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  1. Interesting vid, but I couldn't help noticing the mistake at 41:36 (I used to volunteer at this place). Work on the Thames Tunnel, the first under a navigable river anywhere in the world, started in 1825, not 1855. Might seem like I'm being picky but it was an incredible and 'groundbreaking' feat of engineering, known as The Eighth Wonder of the World when it opened. Also, building a tunnel woulda been kinda tricky for Marc Brunel in 1855 as he'd been dead for 6 years, unless… oh God – they buried him ALIVE!!!

  2. 38:40 "what kind of people are buried here?"…..Dead ones!

  3. Great documentary. Just goes to show what genius was displayed by the Victorians. Sensible, well thought out, long lasting solutions to almost every possible civil engineering problem imaginable and which were of benefit to the whole of the population rather than just the rich few. Makes me proud to be an Englishman.

  4. boo41916 says:

    interesting tunnels beneath the cities.

  5. Mr. Sir says:

    The higher ups have been digging their ant holes in the ground to hide from the chaos for many centuries if not many thousands of years

  6. Jordan Bell says:

    He's telling you the truth ive been in underground Edinburgh

  7. What I haven;t seen mentioned here is the custom of throwing people into prison for debts owed to the government. If you were behind in your taxes they would throw you into what they called debters prison. Deep dungons under the city where you where kept until your back taxes where paid.

  8. MrBibi86 says:

    I can see a hell of alot of skin holes appearing in the UK

  9. Hillary Pan says:


  10. pat goff says:

    I miss england. Haven't been there in years. the history is all around you.

  11. Stoneyburke says:

    pretty interesting History,I had no clue about. i feel a little claustrophobic though ,being in those areas.

  12. pat goff says:

    Never been in the forests but I will keep that in mind. Thanks for the warning.

  13. thank you for your wonderful tunnel stories. I really enjoyed it.

  14. Danny Morgan says:

    hi im Troy McClure.

  15. Kat Lady says:

    I had a few minutes to kill so I started reading something on listverse where this was linked to an entry. 48 minutes later…

  16. Cryian Sky says:

    it so boring so boring, i fell a sleep about 3 times now 😀 what to expect, its english documentary, they are selfs so slow and so booooooring….completely makes no interest to watch to the end!

  17. MrProphet24 says:

    wait till you get stuck there and have to try the end..

  18. Sean Austin says:

    sounds to like they where just surviving after all these yrs its still same rich a holes against the poor really good insite but nobody  does anything but call us criminals

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