The Road to War (The End of an Empire) | Full Documentary | HDTV 2014 720p

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  1. Love how no one mentions Disireali in the Berlin conference, causing all the issues all the way up 'till now. The ignorance or intentional misrepresentation of the BBC and Hollywood about the truth of the world wars is shocking and makes me wanna drown myself.

  2. Man…german/austrian women of back then were ugly af.

  3. Lucas Wirth says:

    nice pictures but loaded with propaganda and bullshit

  4. Liza Tanzawa says:

    Franz Ferdinand's granddaughter is a truly lovely and empathetic person!

  5. What are they singing at 11:00?

  6. T ynkp says:

    Sebians were alwayse being loyal allies…what lies…fucking Russian Propaganda…Cause of the "Loyal Allies" now the Bulgarian Academy of War is surrounded by a fence made from the Serbian riffles thrown away in their run back to Serbia after they betrayed the Bulgarians and attacked them from the back..

  7. Robert Byers says:

    Good doc but some commentators are dumbly supporting their nations old history. like the Serbian guy. France helping Russia was not on moral reasons and so she is to blame with the austrians and Germans.
    These were all bad, primitive peoples murdering each other. Britain didn't need to join or canada/America.
    it was worthless and rightly not remembered for the causes.
    All the result of less obedience to Christian doctrines.

  8. John Cronin says:

    The question of the origins and blame for WWI is quite complex, and having read several books, and seen many documentaries, it seems as if everyone blames a different nation, or group of nations, or various bureaucrats, depending on whom one reads, or whether they focus on the proximate cause, or deeper, more systemic causes, such as the system of alliances, or a flawed system where war plans were organized in such a manner that there was no difference between mobilization and the crossing of frontiers.

    There had also been an arms race, with Germany trying to equal Britain's naval power, Russia trying to drag itself into the Industrial Age, building railways and munitions factories (with the stereotypical Russian inefficiency — autocracy, obviously, does not necessarily lead to a more efficient government than liberal democracies).

    Lack of clarity in communications was also a huge problem. The Kaiser (and I am no defender of that pompous ass) did issue a "blank check" to Austria, but there was a huge condition. Germany would support Austria, but only if Austria quickly attacked Serbia, and the conquest of that nation was a fait accompli, before the Russians had time to react. Obviously Willy didn't grasp the fact that Austria was as inefficient as the Russians, and was also unaware that his own military chief of staff, Von Moltke the younger, was determined to take steps that would lead to a much wider war than the Kaiser wanted. The Kaiser liked to act bellicose, and posture (right down to the fierce expression he would use whenever he was photographed), but he really did not want a full scale war, though when events were overtaking him, he allowed himself to be swept along into war.

    But this bungling into war did manage to teach later leaders important lessons. JFK, for instance, had, in the summer of 1962 read historian Barbara Tuchman's "The Guns of August" – one of many books about the origins of the war, and learned lessons that he employed during the Cuban Missile Crisis that October. He knew that he had to be very clear in both public communications with the Soviets, as well as in back channel means of finding a solution. He knew that he had to keep a very tight leash on his military commanders, and not permit them to push events over a cliff. He also realized that Khrushchev was likely dealing with the same pressures from his military leaders, and realized that he couldn't corner the Soviet leader into a situation where he would have had no choice but to attack. Yet Kennedy also realized that he had to communicate to Khrushchev that US threats to go to war or retaliate were not just an empty bluff. If the Soviets refused to withdraw the missiles, the US WOULD go to war.

    Those in civilian or military leadership positions would do well to learn the lessons of how both crises were handled. As catastrophic as the bungling that led to WWI was, the leaders did not fear their own immediate annihilation. By 1962, it was a very different story, as it was for India and Pakistan just over a decade ago.

    There are still far too many chances for human or technical failure. As Kennedy himself said, in 1963, either we must make an end of war as a means of solving disputes, or war will make an end of us. It is now really that simple, yet too often do leaders (and those of us who elect them, or support them unconditionally) still quickly turn to violence as a solution to disagreements.

    Perhaps that is the most important lesson to be learned from this documentary, and from history.

  9. michael wynn says:

    the e u is the new hapsburg empire just as weak with delusions of grandeur just as corrupt
    and like the hapsburgs cares nothing for the voice of the people where will this new German empire come to an end

  10. Ralf Rath says:

    New documentations show us clearly that Britain and France and Russia was to blame for ww1 and at the end – even for the bigger european desaster that followed WW1 and that was ww2. But why? THe reason was world domination.The new oil rich regions of the ottoman power was a problem for the whole world – a problem – oil – that has changed our world and is not solved until today. Kaiser Germany was not involved in this oil rich region problems but Kaiser Germany was a threat for all imperialistic nations because Germany was suddenly so successfully that Germany suddenly dominated all other european nations – not only militarily but even in culture and technology. And Germany was in a central geo position – so France and Britain and Russia could not take over world domination if there was so a mighty power in middle europe that could stopp all other imperialistc nation word wide even the USA.

  11. Interesting documentary. As a historian I regret Ralf Rath (below) is talking crap out of his arse. I have studied the original british documents Ralf. Your theory has precious little fact to advance what is just another conspiracy theory for paranoid twats.

  12. ctixbwi says:

    A documentary which is well done, contains interesting interviews and provides an easily understandable overview of the timeframe how Europe sunk into the morass of WWI.

  13. Ralf Rath says:

    A nation that fought two world is superior – even if this nation has lost two world wars! Why? To answer this question we have only to ask: what is war? Or what is the meaning of war for a nation? This question is indeed a big question. There are people in history who had already answered this question. Do you know who and what are there reasons?

  14. Lewaa Danaf says:

    its bad to know the past but this is the truth, hard truth about the ww1. by this crime millions of people died 🙁 and some of them disappeared till our days . its the worst thing happened to the humanity ,and the winner was nobody…. only god forgive and bless the martyrs whose fallen in this most worst period. god save us from another ww3.

  15. The GREAT war
    What idiocy to call it that afterwards.

  16. Makedon says:

    serbs are pigs

  17. Ralf Rath says:

    This question is easy. Do you think a wolrd war 1 was possible if the tripl entent had never existed? So why was the triple entent the reason for the world war?

  18. Nate Emond says:

    That is an awesome lookn map in the beginning!

  19. dadozgo says:

    so serbs kicked their asses ,what a crazy nation serbs are

  20. Not bad. It does seem like a "Serbia is Amazing" piece of prop at times. They played their part, like all the others, in this colossal goat-fuck mess.

  21. And the holy Scepter went from the Roman Empire to the Byzantine Empire to the Ottoman Empire to the Habsburg Empire to the British Empire to the US Empire, who`s next ?

  22. fuck franz ferdinand

  23. joecee67 says:

    to call france the only true democracy in europe lol there was no true democracy with ruling empires

  24. Great video. Best I have seen yet.

  25. sad that the history of the Balkan wars is not included in this documentary. Especially Serbias role in the Sandschak conquest – as described in The sleepwalkers by Clark.

  26. Thank you battlefield 1

  27. Peter Magro says:

    The period before WW1 was amazing for Europe (less the Balkans maybe during wartime).
    So sad it ended up in a total destructive war. I really hope we will not end up fighting among each other like this again 🙁

    Note how the fanatic nationalistic serb assassin is born in Bosnia-Herzegovina, not even in Serbia, and still "helps" Serbia by forcing it into war.
    My complinets for having peopel from all sides in the program- not just British for convenience of language.

  28. D. Douglas says:

    Ah Europe. No redeeming value what-so-ever. Just one selfish crisis crisis after another. And today we see the set-up for another cleansing of her land written in the blood of the "innocent". Damn Europe!

  29. soni gor says:

    Did anyone notice that hot serbian history teacher at 42:30 👌

  30. Josh Walker says:

    270,000 animals is just over 10 animal's a day every day for 70 years I'm not sure this is accurate

  31. Timrath says:

    9:30 : "France, the only democracy among superpowers"
    Britain and Germany were democracies, too. France was the only republic, but not the only democracy.

  32. Steve 123 says:

    Crash and smash. Js Ct NT

  33. Steve 123 says:

    That stone. Js Ct NT

  34. SLACKER614 says:

    american civilization will never reach level of Austro-Hungarian Empire….for one thing, the HRE lasted a 1,000 years….and produced some of the best art of Western world…

  35. Donie Brasco says:

    St Vitus day-a black day for all those who wish bad for Serbia,Ask Murad ottoman and Franz Ferdinand if u dont trust me :)

  36. The end of AN empire? More like the end of several empires simultaneously…

  37. I'm recommending to excellent books for understanding the origin and outcome of The Great War (aka WWI.) From a Proud Tower by Barbara Tuchman explores European history during the late 19th century-1913. Fall of Eagles (G. L. Salzberger) explores the end of the German, Russian and Austro-Hungarian empires, all of which used the eagle as a symbol. They're both older books, but well researched and written and interesting reads.

  38. ToiYeuYAHWEH says:

    World War 3 will be triggered by those greedy chinese scums. BILLIONS of lives will be wiped out forever. So why should the whole world tolerate a united and strong china? We must all stand together and TOTALLY DESTROY evil china into 1,000 smaller countries for the sake of all mankind.

  39. Phil King says:

    Oh no, 'History Channel', 'Hitler Channel'…I think I'll rather read some books.
    I bet they dont mention the Balfor declaration and how the war could have ended with things going back to the way they were before.

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