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12 Responses

  1. seen this 2 years ago…

  2. Right The Russians must have Reverse Engineered a US a German or a UFO technology or how could they achieve such technology themselves I mean Russians are stupid and don't have smart people Right? Am I Fucking Right you fucking american retards

  3. Hugh Boyle says:

    Hedgehogs are really aliens with fleas.

  4. Phil Mitbart says:

    Gotta love the commentary by Elmer Fudd talking about "wockets".

  5. Sue Woods says:

    Tunguska was Tesla testing his invention. That is what we have now with HARRP and CERN

  6. Mazda rx7 says:

    Whats with all the ads

  7. Larry Bahr says:

    Bull Shit video

  8. Tunguska was an air burst.

  9. It's an old History Channel video. I can't understand why you guys,like many others date it 2016, you know like it's recent or something. What a waste of time because it's deja vue.

  10. The Tunguska meteor made an illegal U-turn because it got tired of all the commercials!

  11. Lewis Wood says:

    So an alien dildo shaped spacecraft lol