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27 Responses

  1. "I say we take off and nuke the site from orbit. It's the only way to be sure"

  2. scriban ARG says:

    The Big Lie. NASA should stop this type of empty "public information gathering" that really serves only one purpose: repeat the lies and maintain the illusion. And once and for all they should instead tell the whole truth to the people of the Earth: There WAS and there IS life on Mars and other places in the solar system; they know about it; they've made contact already. Stop the bull and tell the truth.

  3. earth is flat research it.

  4. Does anybody know, why NASA is lying all the time?
    What are the artificial structures on the Moon?

    I look for 30 years in the direction to the moon.
    I can see things with my own telescope. I promise you, there is a lot
    of activity in the vicinity of the moon. But NASA continues to
    stubbornly silent as a tomb, why?

    We are now 2016, why do we still tours around the world?
    It reminds me of Christopher Columbus just makes circles along the
    Spanish coast.

  5. Star Girl says:

    no worries guys the answer is 42


  7. All I know about alien life is that if the All Mighty set us so far apart from the rest of outer space species, maybe just maybe he dis not wanted us to get close to them or them close to us.

    Now I know some of you don't believe in a creator. But since I can't prove God exist and you cannot prove he does not exist, is then a good theory!

  8. Steve Hoon says:

    HEY!!  These guys needs jobs!   ETs and aliens must not be real.   They are not here yet.   Otherwise 'Not A Straight Answer'  and SETI would have to close down.   We pilgrims will have to continue to be dumbed down and continue to pay taxes thru noses to fund these guys.   We hear you Agents, MIBs!  There are no ETs, no aliens, no UFOs, no nothing!   It's all in our imagination.   Life in the form of other humanoids don't exist unless NASA and SETI and the Military Ind. Complex (they are really complex!) says so!    HA!

  9. I wonder what dr. Steven greer would ask Them……?

  10. John Jeffry says:

    Thought it was a Prank Channel

  11. Honestly, I'm not sure why NASA insists on looking 'out there' when ufos are here right now…

  12. A scientist wouldn't know an alien if it landed in his lap. The problem with science is that nothing is true unless it can be shown and repeated – proven. Interesting that they completely ignore the 100's of thousands of UFO sightings, as well as reports from many high-level "officials". By needing to "search" for aliens, they get millions of our tax dollars. Oh, by the way, evolution is a THEORY – not fact. Darwin even wrote that if something like DNA was discovered, then his theory is false. Also, to deny the spiritual world is to render us all WORTHLESS.

  13. How can they completely disregard Unexplained Aerial Phenomenon though??? This is so insulting.

  14. Valeria Lamb says:


  15. sharah is so hot

  16. Star Light says:


  17. Raull Castro says:

    deberían ponerle subtitulos, por favor

  18. David says:


  19. Neueregel says:

    Some fairytales that humans have made: Gods, Aliens, Little Red Riding Hood. The latter is more probable to have existed though.

  20. Jay Fig says:

    Old outdated science unfortunately

  21. bowwave Paul says:

    Aliens exist, we just haven't found them yet! I am a millionaire, but I haven't bought the lotto ticket yet…….

  22. I'm thinking nasa employee's are bullied too?

  23. In the state humanity is currently in, we would not be able to handle a discovery of intelligent life let alone some kind of first contact scenario. We are still too divided and tribal for such a discovery to be of benefit to us. I would compare what we're doing in the space exploration field to an infant who when is given any object puts it into his mouth as a form of learning and discovery.

  24. Al Razi says:

    we are not alone