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  1. the only ones sharing the Tracians DNA (Romanians) of today are Germans, French, Italians, Greeks, Spaniards, Macedonians, Croatians, Albanians, Saxons and some Nordic people of Europe indicating scientifically where it all started. The Hungarians, Bulgarians and other Slavic people are new comers that emigrated to Europe form Asia

  2. Mitko Nedev says:

    phahaha romanians are not thracians 😀 😀 😀 !

    The only thracians in nowadays are some part of south Bulgaria and some part of northern Greece !

  3. bubibuLo13 says:

    " Dacians " = " Dasa " were just one of Scythian Arian tribes from north west India and north east Persia known as " Dahae ".

    Later they were known as " Massagetes ". The " Dasa " is in arian " slave " and in venet slav language it is " otrok " – " Trák ".

  4. bubibuLo13 says:

    " Masagetes " = " mass of Getes ".

    Similar was the name of Dacian capital " Sarmizagetuza " = " Sarmatian Getia ".

  5. The nation Bulgaria is closest is Romania in every aspect and the two are descendants of one people Thracians/Dacians

  6. Fantastic. It is so frustrating, how Historical inconvenience' to the present order. Is hidden or paved over. It is refreshing to watch a documentary film, untainted by institutional downplaying or denial by state appointed, Romanophile, celebrity Archaeologist. Along with Romanophilie Historians. Whom do no more than blunder their conjecture upon sites. Which in turn is broadcast by the state, via one of their official institutes. Staffed entirely by Young parrots, fresh from Universal indoctrination. Conjecture is then accepted as fact! by the medium of T.V. celebrity. Further still programming is televised in a childrens format on the tail of these Propogandised, uneducatory slanders. rant done.

  7. I hope the Dacian push gets more Romanians into archaeology, may find some Samaratian horse trade routes going back to Scythians, find out about their relations to Aramean language, even find contemporaries of the Bulgarian Varna?

  8. Hae Kim says:

    Trachian.. Trash/break rock chi/ people in English and ttul-tta in pure Korean(Break rocks to get gold ores) …..chi might mean troops…. Trashchi….trusty…good soldiers are trustworthy. But they were paid soldiers. They were left out after mission. Trogeon means the tro people land. Trogia tro-tree branch descendants. The Korean ttu-ru-da means break rocks hard objects.

  9. Hae Kim says:

    The host speaker resembles of k- music group ,infinite . This group members family names are Jang/zang, Lee, kim.two Kim's , three Lee's and Nam.

  10. Hae Kim says:

    Also The tae clan singer. Tte,Tti,,troop?

  11. Hae Kim says:

    The Ro clan(the Zhou empire family bronze fire ceremonial urn in unified letter and the Xin clan of the China Xia empire.

  12. Hae Kim says:

    1.Da-see-ya means everything is seeds/ children of the Xia empire.
    2. Da means many in Han unified letter.
    3. It is meant the whet/barley/vegetable field in Japanese(king or cross sign in square box.

  13. is it just me….?. the statues depicting Thracian Figures look like the depiction of Mithras the hat is the same the look in the face very similar..

  14. Well the most Thracian Kingdoms were indeed Geato- Dacian but the Kingdom of the Odyrsoi was Greek, used the Greek language and participated both in the Persian and the Peloponesean wars, and also elite Thracian peltasts(3000 in number) participated in Alexanders Campaign along with their Greek Macedonian brothers. This kingdom covered the modern Greek provence of Thrace, the European Turkey and southern Bulgaria. The rest Thracian tribes( Tribalian, Geats etc) where indeed an individual nation but do not forget the Greek identity of the kingdom of Odyrsoi, for it has played a great role in Hellenic history, especially in the Peloponesean war.

  15. Cristi Soare says:

    A very rare situation where beautiful people from all Tracia are gathered and they are communicating and share stories and knowledge about our common ancestors.Bulgarians,Serbians,Albanians and other, people that don't behave politically but as friends.Rare and beautiful.Hope the best for you all!You have to respect all but you have to respect and help neighbors better.

  16. thrac means turk (turuk as old turkish)

  17. van kk says:

    Big thanks to Romania, from Bulgaria, for making this video

  18. They forgot to say how many Roman emperors were Thracian, history is ours, future is ours 🙂 west is crunblig because of their lies and deciet.

  19. A very good film with very reasonable conclusions, very objective. Well done! Only another point that could be added is the language, and then I think the results of the research will be astonishing.

  20. Light says:

    What a beautiful documentary! It was a joy to watch. Also, no lies! Very refreshing.

    Thank you for uploading this jewel!

  21. VonSzekelyfi says:

    Si in Romania de ce nu se gasesc asemenea morminte?

  22. Ah yes, more nationalist revisionist shit from the Balkans. Descendents of 9th century Slavs, Bulgars, Turkmen and Magyars trying to steal the history of older cultures because their own history is one of near constant subjugation by Greeks, Germans and Turks. Just because you people live in the same land as old Thracians doesn't make you Thracians any more than white Australians are indigenous Aborigines just because they live on the same continent.

  23. Those "mounds" are the work of giants. Did you notice the head size that the gold leaf crown would fit? Looked to be a crown for a huge head.

  24. dofilipe100 says:

    Every big Thracians treasure ever found is in the territory of Bulgaria. No matter how hard you try to make fictional history. And I know that some fucktard will now say: Bulgarians are not Thracians and he will be right they are not, but the Thracians genes is still in today's Bulgarians more than any other nation simply because today's Bulgaria is the land of the Thracians. There are the fact all the rest is bullshit. Im out, peace

  25. I learned a lot. Thank you.

  26. All peoples in Europe, including the Balkans are European single
    ethnicity "Celts" and later those of the Balkans are called "Trackia".
    These European nations are:
    Bessi, Medi, Mizzi, Visas (capital of Byzantium), Viti, Vini, Vedi,
    Bellas (capital Bella (Philip The Great – Belgarath)) Odryssi, Etrusi,
    Prussi, Serdi (capital Serdica (Sofia)), Anti, Phrygi (later Belgium and
    Doytch (Dutch)), Cimmeria (Bulgaria), Edoni (later Frankie) Teftoni
    (later Schwab), Saxons and Britain (British) Deroni, Macedoni,
    Mermidoni, Sclavi- (Slovenia ( Slovaks)), Getty (Ostrogoths (Bulgari))
    Gotti (Visigoths (Germans)).
    In the time after the Trojan War from the coast of Africa invaded
    Danaans, which European local tribes called by the name Greeks (which
    is insulting) the name of the track (which is also insulting) does is
    given by the Greeks to local BALKAN EUROPEAN tribes, as for the Greeks,
    European speech was a clatter("tracka").

  27. uoitofsogroj says:

    Lol. Nice how they try to distinct between Hellenes and Thracians.

  28. Modern day Albanians=ILLYRIANS Modern day Kosovars=THRACIANS Modern day Romanians=DACIANS Modern day Arvanites=HELLENES

  29. bulgarians are thracians from sud but with iranian-50/50 slavic language -genetic same with romanians and greeck
    why iranian because they whas in ASIA and take the iranian influence there is a place with name BULGA but again genetic same like romanians greeck ..
    hungarians are (ugro walahia) walahians and slavs mixed with ugro-mongoloid language this is simple
    romanians are more complicated they come from nord trachians like bulgarians but the diference is that they whas in Asia as well CHINA but from protoromanian language whas born prelatin and latin language white latin like SPAIN PORTUGHESSE ITALY FRANCE MOLDAVIA no color or indian like africa or sud america latin spoken
    so you retard learn some comun east european verry old history and don,t blame becasue nobady stoll nothing we are the same genetic retard and i refuse to say you are bulgarian i think you are just retard
    Bulgarian are the very old Thracian BULGARIAN ARE THRACIANS Genetic is prove then Bulgarian are genetic from this Balcanic region is one of the very old country in the Europe and the world as well.

  30. Nebo Earth says:

    Todays romanians are mixed between latino-romans and Dacians. The Thracians are separete nations of dacians and romanians stop mixed the history,thea are not neither with greeks

  31. Cimmerians are sometimes believed to be Thracian with a Scythian ruling class, or vice verse. Thracians, Dacians, Cimmerians, Scythians, Sarmatians, Iazyges, Alans, and other Kurgan cultures are similar, perhaps even related.

  32. uoitofsogroj says:

    The Byzantine Empire, also referred to as the Eastern Roman Empire, was the continuation of the Roman Empire in the East during Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages, when its capital city was Constantinople (modern-day Istanbul, originally founded as Byzantium). …. Ῥωμαίων Archē tōn Rhōmaiōn), "Romania" (Latin: Romania; Greek: Ῥωμανία …

  33. tiami says:

    Exellant vidoe. for anyone interested in true history and not some fairy tales, I suggest to take some time and watch:


  35. or…how daco romanians trying to creat ancient history….hahahhhah

  36. iprian Moisa says:

    Please People chec Poiana Ciresului

  37. iprian Moisa says:

    Also alot Monastirly from Athos they recognise they was excape from Otoman Empire becous Romanian kingdom

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