THE UNREAL WORLD – UNEXPLAINED MYSTERIES DOCUMENTARY – History Discovery Paranormal (documentary)

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18 Responses

  1. why do the historians lie

  2. The Sphinx was antedeluvian. It was worn down by the Great Flood. Giants built these civilizations.

  3. MrJareth says:

    Atlantis is earth in a dome, that sunk to shoal.

  4. tony Patton says:

    How come no one has spoke to the Warrens since there deaths? cause you fucking can't ! Those two pieces of shit should of been burned at the stake themselves ! pair of lying fraudulent scumbags

  5. tony Patton says:

    Should of said shit

  6. tony Patton says:

    werewolves don't strangle people,and no one else mentioned a wolf apart from the fucking Warrens,money making lying charlatan's ,another book or film to make?Imagine a twat with a lisp saying " I thend you back Theytan to hell" Howling with laughter is about all .What a load of shit!!! time I'm never getting back after watching this white.

  7. suz208 says:

    WOW this is soooo old. Put up something more recent. :(

  8. 720p when its not actually 720p? thumbs down..dudes its 2016 and you upload lowresolution sh.. and call it 720p? GET SOME REAL INTERNET!!!!!!!!

  9. mystisme says:

    those police man never saw an hysteria of conversion is, even their face seems to change and they do contorsion that seems on normal and have what seems superstrenth but all it is is an hysteria of conversion that is a real mental illness,belive me i saw it one time and i was very scare and impress,in the vid they say that the man was prefectly normal but this mental patholog persy come with a pheonomenom call disciossation personnality see the case of emilie rose

  10. all these Cocksuckers…. get paid for their parts. so don't even waste your time to listen to these Morons period. So Be Safe~Peace…. my friend…. Peace!!!

  11. Annie Bee says:

    rinse and repeat – boy – this is old

  12. Wendy S says:

    Good Lord! The man's name is pronounced "Casey," not "Cayce."

  13. what a bunch of pure bull shit!

  14. bloody so called egyptologists and so called mainstream archaeologists just get out of the way of the truth so man can get on with it we will eventually but seriously piss off

  15. how old is this, these guys all have crow feet and wrinkles now.

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