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13 Responses

  1. religious propaganda disguised as science. what a crock of sh*t.

  2. BMX Friendly says:

    I got shit particle here help me please
    I'm so tried

  3. david clarke says:

    btw, your video starts all over again at 42:45

  4. ben kenobi says:

    the universe is created by matter and time keeps recreating reality with the universe

  5. Mista Cool says:

    i feel sad beacuse there are only 28k of people who thinks like us i mean who is interested in God particle

  6. Carlos Gamez says:

    5th element strong hold here im in dondoretorumlesius

  7. MWB Gaming says:

    remove the ads so you dont need to clip off the bottom of the screen you fuckstick

  8. God has been disproved! You can have something from nothing no need for a creator. It was just a way for primitive humans to explain natural occurrences

  9. put the god particle into a car and get a auto bot

  10. at 17:00 … This is why, if the European race goes extinct, so does higher science. Ugh… We must secure our existence and a future for white children!

  11. it was a warm hole

  12. robo ted says:

    I use to be an evangelical Atheist, But i came to realise that even the best minds lack the tools and most likely the perspective to really know the Truth of the universe, Reductionism is a barrier of self assurance. Please dont assume im placing myself above the very smart people,They have forgotten more than i could ever know, But i feel they become focused on the predictable and even become indoctrinated into ideologies of a certain type of phisics. I now feel more like an agnostic as without time and perspective we most likely will always be missing parts of the puzzle.