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25 Responses

  1. The punk movement only affected a few hundred thousand people on earth in the 1970s (if that), but it's impact was important then and still going on today.

  2. For a second i thought i was watching a history video, not a SuperCarlinBrothers theory video.

  3. mrs reaper says:

    It took me an hour to realize he's John Green, the author of The Fault In Our Stars

  4. Erni Vedder says:

    i hate this guy so much he obviously knows that hes talkin way to fast and he aint the slightest bit funny

  5. 卐 You fools there was no Europe or Asia nor Africa until 1600-1700. It was One. Search the Secret Archive documents. Actually the pciture was not about Christianiy it was a copy of Mother Isis or Mother Kaali. 卐

  6. you talk to fast dang

  7. Baked Lock says:

    How to make the modern graphics in the thumbnail?

  8. Sooooo…. does anyone else want to see John do Crash Course Dark Arts?

    I mean, I get it isn't a very well-defined area, and it could be fatal to John Green, which would be a very, very bad thing, but still, CCDA would be very interesting, I believe :)

  9. Hana Hanie says:

    I love your videos I am watching them because I study these things and these videos help a lot. Thank you :)

  10. and then Enzio killed them all nothing is true

  11. Monokite says:

    So the Renaissance was just nostalgia

  12. tinsae kebie says:

    this video just confused me

  13. dancing bear says:

    It makes sense. Who knows how future generations will call these our times, and we aren't even aware of it.

  14. S B says:

    Once again I'm back before my APWH test!!

  15. Wow, where to begin here. Lot of incoherent strings even for a YouTube clip. What is you're thesis here? That the renaissance was euro-centric or didn't happen? Either way your wrong. Flat wrong. The renaissance doesn't refer to a specific point in time and space, but a period where new ideas even reimagined came about. To your point about these independent events occurring hundreds of years apart. You cherry picked Raphael. Donatello, Michelangelo, Brunelleschi, and Da Vinci, all lived within the same lifetime.

  16. You suck at history, YouTube blowhard.

  17. lol, the Cosby show

  18. bout to take my regents listening to all this

  19. Humanist believe that we need a new Renaissance. Renaissance = Technology. Technology = Increase in Population. Population = Reproduction. Population = Destruction of the Environment but if the Population faded, the Earth will be nothing.

  20. Immad Baig says:

    So John just confirmed the renaissance history described by National geographic…. but i still doubt about some part of it….!

  21. Can you do a video on the Mayas?

  22. Beau Johnson says:

    How about a video on Enlightenment