFAO, spray can cap does not even remotely look like a disk with a hole in the center and a rectangular notch.

  21. willibill c says:

    The reason their ship crashed 12000 years ago is because they had it over loaded with Dropa stones.

  22. Allcingeye says:

    For some reason government don't seem to like us knowing that the UFOs was Gerrman craft. i guess it would not sit well, with the BBC telling us that we won the war. Not saying some may be real ufo craft but it must be ok to steel the craft off an ET no patent rights to deal with.

  23. Caves that never found again…. oh yes… i thinks its an houx

  24. They should find a way to play them by now. Betcha its a record of Elvis. 😉 ^_^

  25. Ancient Drum and Bass live set. dm tsch dmtsch, dm tsch dmtsch. waab waaaaab wuuuuuub.

  26. Mark Brauers says:

    its all bullshit no realy all is bullshitt Jacque Fresco if you get what he is saying welcome on planet earth

  27. So they cant find find the stones, they cant find the magazines talking about the droppa stones. there are no photos of the stones and the only person who examined them immigrated so they cant question him about them……….. wtf lol

  28. Ohh Yes, a 2016 edited video from 1987 really refreshing outdated info.

  29. This video is full of lies & rubbish.

  30. sonydogman says:

    The name of the ALENS was something like "dropas" very much like "an-thropas" human in Greek! Good try from a Chinese to speak Greek!lol

  31. Everyone who believes in this is a fucking retard

  32. mememojo says:

    I hope all those anti alien party poopers get raped in the mouth by aliens someday

  33. that spray paint top really sold me..gtfoh Dats a fuckin pulsing Stingray like UFO…OK Dr ..that's a UFO

  34. I watched a couple minutes of the documentary and they so obviously just natural geological formations

  35. you can't believe anything the Chinese say. they are the Jews of Asia. I will say anything, and eat anything.

  36. Dangerosu says:

    Don't you just love it when a "respactable" television (cough*History*cough) makes documantary movies based on rumors, hearsay, verified "experts", old magazine stories and some sketchy photos? I sure do.
    I could watch a cartoon about aliens and get more interesting stories than here…