The Universe : Weird Unexplained Mysteries Inside Space Full Documentary Movies (2016)

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15 Responses

  1. Trump Grump says:


  2. Tazyizan says:

    very very old

  3. space= all fake , all the time. there's like 4 vids like this that are doctrined into mainstream every two hours since 2015, what gibbs? mars in 2024—ROFL, who's gonna buy that hollywood production?

  4. I can kind of understand the concept of previous universes and previous big bangs, my understanding would be that a giant super massive black hole sucks up the entire universe and then implodes upon itself causing a giant explosion aka another big bang.

  5. HollyBird says:

    So about Mars' water going missing.

    If this "nemesis" star is real. Wouldn't it effect more planets than just earth? Maybe a mixture of volcanic activity and the meteors from the stars orbit, additionally to the thin atmosphere of Mars had something to do with it.

  6. Eddie Dutch says:

    nice documantaire, but WHY is there music through a voice! that's most irritate!

  7. the fizz from the bottom of your coca cola cup… we are one of them fizz half way up. we know not how we got here and can see other fizzies further away, the guys on them fizzies know not where they came from. . . I submit we came from the bottom of something. a breakaway piece of something bigger than our fizzie sight.

  8. Wait. he said what.? If time is time and light is of time that means the definitiveness of Time is Exsitence . Indeed hmmmm…..very interesting.Yes, quite so.

  9. I don't understand how time started when the Big Bang happened. Time was still happening before the Big Bang. Seconds, minutes, hours, etc. we're still passing by.

  10. Its 2008… Fake as you

  11. The Duder says:

    They should have to destroy all mentions of Nemesis since it is been proven non-existent by math.
    The data for ALL mass, all gravitational forces have been calculated. There is no rouge star in our entire solar system.

  12. A year after his father died he found the book. If he goes back and saves his father he may have never been sent on the path to create time travel.. then never going back in time to save his father..

  13. i remember seeing this like.. well.. many years ago, log how young michio looks

  14. SAMUEL TEPE says:

    You said there was anti-matter in the center of every milky way, but i got like 7 of those jawns for halloween and i couldn't find shit #DOCUMENTARYEXPOSED #BUSHDID9/11? #WHATISTHEMEANINGOFLIFE

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