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35 Responses

  1. This is just a propaganda piece.

  2. How come we can't see outside the universe?w Is it too big or what?

  3. Owen Taylor says:

    7.4 billion people

  4. Entropi says:


  5. potwhovian says:

    Its scary how accurate some of these are…

  6. 23.16 , Steven Seagal starring as Psycologist Skip Rizzo.

  7. schranztech says:

    This World is literally drowning in shit, and that's why some random asteroid should destroy us asap imo.

  8. Poor job .. The world does not only include the nations and people who are part of the western sphere of influence and need. Really not worthy of "The Economist " production tag.

  9. Ken Barton says:

    perhaps the individuals should play a greater roll in the shaping of our future. perhaps the time of government assurances should pass. the virtues of respect, compassion, wisdom, and courage can be the tools we all use to build a world that cannot die or be killed. conflict is the enemy and the individuals of the Earth need to decide if they want to engage and prolong the sorrow that covers every corner of our home like a smog. do not underestimate yourselves.

  10. The guy at 2:37 is soooooooo dreamy like omg <3

  11. SquawkGaming says:

    USA topped the RIO 2016 medal table, with 121.

  12. SquawkGaming says:

    I saw my city very close to the bottom at 14:55, im from belgium

  13. RealMarioFan says:

    Who is watching in 2016 Get It XD

  14. Matt Hawks says:

    This was so well done. wow.

  15. Dan Kumar says:

    Looks like a movie trailer eshay

  16. Marvin says:

    Pretty on par 9 months into 2016

  17. Khoi Vu says:

    Cmon australia

  18. Khoi Vu says:

    Australia shouldve done it like netherlands

  19. Khoi Vu says:

    Australia is meant to build the plastic barrier around the seasides of china

  20. YOSOYM3NCHY says:

    Evil channel part of the NWO and those poeple who like it are evil as well and part of the beast 666

  21. DARTH VIRAL says:

    "I was a dumbass at school so I was selected at age 7 to dedicate my life to beating the American's at trampoline."

    Sorry, China.. but if you think beating Americans at some stupid competition is more important than training your citizens to be well rounded people… you're going to fail harder than you've already been failing. fckng fix your problems and don't worry about the U.S.

  22. OMG no speedos on YouTube!! I didn't sign up for this

  23. Grimy765 says:

    geez china try hard much

  24. Grimy765 says:

    only thing that really happened so far this year is pika and like only 100 people were effected

  25. Bischlarbo69 says:

    so did the trampoline guy do well at the olympics?

  26. C.C says:

    Donald Trump becomes President of United states

  27. Ed Lake says:

    if only we could have warned you some how…. I fear it's too late…

  28. FUH ЯION says:


  29. Coolrh13 says:

    A good year for the Pokemon game franchise

  30. Oh if we could have warned the world…

  31. Nhiều biến động

  32. ADCD 0405 says:

    Wow almost a year later lol

  33. Matthew Hall says:

    What's "bunting[sic?]"?