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  1. NELL MEAD says:

    the "semi amphibian gods" were called Oannes, (and come from Sirius) but have at least 120 names. Anu = An is pronounced ON and that was the very first name for Egypt before it became Khemet

  2. NELL MEAD says:

    The Oannes were geneticists – and genetically manipulated life – nothing to do with "cellular life growing into…". The cave of the giants can be found under Bucegi and runs underground all the way to the Cave of the Ibis/Benu just behind the Giza plateau. Also represents the long legs of Grus in the sky. The long neck and "sharp beak" of Grus then travel towards Oxyrhynchus (which means 'sharp beak in the fish" and that "fish" is Pisces) at Al Faiyoum (The Sea) – and the southern skies are called The Sea in the Alkhemye lists. Over the 4/5th dynasty door lintel of of the 19th dynasty Seti I are two cartouches both of which can be witnessed on the walls at Kariong NSW

  3. NELL MEAD says:

    our planet has been pulled off her old orbit and will not be threatened by Apophis in 2030. We currently have a 377.8 day orbit (year) and growing. This is happening because of the influence of Nemesis, as are our climates (and those of all the other solar planets too)

  4. Amazing knowledge. Knowledge is king 👑

  5. Zygote says:

    Folks with a degree in youtube science and history will absolutely love this garbage!!! Thanks!

  6. you should update your interface for paid members…its not nice to enlist the old and new videos….its a bit messy ..cheers

  7. MIKE STREET says:

    You sure used a lot of Caucasian people lol not one afrikan in afrika lol what a joke of a video you gotta stop this Crap !!!

  8. Good grief. Cut the drama and bullshit. How come every video on you tube today, has some kind of "Elite" oppressing the common. How come we call Luciferians elite? Why do we call the most despicable people on earth elite? This video is more about music, emotion, and special effects.

  9. Torben Selch says:

    Christopher Everard what Danish TV are you preparing this for?

  10. I have bird legs and duck feet Oh No Im a fowl hybrid!

  11. Lala B. says:

    I like the theory that these were aliens. Heads that look like snakes and frogs.

  12. hello chiris creepy intro

  13. were not the egiptian building on summarian thought too

  14. Flo Ferns says:

    WHY ?? this enigma show has evil the dark pops up? how disgusting, thought it was made by intelligent people but it seems like a horror movie show …how sad that to discontinue watching even though it has interesting information

  15. Obtuse Minds says:

    Hitler and his nazi men travelled far and wide to all the ancient ruins and collected the tools that were used to build those megalithic structures that surpass our modern age buildings and the elites went to great lengths to keep the tools that were used back then in hidden places in order to keep humanity in ignorance about our historical past in order to push the evolution doctrine as they continued in finding the very key to achieve immortality as Hitler was copying what took place in Genesis 6:2 in hybriding fallen angels with humans to create their idea of the perfect race. Certain ancient sites such as what took place in the middle east in the time of Moses, have been prohibited to public access because of an ultimate globalist agenda that the bible foretold of the end times event that the hidden establishment will attempt to achieve.

  16. Obtuse Minds says:

    WOW at the beginning of the video they jumped right into the "gods" looking like frogs and I couldn't help but remember the bible verse in the book of Revelation 16:13 And I saw three unclean spirits like frogs come out of the mouth of the dragon, and out of the mouth of the beast, and out of the mouth of the false prophet.

  17. Obtuse Minds says:

    omg it dawned on me that the aligning of the planets stars and moon provides a frequency like a radio or kind of like wireless connection , that would explain how they were able to communicate beyond this time space continuum to other dimensions and wow to discover that the first established religion paganism was rooted in drugs as today the elites believe that being enlightened ones is the partaking of those hallucinogenic drugs to open their pineal gland they call the third eye for enlightenment when really it is one big massive deception believing in those seducing evil spirits they think is giving them power- this video has really explained so much this really does help boost my faith in the bible of the how what when where why and the importance to not get involved with the occult and WOW this explains what the Illuminati is after in globalism agenda

  18. tai palomino says:

    would have been a half way decent video if it wasn't 99.97% all ads for the website…I pay for YouTube so I shouldn't have to watch all your damn ads

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