THE UNITED KINGDOM X-FILES | Full UFO Documentary 2016 ♕ The U.K UFO Evidence

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22 Responses

  1. I can't stand watching these documentaries, they portray society is ignorant! I mean come on, there is no fucken evidence to say earthquakes cause light, ya from damaged transformers, don't mislead real science, there is more video evidence to say UFOs are real than to say earthquakes cause light, not a sigal video! lol, this is why i made a youtube channle investigating UFOs, and I'm not one to jump to the conclusion that this has anything to do with ETs.

  2. these scientific skeptics are fucking idiots. I think ppl know the difference between an unknown object vs Venus. when they say things like this it makes them look like they are desperately trying to convince THEMSELVES that's what ppl are seeing because they are too narrow minded to handle the truth….

  3. The first ufo i ever saw sbot off across tbe sky at warp speed- they're very real.

  4. he made a sketch.. lol.. they had cameras in 1980.

  5. three people can be wrong

  6. My dad said he had seen the same thing alan godfrey had seen, he saw it 2011 flying towards a area called Fagley woods Bradford, said it was about the size of a bus and just above the roof tops, he was surprised no one else reported it as it was heading towards a wood & a estate.

  7. Ed Kelly says:

    I saw those but there was no way I was telling anyone except a few school mates.
    I didn't want weirdo fucks with skinny legs and a big head putting their fingers and a torch in my bum !!
    Or a great big Radio antenna that unfolds like Cartman's arse on that Documentary when he got a great big Radio antenna that unfolds.

  8. Ed Kelly says:

    Mentions London Bridge puts up a picture of the Tower Bridge but keep calling it London Bridge even though the UFO's are flying around…You fucked up bad boys…hahaha …someone put the UFO's behind the wrong bridge !

    Why do the Doco. makers always put up pictures of the fucking TOWER BRIDGE you idiots.
    Jesus h christ is it that hard to get it right?
    (TIP, The bridge with great big towers on it is the Tower Bridge)

  9. Kamrul 82 says:

    those annoying skeptics need a hard smack in the face.. Maybe that'll wake em up..

  10. Andrew Brook says:

    What a surprise with the ex NASA guy, what a looser you are! Sticking by his ex employer who have obviously paid him a tonne of money whilst working for them, its so obvious its untrue, what a true retard he is making himself look ha ha!! My wife and i saw a huge ship while on the M62 near castleford wakefield 2 years ago, and at that point my was a none believer. It is only when you have witnessed something like this you realize we are not alone. Or it was one of our own back engineered ships, who knows, this thing was the size of block of flats and only about 200ft in the air.

  11. Fal Sea says:

    The best recorded incident in my opinion was by the U.S military who were stationed in England near Rendlesham Forest. Research it!!

  12. During the summer months I witnessed a huge triangular UFO and it was so huge I was wondering whether they were just 3 stars in a triangular formation until this huge ball of orange light eminated from its central point and it scared the living daylights out me! I started thinking whether it read mind as I questioned myself on what exactly I was seeing. They were always visible for long periods of time throughout the night and would disappear after 3am .This huge UFO was at times accompanied by up to six other circular spinning crafts and positioned themselves in a line formation across the sky. I live in Bournemouth,UK and have never witnessed these before infact I never believed they existed until that night and many more nights since. I tried to take photos of them but they seem to know somehow and they keep turning out their lights at every attempt I make to catch them on my tab! Now I find them annoyingly selfish they must enjoy this game of hide and seek and it's frustrating for me because I'm so sure they know why I want this capture on film but they won't allow it. I'm under the impression that they are spies in the skies possibly military but then again this one craft would not be able to land anywhere then in the desert because of the sheer size of it. I don't believe in aliens until I see one myself but it is possible that they might exist until then I'll stay open minded about that one.

  13. Tower bridge dinlo's, I live in London though and saw the orbs whilst leaving cannons street station on a train back in the summer of 2009 it shot out from behind a cloud then as if it realised it was visible quickly shot behind the cloud again.

  14. They are real i have seen a cigar shaped one 9pm new years eve 1988 over north yorkshire

    coast. It was moving very slow , too low and slow for a commercial aircraft. And I was sober.

  15. Sally Heys says:


  16. Sally Heys says:


  17. Lfc Mac says:

    Look up Foo Fighters, World War II, no space station to blame for those sightings.

  18. Dale Ryan says:

    We live in a very big Universe, that we have only just begun to understand, why would UFO's need to be projected by the imagination, there are more Suns and planets in the Universe than grains of sand on all the beaches of the Earth.

  19. 20 minutes in, the orb lights at london bridge is just the ferry going by. The glass of these ferries which we have a lot here have created these effects on my camera.

  20. Jay Baird says:

    That polis cunt looks like petter Tobin

  21. Always that : Policemen are trained observers BS! Maybe at what things to take notice of on a crime-scene but not on aerial phenomena. Even Basic militairy training in NATO countries does not involve advanced observation especialy not above ground. Only Cockpit crew, air traffic controllers, fighter pilots and support staff, Spec-ops, Navy officers and recon divisions in the army get advanced observation training. And they will all tell you how difficult it is to judge something in the night sky especially without equipment. Point is : Don't elevate a cop to the status of trained observer, he is not!