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  1. jon ryman says:

    Three part investigation into the three most wanted "terrorists" in the west.

  2. great stuff, though wasnt lewthwaite found dead in ukraine?

  3. jon ryman says:

    albert..yes your correct she was, in a totally bogus piece of PR reported both in the ukraine and shot dead by a sniper. The story was later retracted. I did not bother to include it as it's both ridiculous and untrue.

  4. Mr.Galvanize says:

    is this the 3 documentaries put together for a full feature?

  5. Mr.Galvanize says:

    You should do a documentary on 13/11/2015 paris and the 22/3/16 brussels.

  6. what's the track ID at 1:03?

  7. Aki Alexej says:

    Great work Sir. Have shared, deserves more views. More please!

  8. 1emmanouil1 says:

    Great work Jon! well done! you got my,well deserved subscription! its not much but… Let me know if its ok with you to share this.

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